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9 Feng Shui Tips to Find The Right Job

How to Use Feng Shui Tips For Better Career and Jobs

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that aims to improve the lives of those who follow it by ensuring they are in harmony with their environment. But Feng Shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Feng Shui’s art dates back to 4000 BC, and its purpose is to structure your environment so that you are in harmony with the universe. During the Chinese cultural revolution, the art of Feng Shui was discovered. Still, Feng Shui is now making a large benefit if you seize the opportunity and help you find the right job by organizing your Bagua.


Importance of  Qi

Chinese martial arts are famous for their reliance on the importance of Qi’s good circulation (ch’i), which could be translated as “energy.” While martial arts mostly focus on the circulation of energy within the body, Feng Shui focuses more on the person’s flow of energy within the natural energy of their environment.


#1. Bagua – Northwest: helpful people and blessings

The idea of Bagua is to organize your living space or workplace to ensure harmony. Bagua is organized into 8 areas, each according to a compass. Each area will focus on one aspect of harmony and is associated with a color or an element.

This area is the area of “helpful people and blessings.” Especially when looking for a new job or changing careers, it is essential to feel supported. The colors are white and gray, and the elements associated are metal. A good idea would be to put photos of people who support you within metal frames, for example.


#2. Bagua – North: Career

The northern area of your Bagua is related to a career. It is associated with water and the colors blue and black. Displaying images and photos of professional success and/or of people you admire for their achievements will provide harmony and energy. Thus, Feng Shui can help you find the right job.

A mirror in this area is suitable for Feng Shui, especially if it is round or oval, with a metal frame. Due to the importance of the color blue, having a water element is a good idea. If you view the career space about what is around it, it is best to put the metal framed mirror slightly to the west and the water sign slightly to the east.

That way, your career area will meld with the supporting areas around it, ensuring your career is in harmony with the rest of your life.


#3. Bagua – Northeast: Spiritual Growth and Self-cultivation

This area is for  “Spiritual growth and self-cultivation.” Looking for a new job is a moment of growth. It is important that your career growth is for your spiritual growth, or you will lose balance and harmony.

If you think of the three areas, North, Northwest, and Northeast, you can see how they work together in harmony. When your focus is North towards a career, do not lose yourself, you need support from “helpful people” and from yourself through “spiritual growth.”

#4. Bagua – East: Health and Family

This area is for “Health and Family.” While you are preoccupied with your career, it is important to maintain balance in other areas of your life. Neglecting everything that is for a career will create a domino effect that will eventually come back to disrupt your career.

The colors are brown and green, and the element wood is for  Health is linked to nature, so furniture is made from wood. Photos of your family in wooden frames are a good combination of health and family.

#5. Bagua – Southeast: Money and Abundance

This is dedicated to “Money and Abundance.” These colors and elements are the same as in the East because wood symbolizes growth and prosperity. While career and money are linked and essential, avarice is disruptive to harmony.

The right job is not necessarily the job that pays the most. The right job is the one that allows you to balance all the areas of your life so you live in happiness and harmony.

#6. Bagua – South: Fame and Reputation

This area is for   “Fame and Reputation.” The colors are warm colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, and bright yellow. The element is fire. When you are job hunting, understanding your self-worth is essential.

Having the right job for you is directly linked to your fame and reputation. Your reputation and fame will grow if you achieve well in your post.

In reverse, a healthy dose of fame and reputation can help you land the right job for you. Everything is in balance; neglecting one area of your life will affect the others.

#7. Bagua – Southwest:  Love and Marriage

This area is for “Love and Marriage.” The colors are beige, light yellow, and sandy earth. The element is Earth.

We have all heard stories of people prioritizing career or money over love and family and how this leads to tragedy. While you are job hunting, it is vital to cultivate this area’s energy. If you are not in a relationship, there is nothing to fear. Having the art of objects linked to love, light, or warm colors works to circulate positive energy in this area.

#8. Bagua – West: Creativity and Children

This area is for  “creativity and children.” This link between the two children is the ultimate creation. The colors are white and gray with the element of metal. But here, you notice a return to colors and elements. Starting with Bagua forms a circle where all the elements are linked, and interconnected.

You can display the art of images that speak to you in terms of a free flow of creative energy if you are an artist yourself but put up your art in this area. Art by children is also an excellent combination of energies for this area.

#9. Bonus: Feng Shui and Rest

This may seem counter-intuitive initially, but the rest is one of the most important elements to finding the right job for you. Considering that there are 24 hours in a day and that, on average, people sleep 8 hours at night, that means that a whole third of the day is spent in the bedroom.

Respecting Feng Shui in the bedroom is crucial to rest, and being well-rested is essential to be productive during the day. But job hunting is a stressful situation. Being in harmony with your environment can substantially reduce that stress and subsequently increase your chance of finding the right job for you.

Harmony in the Bedroom

To achieve harmony in the bedroom, avoid activities in the bedroom that are not related to relaxation. Avoid bringing work, elements of stress, or sports equipment into the bedroom.

Hence, the bedroom is made to rest and bring work, sports equipment, or stress elements into the bedroom. So every object in the bedroom should be for relaxation, love, and healing.

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