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5 Feng Shui Tips for Mind Cleansing

5 Feng Shui Tips To Clear Negative Energy

There is so much around us every day. Things are filling our schedules and, subsequently, our minds. It’s hard to relax and be calm, and it’s tough to sleep. Then, it becomes a vicious cycle. So, use this Feng Shui mind cleansing and restorative tips today to free the mind and open up a world of wonderful and positive life change!

We can’t relax, we can’t sleep, and we never have just a minute to wind down, so we feel increasingly stressed and overwhelmed! It makes us more irritable and anxious, and then it affects our work, relationships, and even our day-to-day lives.


I think all Western society is due for a mind cleansing of the Feng Shui way. The health of one’s mind and spirit is often overlooked and neglected simply because it can’t be physically seen and is usually not felt until restoration is overdue! In our culture, we don’t value that time of rest and revitalization.

It’s work, work, work, and the stress level rises if we don’t get things done. Taking that particular time to relax could be considered lazy or skipping out on meaningful work. But, we forget just how vital it is!


Sound familiar? Many of us find ourselves in this situation and feel that itch to take a time out, but we aren’t always sure how to go about it.

Keep on reading. If the stress knob is about to fly off, it’s so high, or if the constant irritability or anxiety is starting to get out of control, then give these five tips a try to see if that day-to-day life doesn’t start getting a bit brighter.

How Feng Shui Can Be Used For Mind Cleansing:

#1. Open the windows

Yes, this sounds silly, but give it a try. Slowly, our society is turning farther and farther away from nature and freshness. Technology is all well and good, but when we can’t even remember the wonderful calming feeling a fresh breeze can bring, we’re missing out on a lot.


Open those windows, take a deep breath, and bring fresh restorative energy to space. It helps cleanse the air, remove stale chi, and replace it with a new and energizing one.

Even after a few minutes, the space’s energy will change, and the area’s mood will lift. Connecting with nature in this small way will help add a little extra happiness to the day and calmness to the mind.


#2. Meditation is so important!

Feng Shui is about de-cluttering the spaces in our lives, and the mind is no exception! Spend time in the morning or evening or whenever there’s a free moment to stop, pause, and sit in relaxation mode.

Empty the mind of all the stresses and let peace and calm flow through the body and spirit. Don’t stress and don’t worry about anything. Just be. Hardly any of us know how just to let ourselves be. It’s incredible what meditation can do for mood, energy, and physical health. It’s been scientifically proven.

#3. Cleaning the surrounding space

It will also help to free the mind from distractions. Ever get that feeling of frenetic energy or like the reason is all tied up in knots when the surrounding space is a huge mess? Clean, organize, or decorate. Do whatever needs to be done to bring order to the area; thus, it will help one focus their energy on what is truly important. It also reignites the flow of chi and freshens a place, removing negative energy.

#4. Encourage positive energy

Feng Shui is a proponent of visualization: having a goal and picturing it in one’s mind to help bring that about at some point in the future. Be optimistic about goals and dreams and the future. Visualize achievement, and it can happen! Don’t let negativity and dark energy weigh down the mind and the area.

It will only hold back the potential and the possibility. Also, use positive words when speaking to oneself. Think in a warm and friendly direction. Do not be harsh and overly critical. Creating positive energy within oneself will also bring it to space.

#5. Feng Shui Tips for Mind Cleansing: Create a balance

Each thing has its place and time in space and life. Do not let one thing take over and have too much power. It will cause the beautiful balance of Feng Shui to be altered, thus inducing a negative chi and energy.

There are plenty of ways to include balance in day-to-day life. Make decorations balance each other in number, color, and placement. Include the five elements in some way in the area. But also maintain a balance in life.

Do not let the career take over personal time. Spend time with friends family and your significant other. Smile, laugh, work hard, and exercise.

Consider practicing yoga to learn the way to balance life and promote peace of mind. Adding balance to all sections of life will also bring balance to the mind.

It may feel strange to start including these peaceful cleansing rituals daily after a lifelong battle with work, busyness, stress, and anxiety! Don’t get frustrated will take time and effort to cleanse the mind and see the effort’s results.

So many positive things can occur when one can quiet the mind and reach a peaceful place. The world seems brighter and less hopeless. The spinning top that is our lives begins to slow down. We notice things that we may have never seen before.

Tips for mind cleaning

We can get out of our heads and start thinking about others and being there for people. At last, there is an energy and a zest for life!


Consider taking these steps for a brighter future. But, there shouldn’t be a lot of pressure. Each person should go at their own pace to achieve a precise and organized mind. It will be worth the effort. And, if a beginner, after working towards cleansing the mind,

it would be worth the time and energy to start applying Feng Shui principles to other areas of life, such as orienting the furniture/objects, including symbolic decorations and colors, and considering one’s lucky number and direction when organizing a space.

When applied in one area, Feng Shui spreads each energy to another place and then another as an art form. It’s a whole lifestyle and can’t be limited to one section! Just as cleansing the mind will lead to a real-world positive change, so does applying the art of Feng Shui.

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