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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Date A Footballer

3 Reasons You Must Save Yourself From Dating A Footballer

I like football, and my best player of all time will forever remain Lionel Messi. He makes playing football look as easy as spending money you didn’t work for. Let me end here before fans of Cristiano Ronaldo starts throwing stones at me. . Oh, yes, they earn crazy money and prefer spending some on women. When dating a footballer, you will compete with other women to keep the relationship. Nonetheless, there are many reasons not to date a footballer. I will take you through a few of them now.


Talking about footballers, will you ever date one? Footballers are prone to relationship scandals like rotten food attracts flies. Talk of Ashley Cole, who got caught sending nude pictures of other women, Rayne Rooney, who cheated on his wife, and the many other scandals associated with footballers. This is not to say all footballers are unfaithful and cheats. Some are very loyal, just like Messi is dedicated to Barcelona.


Why You Should Not Date A Footballer:

1. They can be Unfaithful

Footballers are like the explorers of the early centuries. They are always looking for an opportunity to explore and be adventurous. The difference between the two is that, while explorers search for new areas, footballers go in search of contemporary women.


Footballers want to have a piece of every beautiful woman they come across. Chasing women is like scoring goals for them. They always want to increase their tally. But what else can we expect from them since they earn crazy money and have the financial muscles to attract any woman they want?


Some women are also attracted to stars and are readily available for celebrities like footballers. This makes it very difficult for footballers to be loyal to one woman. So the easiest way out for most of them is to be unfaithful.

2. It cannot be very comforting

If you want to date a star, you must be a star. Otherwise, he will always intimidate you. This is why primarily footballers go in for models, singers, actresses, and other celebrities to suit their status. No wonder Pique went in for Shakira. Back to the point, dating a footballer can be very intimidating for an average person.

Footballers come with a kind of “crowd, “which an ordinary woman may be unable to manage. Their lifestyle, the way they dress, and meeting other stars and grant interviews can be too much for an average woman to handle.

3. They are Spoiled Brats: Why Not To Date A Footballer

The money, fame, and the many others that come with being a footballer make me feel on top of the world. Some have no respect, are rude, troublemakers, and wasters. Talk of Eric Cantona, Mario Balotelli, and the many other famous footballers who are popular not because of football but also for their deviant activities. Almost every day, we hear a footballer fined for drunk driving, crossing the red light, or crashing their expensive vehicle. Do you want such a troublesome person as a partner?

4. Prone to Injuries

Footballers are injury-prone due to the physical nature of their job. Some of these injuries are career-threatening, and even with the minor ones, they sometimes have to be off the field for weeks. This can get him very worried and devastating because he may lose his position to another player. In the worst event of career-threatening injury, your partner will be out of the job.

5. Short Career

Footballers have a brief career. The longest they can play is up to age 40. If your partner could save and make sound investments, good news, but if he didn’t, you are in big trouble.

He cannot provide you with a luxurious and comfortable life again. You will leave from grace to grass, and your children won’t have the best upbringing.

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