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Famous Events For March 1

Famous Events For March 1 – Today In History

March 1: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 1  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 1st March 1498: Vasco de Gama, on his way to India landed in Mozambique on this day.
2. 1st March 1562: in the first war of religion Catholics massacred more than a thousand Huguenots in Vassy France.
3. 1st March 1692: The Salem witch trials began on this day in Salem village in Massachusetts colony in which four women were the first to be charged.


18th Century – What Happened on March 1 – The 1700s

4. 1st March 1780: Pennsylvania became on this day the first US state to abolish slavery.
5. 1st March 1781: In America the Articles of Confederation were on this day adopted by the Continental Congress.
6. 1st March 1784: The first cooking school was opened on this day in Great Britain by E. Kinder.
7. 1st March 1785: The Philadelphia Society for Promotion of Agriculture was organized on this day.
8. 1st March 1790: The first ever U.S. census was on this day authorized by the U.S. Congress.
9. 1st March 1792: The U.S. Presidential Succession Act passed on this day.

19th Century – March 1 This Day That Year – The 1800s

10. 1st March 1803: Ohio on this day became the 17th state of the Union.
11. 1st March 1810: Lars Augustin Mannerheim was on this day appointed Ombudsman in Sweden. Sweden thus became the first ever country to appoint an Ombudsman.
12. 1st March 1811: The French Civil Code of criminal law was on this day accepted by Netherlands Mamelukes in Cairo’s Citadel.


13. 1st March 1811: Leaders of the Mameluke dynasty were massacred on this day by the Egyptian ruler Mohammad Ali.
14. 1st March 1815: The observance of Sunday in the Netherlands was on this day regulated by law.
15. 1st March 1815: Napoleon, who was forced to abdicate in April of 1814, returned on this day to France from the island of Elba.
16. 1st March 1931: British Prime Minister John Russell on this day introduced the reforms bill in the British House of Commons on behalf of the government to revamp the electoral system of England and Wales and increase the franchise.
17. 1st March 1840: Adolphe Thiers on this day became the Prime Minister of France.
18. 1st March 1845: The Republic of Texas was on this day annexed on this day with the U.S. President Taylor signing the Congressional resolution.
19. 1st March 1847: Michigan abolished the death penalty except for treason against the state on this day. It became the first English-speaking jurisdiction to abolish the death penalty.
20. 1st March 1852: SS City of Glasgow leaves Liverpool harbor on this day with 480 passengers, never to be seen again.
21. 1st March 1862: The Kingdom of Italy was on this day was formally recognized by Prussia.
22. 1st March 1864: The machine for taking and projecting motion pictures was on this day patented by Louis Ducos de Hauron. The machine was never built.
23. 1st March 1864: Rebecca Lee of the U.S. received the medical degree on this day. She was the first black woman to receive a medical degree.


24. 1st March 1867: Nebraska on this day became the 37th U.S. state.
25. 1st March 1867: Howard University, Washington DC was chartered on this day.
26. 1st March 1869: On this day, for the first time in the U.S. postage stamps with natural scenery for the first time.
27. 1st March 1873: The creation of Yellowstone National Park was on this day authorized by the U.S. Congress. It was the world’s first national park.
28. 1st March 1873: On this day the manufacturing of the first practical typewriter was started by E. Remington and Sons of Ilion, New York.
29. 1st March 1875: U.S. Congress on this day passed the Civil Rights Act. This was invalidated by the Supreme Court Court in 1883.
30. 1st March 1879: The Library of Hawaii was founded on this day.
31. 1st March 1890: The “library digest” was available for the first time on this day.
32. 1st March 1890: “Study in Scarlet” was published in the U.S. It was the first U.S. edition of Sherlock Holmes to be published in the U.S.
33. 1st March 1890: “Literary Digest” was available for the first time.
34. 1st March 1893: The U.S. rank of Ambassador was on this day authorized by the Diplomatic Appropriation Act.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 1st – The 1900s

