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July 6 Famous Birthdays

July 6 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 6 are Cancerians who keep it real. In other words, there’s nothing phony about them. They are people’s person but are upbeat and cheerful.

There are times when they feel the need to be pampered. They love their friends and family. In fact, their co-workers as just as close to them as their real family are.


With this in mind, it is safe to say that famous July 6 celebrities don’t like being alone. They have the gift of gab, too. They know how to make people feel special. While absorbed in a relationship, they like to keep it fresh and exciting.


Famous people born on July 6 could be guilty of having a lot of nights in which they don’t get much sleep. This could be for professional or personal reasons. Normally, they like to spend money so they will need to keep an eye on their balance or have someone do it.

The birthday characteristics for famous people born on July 6 shows that say that these Cancer zodiac sign people are generally good-humored, confident but can be impatient. They are genuine in their passion for their job. Idle time is discouraging to someone born on this day.


July 6 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

6 July Good Traits:

  • Unpretentious
  • Pleasant
  • Imaginative
  • Attentive
  • Dedicated
  • Tolerant
  • Spontaneous

6 July Bad Traits:

  • Stressed
  • Rude
  • Impatient
  • Aggravated
  • Jealous

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July 6 Famous Birthday Personalities

50 Cent, 1975, Rapper
Abi Clarke, 1991, Reality Star
Adam Busch, 1978, TV Actor
Adolf Anderssen, 1818, Chess Player
Adrian Clayborn, 1988, Football Player
Ahna Capri, 1944, TV Actress
Aindreas De Nogla, 1992, Family Member
Alan Freeman, 1927, DJ
Alessandro Juliani, 1975, TV Actor
Alex Centomo, 1990, YouTube Star
Alexis Jones, 1983, Entrepreneur
Allyce Beasley, 1954, TV Actress
Amanda Bucci, 1993, Model
Amber Liu, 1984, Tennis Player
Anaya Roderick, 1993, YouTube Star
Andrew Bisnaught, 1980, DJ
Annette Kellerman, 1886, Movie Actress
Asia Walton, 2005, Rapper
Ata Demirer, 1972, Director
Aureylian, 1986, YouTube Star

Becky Rosso, 1994, TV Actress
Ben Bissington, 1991, Guitarist
Ben Shelly, 1947, Politician
Bethany Struble, 1992, Blogger
Beverly McClellan, 1969, Pop Singer
Big Mike, 1971, Rapper
Bill Haley, 1925, Rock Singer
Bill Shirley, 1921, Movie Actor
Brad Park, 1948, Hockey Player
Brandon Jacobs, 1982, Football Player
Brandon Talbott, 1999, Dancer
Brian Posehn, 1966, Comedian
Brian Van Holt, 1969, Movie Actor
Brittany Underwood, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Burt Ward, 1945, TV Actor

Caroline Trentini, 1987, Model
Casey Sander, 1956, TV Actor
Chantel Zales, 1990, Model
Chris Wood, 1985, Drummer
Christopher Kane, 1982, Fashion Designer
Christopher Scarver, 1969, Criminal
CJ Fly, 1993, Rapper
Claude-Michel Schonberg, 1944, Composer
D Woods, 1985, R&B Singer
Daithi De Nogla, 1992, YouTube Star
Dalai Lama, 1935, Religious Leader
Daniel Andrews, 1972, Politician
Daniel Kyre, 1994, YouTube Star
Daniel Villalva, 1992, Soccer Player
Danielle Jordan, 1998, YouTube Star
Danny Lopez, 1952, Boxer
Darrell Royal, 1924, Football Coach
Datev Gallagher, 1989, YouTube Star
Dave Allen, 1936, Comedian

David Karp, 1986, Entrepreneur
Della Reese, 1931, Gospel Singer
Demetri Catrakilis, 1989, Rugby Player
Derrick Goodwin, 1935, Director
Diamond Jackson, 1966,
Donald McKayle, 1930, Dancer
Dylan Kingwell, 2004, TV Actor
Ed Phillips, 1966, Game Show Host
Eino Leino, 1878, Poet
Eleanor Clark, 1913, Novelist
Elias Harris, 1989, Basketball Player
Elliott Trent, 1992, Music Producer
Elton Castee, 1990, Vine Star
Eryn Nicole Pablico, 2000, TV Actress
Eugene List, 1918, Pianist
Eva Green, 1980, Movie Actress
Francois Luambo Makiadi, 1938, Jazz Singer
Fred Dryer, 1946, Football Player
Frederica Sagor Maas, 1900, Screenwriter
Frida Kahlo, 1907, Painter
Fuad Guliyev, 1941, Politician

