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Famous Events For July 6

Famous Events For July 6 – Today In History

July 6: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 6  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 6th July 1189: In England Richard the Lionheart was coroneted as King of England.
2. 6th July 1253: Mindaugas became the King of Lithuania today.
3. 6th July 1348: Pope Clement VI’s Papal Bull issued during the Black Death states that Jews are not to be blamed and it urged for their protection.


4. 6th July 1483: After deposing King Edward V, Richard III was crowned as the King of England.
5. 6th July 1484: The mouth of the Congo River was found by Portuguese sea captain Diogo Cao today.
6. 6th July 1560: The Treaty of Edinburgh was signed by England and Scotland today.
7. 6th July 1573: Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera founded Cordoba in Argentina today.
8. 6th July 1609: In Bohemia, freedom of religion was granted by Emperor Rudolf II today.
9. 6th July 1621: Banda Island was taken by Dutch Governor General John Pieterszoon Coen. 15,000 died in the operation.
10. 6th July 1969: LaSalle left Montreal to explore the River Ohio.
11. 6th July 1673: As part of the Franco-Dutch war, French troops conquered Maastricht today.


18th Century – What Happened on July 6 – The 1700s

12. 6th July 1775: Congress while listing out grievances and denying intent to be independent issues “Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms” today.
13. 6th July 1776: The first page of the “PA Evening Gazette” carried the announcement of the American Declaration of Independence.
14. 6th July 1782: The British and the French were engaged in a sea battle in Nagapattinam India.
15. 6th July 1785: It was unanimously resolved by the US Congress to name the US currency as the dollar and to adopt decimal coinage.
16. 6th July 1787: French government ends stamp/land tax.
17. 6th July 1789: In France, the National Assembly formed a 30-member committee for drafting a new constitution.
18. 6th July 1798: US law made the aliens liable to be apprehended, restrained…..and removed as alien enemies.


19th Century – July 6 This Day That Year – The 1800s

19. 6th July 1801: The French fleet beat the British in the battle of Algeciras.
20. 6th July 1853: Ex-slave and abolitionist Fredrick Douglass attended the National Blacks Convention which met in Rochester New York.
21. 6th July 1854: The first Republican state convention was held in Jackson, Michigan.
22. 6th July 1858: The shoe manufacturing machine was patented by Lyman Blake.
23. 6th July 1869: Dr. J.H. Harris, a black candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia was defeated.
24. 6th July 1885: Anti-rabies vaccine was successfully tested by bacteriologist Louis Pasture today.
25. 6th July 1886: The malted milk for the public was offered by Horlick’s of Wisconsin.
26. 6th July 1892: Jose Rizal formed the La Liga Filipina, a society for uniting the society with equality for Filipinos and Spaniards in the Philippines, in Manila.
27. 6th July 1892: In Pennsylvania striking steel workers fired on scabs (strikebreakers), killing 7.
28. 6th July 1892: Dadabhai Navroji was elected today as an Indian member of the British parliament.
29. 6th July 1898: The US Senate today agreed to annex Hawaii.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 6th – The 1900s

30. 6th July 1904: In the Red Sea today Russian cruisers were trying to stop ships from Britain, Germany, and other nations that they believed were friendly with Japan.
31. 6th July 1904: The US Democratic party today virtually assured Republican Theodore Roosevelt victory in the Presidential election by nominating Alton B Parker, a little-known New York Judge for President.
32. 6th July 1905: Alfred Deakin became the Prime Minister of Australia. This was his second term in office.
33. 6th July 1908: Robert Peary’s expedition to the North Pole, set sail from New York City today.
34. 6th July 1917: The Port of Aqaba was today captured by T.E. Lawrence from the Turks.
35. 6th July 1919: The British airship R-34 crossed the Atlantic and landed in New York City today. It took 108 hours to complete the crossing.

