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March 1 Famous Birthdays

March 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MARCH 1, have a lot of personality and character traits that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. As a Pisces born on this day, it would seem that doors automatically open for them that are difficult for others to walk through.

However, who celebrate the March 1 famous birthday may not be responsible for the actions, or success of others. When it comes down to it, they are the author and editor who create the story of their lives. As friendships go, they tend to keep them for a long time, perhaps some for a life time.


This is pretty much the same when considering a soul mate. Those who have this famous birthday of March 1, look for someone who shares the same interests as them and build foundations based on love and loyalty. However, they have a green eyed demon that lurks around their intimate relationships and it could possibly be their biggest downfall. They can be their worst enemy at times.


If you share your birthday with famous people born on March 1st, you are a Pisces that has spiritual thoughts. The famous birthdays horoscope says that with they have attitude, charm and confidence. They could go places beyond their wildest dreams. Their soul mate and friends will likely be with them for a long time.


March 1st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 March Good Traits:

  • Spiritual
  • Motivated
  • Competitive
  • Confident
  • Charming
  • Faithful

1st March Bad Traits:

  • Sentimental
  • Overprotective
  • Jealous
  • Obsessive
  • Lazy

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March 1st Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron McCain, 1989, Rapper
Adam Huss, 1977, TV Actor
Adam Lavorgna, 1981, Movie Actor
Adiz Benson, 1984, Reality Star
Ahmed Elsakka, 1973, TV Actor
Akinori Nakayama, 1943, Gymnast
Alan Ameche, 1933, Football Player
Alan Rowlands, 1929, Pianist
Alan Thicke, 1947, TV Actor
Alefe Santos, 1995, Soccer Player
Alexander Steen, 1984, Hockey Player
Alexis Fields, 1979, TV Actress
Alicia Leigh Willis, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Allen Johnson, 1971, Hurdler
Ana Hickmann, 1981, Model
Andrew Parks, 1951, Movie Actor
Angger Dimas, 1988, DJ
Anna Semenovich, 1980, Figure Skater
Antron Brown, 1976, Race Car Driver
Art Smith, 1960, Chef
Ashleigh Munro-Smith, 1988, Model
Ashley Chambers, 1990, Soccer Player

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1848, Sculptor
Ava Allan, 2000, TV Actress
Bali Rai, 1971, Novelist
Basil Cheesman Bunting, 1900, Poet
Ben Ferris, 1989, Metal Singer
Ben Gibson, 1993, Soccer Player
Ben Mader, 1997, Rapper
Big E. Langston, 1986, Wrestler
Bill Baird, 1939, Football Player
Bob Log III, 1970, Guitarist
Booker T, 1965, Wrestler
Brad Falchuk, 1971, Screenwriter
Brad Winchester, 1981, Hockey Player
Brando Pacitto, 1996, TV Actor
Brett Erlich, 1982, Comedian
Brian Winters, 1952, Basketball Player
Bruna Rangel Lima, 1996, Model
Bryan Batt, 1963, TV Actor
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, 1944, World Leader
Burning Spear, 1945, Reggae Singer
Cameron Long, 1998, YouTube Star
Camilla Spira, 1906, Movie Actress
Capital T, 1991, Rapper
Cara Buono, 1974, TV Actress
Carissa Guzman, 1997, Instagram Star
Carlos Queiroz, 1953, Soccer Coach
Carlos Speitzer, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Carlos Vela, 1989, Soccer Player
Catherine Bach, 1954, TV Actress
Charles Fletcher Lummis, 1859, Journalist
Charles William Ergen, 1953, Entrepreneur
Chloe Paige, 1994, Pop Singer
Chris Eigeman, 1965, Movie Actor
Chris Webber, 1973, Basketball Player
Christine Fernandes, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Chuck Zito, 1953, TV Actor
Claudio Bieler, 1984, Soccer Player
Claus Terhoeven, 1973, DJ
Cliff Battles, 1910, Football Player
Clinton Gregory, 1964, Country Singer
Curtis Marsh, 1988, Football Player
Dakota Hood, 1996, TV Actress
Dalia Grybauskaite, 1956, Politician
Dan Thorn, 1989, News Anchor
Daniel Carvalho, 1983, Soccer Player
Daniella Monet, 1989, TV Actress
Darin Strauss, 1970, Novelist
Dave Bickler, 1953, Rock Singer
Dave Malkoff, 1976, Journalist
Dave Marcis, 1941, Race Car Driver
Davey Richards, 1983, Wrestler
David Caero, 1994, eSports Player
David Niven, 1910, Movie Actor
David NyeDav, 1991, YouTube Star
Davis Daniel, 1961, Country Singer
Deb Fischer, 1951, Politician
Dede Mirabal, 1925,
Deke Slayton, 1924, Astronaut
Denise Vasi, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Dick Bremer, 1956, Sportscaster
Dirk Benedict, 1945, TV Actor
DJ The Superior, 1998, Vine Star
Djimi Traore, 1980, Soccer Player
Dolan Ellis, 1935, Folk Singer
Don Dagradi, 1911, Screenwriter
Don Lemon, 1966, News Anchor
Donnie Walsh, 1941, Football Coach
Donovan Patton, 1977, TV Actor
Duchess Sophie, 1868, Royalty
Duncan Jones, 1987, YouTube Star
Eddie Huang, 1982, Chef
Elliott Sharp, 1951, Saxophonist
Elmira Gafarova, 1934, Politician
Elvin Bethea, 1946, Football Player