Gary Humphries, 1958, Politician
Gavin James, 1991, Pop Singer
Gazi Yasargil, 1925, Doctor
Gene Chandler, 1937, R&B Singer
Geoffrey Rush, 1951, Movie Actor
George W. Bush, 1946, US President
Georgi Kinkladze, 1973, Soccer Player
Geraldine James, 1950, TV Actress
Ginger Goldbaum, 1990, Rapper
Gintaras Krapikas, 1961, Basketball Player
Glen Mazzara, 1967, Screenwriter
Godfrey Huggins, 1883, Politician
Grant Goodeve, 1952, TV Actor
Gregory Smith, 1983, TV Actor
Hannah Epstein, 2000, Dancer
Hanns Eisler, 1898, Composer
Harold Norse, 1916, Novelist
Harriet Jackson, 1992, Reality Star
Heather Nova, 1967, Rock Singer
Heinrich Harrer, 1912, Novelist
Helena Chan, 1989, Model
Henry Jayasena, 1931, Movie Actor
Hilary Mantel, 1952, Novelist
Himanshu Suri, 1985, Rapper
Ian Madigan, 1990, Rugby Player
Inspectah Deck, 1970, Rapper
Izora Armstead, 1942, Pop Singer
Jack Duff, 1999, Pop Singer
Jack Yellen, 1892, Songwriter
Jae Crowder, 1990, Basketball Player
Jamie Wyeth, 1946, Painter
Jan Hein Donner, 1927, Chess Player
Janet Leigh, 1927, Movie Actress
Jason Ferris, 1976, Rugby Player
Jason Thompson, 1954, Baseball Player
Jeannie Seely, 1940, Country Singer
Jenna Gering, 1971, Model
Jennifer Saunders, 1958, TV Actress
Jeremy Suarez, 1990, TV Actor
Jerry Pascucci, 1996, YouTube Star
Jet Harris, 1939, Bassist
Jim Taihuttu, 1981, DJ
Jo Stanley, 1972, Radio Host
Joell Ortiz, 1980, Rapper
John Byrne, 1950, Cartoonist
John Flaxman, 1755, Sculptor
John Jorgenson, 1956, Guitarist
John Paul Jones, 1747, War Hero
Jose Garces, 1981, Chef
Joseph Strick, 1923, Director
Josh Elliott, 1971, Sportscaster
JT Hodges, 1979, Country Singer
JT Tollas, 1992, Punk Singer
Julia Trotti, 1995, Photographer
Justin Schultz, 1990, Hockey Player
Kate Nash, 1987, Pop Singer
Kathryn Hulme, 1900, Memoirist
Katy Tiz, 1988, Pop Singer
Kevin Hart, 1979, Comedian
Kimberly Foster, 1961, TV Actress
Lamberto Andreotti, 1950, Engineer
Lance Billaber, 1992, Vine Star
Lance Johnson, 1963, Baseball Player
Langston Higgins, 1994, Dancer
Larsa Pippen, 1974, Reality Star
LaToya Thomas, 1981, Basketball Player
Lauren Elizabeth, 1994, YouTube Star
Lauren Harris, 1984, Pop Singer
Laverne Andrews, 1911, Pop Singer
Leena Sayed, 1992, Instagram Star
Leon Frierson, 1986, TV Actor
Libby Titus, 1947, Rock Singer
Lily LaBrant, 2009, Family Member
Lindsey Byrnes, 1987, Photographer
Louie Bellson, 1924, Drummer
Luana Patten, 1938, Movie Actress
Madison Edwards, 1995, Model
Manny Machado, 1992, Baseball Player
Maria Arredondo, 1985, Pop Singer
Marie McDonald, 1923, Movie Actress
Marie-Soleil Dion, 1984, Comedian
Mark Benson, 1958, Cricket Player
Mark Gasser, 1972, Pianist
Mary Peters, 1939, Shot Putter
Matt Kalil, 1989, Football Player
Matt Saunders, 1988, Rugby Player
Matthew O’Leary, 1987, Movie Actor
Max Gazzè, 1967, Pop Singer
Max Mirnyi, 1977, Tennis Player
Melissa Steel, 1993, Pop Singer
Merv Griffin, 1925, Entrepreneur