35. 1st March 1900: Ladysmith who was under siege by the Bores in South Africa for more than four months was relieved by the British troops on this day.
36. 1st March 1910: Heavy snowfall caused an avalanche and freezing conditions in Wellington, Washington. Two trains were buried in the avalanche killing 96 people.
37. 1st March 1920: On this day the United States Rail Road Administrator returned control of Nationalized Rail Road to the Railroad companies.
38. 1st March 1936: The Hoover Dam was completed on this day and was handed over to the U.S. government. It is used to produce hydroelectricity, irrigation, and supply of fresh water to California and Nevada.
39. 1st March 1937: A steel strike in the U.S. by the union workers was called off on this day. The strike resulted in shorter work hours, pay increases, and other benefits to the union workers.
40. 1st March 1941: Nashville, Tennessee housed the 1st FM radio station in the U.S. Even though the FM band had less static and better range it did not become popular till the 1960s.

41. 1st March 1950: A civil servant from Harwell in Berkshire and a top nuclear scientist Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs was on this day jailed for 14 years for spying for the Soviet Union. He pleaded guilty to the offense under the Official Secrets Act.
42. 1st March 1954: Some Puerto Rican spectators fired shots in the U.S. Capitol building when the house was in session and shouted “Free Puerto Rico”. Five U.S. Congressmen were injured in the firing.
43. 1st March 1961: The Peace Corps was on this day established by President John F Kennedy.
44. 1st March 1962: A plane crashed along the northern stretch of Long Island. The crash killed 95 people.
45. 1st March 1962: Pakistan on this day announced that it had a new constitution that set up a Presidential system of government.
46. 1st March 1962: Today marks the joint US/British nuclear experiment in Nevada.
47. 1st March 1965: A gas explosion in an apartment complex in the Quebec region of Canada killed about 28 people.
48. 1st March 1966: Ghana on this day ordered all Soviet, East German, and Chinese technicians to leave the country.

49. 1st March 1966: The Chancellor of the Exchequer in the U.K. James Callaghan on this day confirmed the decision of the U.K. to change over to decimal coinage.
50. 1st March 1966: The unmanned Soviet probe Verna 3 crashed into Venus in the pursuit of conquest of space.
51. 1st March 1967: This day marks the opening of Queen Elizabeth Hall in London’s South Bank Centre.
52. 1st March 1967: Rep Adam Clayton Powell Jr. was on this day expelled from the House of Representatives.
53. 1st March 1970: White government in Rhodesia declared independence from Britain on this day.
54. 1st March 1971: The U.S. Capitol was on this day bombed causing damage of $300,000/=. There was no loss of life or injuries. The bomb was placed in the senate wing by the radical left organization Weather Underground/Weatherman.
55. 1st March 1971: There was a massive protest across Britain against the government’s new industrial relations bill. Close to 1.5 million people participated in the protest.
56. 1st March 1973: Robyn Smith today became the first female jockey to win a major race.
57. 1st March 1973: “Black September”, a Palestinian terrorist organization on this day stormed the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. They took several diplomats as hostages.
58. 1st March 1974: Seven presidential were on this day by the Watergate grand jury.
59. 1st March 1975: In Australia, colour television broadcast began on this day.

60. 1st March 1977: On this day Bank of America adopted the name VISA for its credit cards.
61. 1st March 1977: The US on this day extended its territorial waters to 200 miles.
62. 1st March 1978: Charlie Chaplin’s coffins with his remains were stolen from an unguarded cemetery in Switzerland.
63. 1st March 1980: The Commonwealth Trade Union Council was established on this day.
64. 1st March 1980: As a compromise between the Carter administration and Congress over the decontrol of crude oil prices, the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act was enacted on this day by the U.S.
65. 1st March 1982: Russian spacecraft Verna 14 lands on Venus and sends back data from Venus.
66. 1st March 1984: USSR on this day performed a nuclear test at its test site at Eastern Kazak.
67. 1st March 1985: The Pentagon today accepted the theory that atomic war would cause nuclear winter.
68. 1st March 1988: Pontiac today announced the end of the Fiero automobile.