Emeraude Toubia, 1989, TV Actress
Emma, 1989, Wrestler
Erica Galloway, 1988, Children’s Author
Esther Canadas, 1977, Model
Fernando Montiel, 1979, Boxer
FootyManagerTV, 1991, YouTube Star
Frederic Chopin, 1810, Composer
Frederic E. Mohs, 1910, Doctor
George Eads, 1967, TV Actor
Gil Amelio, 1943, Entrepreneur
Glenn Miller, 1904, Composer
Greg Laub, 1972, Screenwriter
Greg Olson, 1963, Football Coach
Hadassah Richardson, 1992, Model
Harry Belafonte, 1927, Pop Singer
Harry Caray, 1914, Sportscaster
Harry Eden, 1990, Movie Actor
Helen King, 1972, TV Actress
Henry Harland, 1861, Novelist
iPodmail, 1995, YouTube Star
Irina Zivkovic, 2002, YouTube Star
Izabella Alvarez, 2004, TV Actress
Jack Clayton, 1921, Director
Jack Davenport, 1973, Movie Actor
Jaclyn Angle, 1998, YouTube Star
Jacques Rivette, 1928, Director
Jake Lawson Thrupp, 1997, Instagram Star
Jake Worthington, 1996, Country Singer
Jamie O’Leary, 1995, Dancer