Michael Sata, 1937, Politician
Michael Shrieve, 1949, Drummer
Mignon G. Eberhart, 1899, Novelist
Mike Dow, 1979, Doctor
Mike Riley, 1953, Football Coach
Mike Rio, 1981, MMA Fighter
Milana Stanojevic, 1996, Instagram Star
Milly Rosso, 1994, TV Actress
Miss Li, 1982, Jazz Singer
MissCharlotteBeauty1, 2001, YouTube Star
Misty Upham, 1982, Movie Actress
Moshe Kasher, 1979, Comedian
Nanci Griffith, 1953, Folk Singer
Nancy Reagan, 1921, Political Wife
Nat Berhe, 1991, Football Player
Nathalie Baye, 1948, Movie Actress
Nathan Storey, 2001, Vine Star
Nathan Sturgis, 1987, Soccer Player
Ned Beatty, 1937, Movie Actor
Nic Cester, 1979, Rock Singer
Nnamdi Asomugha, 1981, Football Player
Noli De Castro, 1949, Politician
Nursultan Nazarbayev, 1940, Politician
Oswaldo Guayasamin, 1919, Painter
Paige Price, 1964, Stage Actress
Pat Paulsen, 1927, TV Actor
Pau Gasol, 1980, Basketball Player
Peter Hedges, 1962, Screenwriter
Peter Mansbridge, 1948, News Anchor
Peter Singer, 1946, Philosopher
Phil Gordon, 1970,
Phyllis Hyman, 1949, R&B Singer
Ranveer Singh, 1985, Movie Actor
Regla Bell, 1970, Volleyball Player
Rhymefest, 1977, Rapper
Ricardo Medina Jr., 1977, TV Actor
Ricardo Montaner, 1957, World Music Singer
Richard Beckinsale, 1947, TV Actor
Richard Mofe Damijo, 1961, Movie Actor
Richie Shelton, 1966, Family Member
Rick Price, 1961, Rock Singer
Ricky Johnson, 1964, Race Car Driver
Robert Eibach, 1981, Music Producer
Robert Naylor, 1996, TV Actor
Robin Antin, 1961, Dancer
Roman Shirokov, 1981, Soccer Player
Ron Duguay, 1957, Hockey Player
Samuel Akintola, 1910, World Leader
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, 1988, TV Actress
Scott James, 1994, Snowboarder
Sebastian Cabot, 1918, TV Actor
Sebastian Rulli, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Sheila Sri Prakash, 1955, Architect
Shelley Hack, 1947, TV Actress
Stephen Hartke, 1952, Composer
Steve O\’neill, 1891, Baseball Manager
Steve Sullivan, 1974, Hockey Player
Susan Ford, 1957, Family Member
Susannah Mushatt Jones, 1899,
Syama Prasad Mookerjee, 1901, Politician
Sylvester Stallone, 1946, Movie Actor
Symba Smith, 1970, TV Actress
Takeshi Fuji, 1940, Boxer
Tamera Mowry, 1978, TV Actress
Tay Zonday, 1982, Pop Singer
Taylor Miner, 1999, Vine Star
Tia Mowry, 1978, TV Actress
Tolu Oniru, 1982, Radio Host
Tony Lewis, 1938, Cricket Player
Tyler Knott Gregson, 1981, Photographer
Uqasha Senrose, 1991, TV Actress
Vaecon, 1995, Twitch Star
Valeria Basurco, 1993, YouTube Star
Vatroslav Jagic, 1838, Teacher
VC Andrews, 1923, Novelist
Vic Carapazza, 1979, Umpire
Vinnie Brand, 1963, Comedian
Viola Desmond, 1914, Civil Rights Leader
Vladimir Ashkenazy, 1937, Pianist
Willem Marinus Dudok, 1884, Architect
William Lee Scott, 1973, TV Actor
William Loftis, 1990, TV Actor
William Rush, 1994, TV Actor
William Schallert, 1922, TV Actor
Willie Randolph, 1954, Baseball Manager


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