69. 1st March 1988: Iraq on this day claimed that it launched 16 missiles into Teheran.
70. 1st March 1989: A curfew on minors was imposed in Washington, DC, by Mayor Barry and the City council.
71. 1st March 1989: The United States on this day became a member of the Bernie Convention Copyright Treaty.
72. 1st March 1990: Benin on this day nullified its constitution.
73. 1st March 1991: The U.S. embassy in Kuwait was officially reopened today.
74. 1st March 1992: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, after ten years of disciplined rule today announced major political reforms that ceded some powers.
75. 1st March 1994: In its attempt to placate Palestinians over the Hebron massacre Israel on this day released about 500 Arab prisoners.
76. 1st March 1995: The European Parliament on this day rejected the legislation that would have allowed biotechnology companies to patent new life forms.
77. 1st March 1995: Yahoo was incorporated on this day.
78. 1st March 1995: The prime minister of Ukraine Vitally Massol resigned on this day.
79. 1st March 1996: The construction of the Petronas Towers was on this day completed in Kuala Lumpur.
80. 1st March 1997: There were massive floods in the state of Kentucky in the United States. Over fifty people died in the floods and thousands were left homeless.
81. 1st March 1999: The expedition to circumnavigate the earth in a hot air balloon began today by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones. They succeeded on March 20, 1999.
82. 1st March 1999: The Hutu rebels brutally murdered eight tourists in Uganda today.

21st Century – March 1 This Day In History – The 2000s

83. 1st March 2000: On this day the constitution of Finland was rewritten.
84. 1st March 2002: The allied forces which were fighting Taliban and Al Qaida fighters in Afghanistan on this day launched “Operation Anaconda”.
85. 1st March 2002: The official currency of Spain was changed. The Peseta was discontinued and replaced by the Euro.
86. 1st March 2003: Khalid Sheik Mohammad who was suspected of masterminding the terrorist attack on the U.S. on 11th Sep 2001, was captured by the CIA and Pakistani agents in Islamabad on this day.
87. 1st March 2004: Mohammad Bahr al-Uloum on this day became the President of Iraq.
88. 1st March 2006: President George Bush on this day stopped over in Delhi, India as both India and the U.S. were trying to finalize a nuclear deal that would give India access to U.S. civilian nuclear energy. His arrival sparked massive protests and rallies took place in Delhi and Kolkata with the speakers condemning the Iraq war.
89. 1st March 2007: A series of 55 tornados struck the southern United States. The tornados 20 dead.
90. 1st March 2007: The Swiss Army on this day landed in Liechtenstein due to an error in reading during their military exercise. They had marched 2 KM into Liechtenstein before they realized their error. They have been accused of invading Liechtenstein.
91. 1st March 2008: The warship which was built from the steel salvaged from the World Trade Center was on this day named U.S.S. New York an amphibious landing ship with 360 crew members and a complement of 700 marines. The families of 9/11 victims were among the thousands of spectators who were present during the ceremony.
92. 1st March 2011: Road workers in Jiangsu, China discovered the tomb of a 700-year-old female mummy on this day.

93. 1st March 2011: Germany’s defense minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg resigned on this day after it was discovered that he had plagiarized his doctoral thesis in large parts. His PhD was taken away earlier.
94. 1st March 2012: Unemployment in the Eurozone on this day reached a record high of 10.7%.
95. 1st March 2013: Just a day after Muslim rebels had and the government of Thailand signed a deal for peace talks, there was a bomb attack in Southern Thailand injuring at least six people.
96. 1st March 2014: Troop deployment to Ukraine by Russia was on this day approved by the Russian Parliament. Russian President Putin had requested troop deployment to help stabilize Ukraine as he feared for ethnic Russians in the region.
97. 1st March 2014: U.S. President Barack Obama on this day warned Russian President Vladimir Putin over involvement in the Ukraine.
98. 1st March 2016: Two Guatemalan military officers were on this day convicted of sexual slavery during the country’s civil war in a first-ever prosecution of sexual slavery during an armed conflict.
99. 1st March 2016: Microsoft founder Bill Gates today ranked number one in the Forbs Richest list released. He is number one with $75 billion among the world’s 1,810 billionaires.
100. 1ST March 2016: A new world record for the longest filibuster was set by the opposition MPs of the South Korean parliament. The speech intended to block the anti-terror bill lasted for 9 days (192 hours).

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