Jarryd James, 1995, Pop Singer
Jarvis Varnado, 1988, Basketball Player
Jason Santos, 1976, Chef
Javier Bardem, 1969, Movie Actor
Jaz Dhami, 1986, Music Producer
Jean-Michel Folon, 1934, Illustrator
Jed Allan, 1937, Soap Opera Actor
Jenna Warren, 1999, TV Actress
Jensen Ackles, 1978, TV Actor
Jeremy Hackett, 1967, Fashion Designer
Jia Zongyang, 1991, Skier
Jim McElwain, 1962, Football Coach
Joan Hackett, 1934, Movie Actress
Joao Goulart, 1919, World Leader
Joao Plata, 1992, Soccer Player
Joe Loma, 1996, Vine Star
John Bregar, 1985, TV Actor
John C. Colt, 1810, Criminal
John Howard, 1983, MMA Fighter
John Olive, 1955, Basketball Player
Johnny Palermo, 1982, TV Actor
Jonathan Spector, 1986, Soccer Player
Josh McEachran, 1993, Soccer Player
Juan Bernat, 1993, Soccer Player
Judy Farrell, 1938, TV Actress
Jules Leotard, 1838,
Justin Bieber, 1994, Pop Singer
Karl-Erik Tauker, 1989, Rock Singer
Katija Pevec, 1988, Movie Actress
Katrina Weidman, 1983, TV Show Host
Kesha, 1987, Pop Singer
Kevin Smart, 1996, Drummer
Khaled Abdul-Wahab, 1911,
Kim Min-hee, 1982, Movie Actress
Kim West, 1959, Fashion Designer
Krystle Dsouza, 1990, TV Actress
Kyle Hyland, 1991, Soccer Player
Lana Wood, 1946, Movie Actress
Lazaro Hernandez, 1979, Fashion Designer
Leryn Franco, 1982, Model
Lil Crazed, 1988, YouTube Star
Lil Suzy, 1979, Pop Singer
Lindsay Mendez, 1983, Stage Actress
Liya Kebede, 1978, Model
Louis V. Gerstner Jr., 1942, Entrepreneur
Luca Schatz, 2002, Pop Singer
Lucy Pargeter, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Luis Orozco, 1984, Soccer Player
Luke Mably, 1976, Movie Actor
Lupita Nyong’o, 1983, Movie Actress
Lyzabeth Lopez, 1981, TV Show Host
Maddi Madd, 1984, Rapper
Marco Perego, 1979, Family Member
Mark Paul Gosselaar, 1974, TV Actor
Mark Rosenthal, 1954, Screenwriter
Mark Todd, 1956, Equestrian
Martin Oneill, 1952, Soccer Coach
Mary Kom, 1983, Boxer
Mary Lou Lord, 1965, Folk Singer
Matt Brasch, 1986, Guitarist
Matu Garces, 1995, YouTube Star
Maurice Benard, 1963, Soap Opera Actor
Max Adams, 1940, Screenwriter
Maz Compton, 1980, Radio Host
MeechOnMars, 1998, Vine Star
Michael Conforto, 1993, Baseball Player
Michael Dilorenzo, 1972, Business Executive
Michael Giles, 1942, Drummer
Miho Nakayama, 1970, Movie Actress
Mike Rozier, 1961, Football Player
Mikkel Kessler, 1979, Boxer
Miljenko Stancic, 1926, Painter
MK Stalin, 1953, Politician
Naima Mora, 1984, Model
Nathan Sharp, 1989, YouTube Star
Navarone Garibaldi, 1987, Guitarist
Neal Pollack, 1970, Novelist
Nevada Barr, 1952, Novelist
Nicholas Adams, 1967, Cricket Player
Nick Griffin, 1959, Politician
Nik Kershaw, 1958, Guitarist
Nitish Kumar, 1951, Politician
Nolan Roux, 1988, Soccer Player
Oliver Sain, 1932, Saxophonist
PapiGFunk, 1990, YouTube Star
Pat Perez, 1976, Golfer
Paul Hartman, 1904, Stage Actor
Paul Hollywood, 1966, Chef
Pete Rozelle, 1926, Entrepreneur
Phil Alden Robinson, 1950, Director
Prince Marni, 1992, Instagram Star
Ralph Ellison, 1914, Novelist
Ralph Towner, 1940, Guitarist
Randal Kirk, 1954, Entrepreneur
Raymond St. Jacques, 1930, TV Actor
Renate Blauel, 1953, Music Producer
Richard Wilbur, 1921, Poet
Rob Affuso, 1963, Drummer
Robert Bork, 1927, Politician
Robert Clary, 1926, TV Actor
Robert Conrad, 1935, TV Actor
Robert Hass, 1941, Poet
Robert Lowell, 1917, Poet
Roger Daltrey, 1944, Rock Singer
Roger Delgado, 1918, TV Actor
Ron Francis, 1963, Hockey Player
Ron Howard, 1954, Director
Russell Coutts, 1962, Sailor
Russell Wong, 1963, TV Actor
Ryan Peake, 1973, Guitarist
Sage Northcutt, 1996, MMA Fighter
Salil Ankola, 1968, Cricket Player
Sammie, 1987, R&B Singer
Sara Hickman, 1963, Rock Singer
Sarah Weeks, 1955, Children’s Author
Sawyer Sharbino, 2006, Family Member
Schatteke, 1989, YouTube Star
Sean Brock, 1984, Chef
Sean Brown, 1986, Rapper
Sean Gilder, 1964, TV Actor
Sebastian Arango, 1994, YouTube Star
Seth Henderson, 1970, Fashion Designer
Shahid Afridi, 1980, Cricket Player
Shawn Toovey, 1983, TV Actor
Silas Redd, 1992, Football Player
Simon Drake, 1957, Magician
Sonya Kitchell, 1989, Composer
Sophie Stuckey, 1991, Movie Actor
Stephanie D. Johnson, 1975, Entrepreneur
Stephen Davis, 1974, Football Player
Steve Barnes, 1952, Novelist
Steve Jurvetson, 1967, Entrepreneur
Steve Kramer, 1948, Voice Actor
Stewart Elliott, 1965, Horse Jockey
Stuart Conquest, 1967, Chess Player
Stuart Whitman, 1928, TV Actor
Summer Wayans, 1985, Model
Tara Blaise, 1975, Folk Singer
Tate Stevens, 1975, Country Singer
Tate Stevens, 1975, Country Singer
Terence Cooke, 1921, Religious Leader
Teresa Gallagher, 1971, Voice Actor
Tess Almighty, 1998, Vine Star
TheTimTracker, 1982, YouTube Star
Thomas Ades, 1971, Composer
Thomas Anders, 1963, Pop Singer
Tilda Lindstam, 1993, Model
Tim Daly, 1956, TV Actor
Tim Hamilton, 1971, Fashion Designer
Timothy Laurence, 1955, Family Member
Tom Clark, 1941, Poet
Tom Renney, 1955, Hockey Coach
Travis Kvapil, 1976, Race Car Driver
Trevor Cahill, 1988, Baseball Player
Tyler Hamilton, 1971, Cyclist
Tzvetan Todorov, 1939, Philosopher
Ultimo Guerrero, 1972, Wrestler
Valentina Monetta, 1975, Pop Singer
Wilford Woodruff, 1807, Religious Leader
Will Power, 1981, Race Car Driver
William Cushing, 1732, Supreme Court Justice
William Dean Howells, 1837, Novelist
William Gaines, 1922, Comic Book Author
Wonho, 1993, Pop Singer
Ye Shiwen, 1996, Swimmer
Yitzhak Rabin, 1922, World Leader
Zach Cregger, 1981, Screenwriter
Zack Snyder, 1966, Director


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