36. 6th July 1919: Physician and Gay rights advocate Magnus Hirschfeld opened the Institute of Sexual Science in Berlin.
37. 6th July 1922: Bankruptcy declared by Dutch auto/airplane manufacturer Trompenburg.
38. 6th July 1923: 17 people were killed and 28 others were injured in a rail crash on New Zealand’s main track line.
39. 6th July 1923: The Russian Union today became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics today with the acceptance of the Treaty of Unions signed in Moscow in 1922 by the Central Executive Committee.
40. 6th July 1924: The first photo was sent across the Atlantic by radio on an experimental basis from the US to England today.
41. 6th July 1928: A Hailstone weighing 1.5 pounds and about 7 inches in diameter was the largest recorded hailstone that fell in Potter, Nebraska.
42. 6th July 1932: First class postage was hiked to 3 cents from 2 cents.

43. 6th July 1936: There was a breach in the Manchester, Bolt, and Bury Canal in England. The breach sent millions of gallons of water cascading 200 feet into River Irwell.
44. 6th July 1939: The last of the Jewish enterprise was closed by German Nazis today.
45. 6th July 1942: Jewish victim Anna Frank’s family went into hiding in After House, Amsterdam.
46. 6th July 1943: 25,000 Germans were killed on the second day of the battle of Kursic.
47. 6th July 1943: US today launched its destroyer, William D Porter.
48. 6th July 1944: Charles de Gaulle, the French General arrived in Washington D.C. today.
49. 6th July 1944: General George S Patton of the US landed in France today.
50. 6th July 1945: Nicaragua ratified the Charter of the United Nations. It was the first country to do so.
51. 6th July 1945: President Henry Truman of the United States established the Medal of Freedom by signing an executive order.

52. 6th July 1947: In the Soviet Union, the assault rifle AK-47 invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov went into production today.
53. 6th July 1949: A freak heat wave in central Cost of Portugal sent the temperature to 158°F for a brief period of 2 minutes.
54. 6th July 1952: Tram operations in London close from today.
55. 6th July 1957: Henry Truman Library was established in Independence, Missouri today.
56. 6th July 1960: Dr. Barbara Moor today completed the walk from Los Angeles to New York covering a distance of 3,207 miles today.
57. 6th July 1961: In Mozambique a Portuguese ship exploded killing 300 people.
58. 6th July 1962: In Syria, Emir Said al-Djazaire takes van Algerian throne today.
59. 6th July 1963: Billy Nair, the South African workers union leader was arrested today.
60. 6th July 1966: Malawi became a Republic today with Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda as its President.

61. 6th July 1967: As Nigerian forces invade the secessionist state Biafra, Civil war erupts in Nigeria.
62. 6th July 1970: The first “no-fault” divorce law was passed by California today.
63. 6th July 1971: In Malawi, President Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda was today sworn in as President for Life of Malawi.
64. 6th July 1971: To plug news leaks, the White House Plumbers Unit was established today.
65. 6th July 1971: In a premature explosion Country Tipperary kills an official of the Irish Republican Army in the Republic of Ireland today.
66. 6th July 1975: The Argentine government fell today.
67. 6th July 1976: Soyuz 21 carried two cosmonauts to space station Salyut 5 today.
68. 6th July 1977: France performed a nuclear test today at Mururoa atoll.
69. 6th July 1978: Twenty people were killed when sleeping in a car caught fire in Taunton, Somerset today.
70. 6th July 1980: Nuclear test performed by France today.
71. 6th July 1983: The Supreme Court today ruled that retirement plans cannot pay women less.
72. 6th July 1987: Nuclear test performed by USSR today.
73. 6th July 1988: Piper Alpha the North Sea oil platform exploded today killing 166 people.
74. 6th July 1995: In Venezuela, the Congress approved the country’s first investment law allowing for foreign participation in oil exploration and production.

21st Century – July 6 This Day In History – The 2000s

75. 6th July 2006: After 44 years, the Nathu La mountain pass between India and China reopened today.
76. 6th July 2009: Croatia gets its first female Prime Minister today as Jadranka Kosor takes charge as Prime Minister.
77. 6th July 2012: In Pakistan, gunmen killed 18 people in Turbat today.
78. 6th July 2014: An air strike by the Israeli air force on the Gaza strip killed 7 Hamas militants today.

79. 6th July 2017: It was confirmed by the Sri Lankan government that the outbreak of Dengue fever has left 227 dead.
80. 6th July 2017: France today announced that petrol and diesel cars will be banned in France by 2040.

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