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Feng Shui Water

The Importance Of Feng Shui Water Element For Your Home

Understanding the Feng Shui Water Element

Water fountains bring good luck and wealth. The bigger, the better location is no big deal. Just set it up and let it go, correct? Not exactly. Feng Shui is not a good luck charm; neither is it just the latest way to decorate your home. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is very complex and takes years of training to understand fully. It concerns itself with the flow of Qi or energy, both good and bad. Before you buy that expensive, oversized water feature, take the time to learn about the where and why of the water element in Feng Shui for your home. You will be glad you did.


What Is Water Feng Shui?

#1. Harmony Of the Five Elements

First, Feng Shui focuses on the balance and harmony of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element has its characteristics, compass directions, colors, and substances. The elements do not exist in a vacuum; each influences the others.

Sometimes this influence is positive, while other times, it is negative. One thing is for sure; there must be an equilibrium between the elements inside and outside your home. If not, the energies that Feng Shui concerns itself with will not flow properly, and your luck will turn sour. That being said, let us look at the water element and its effect on your yard.


Most people assume including a water element in the yard means adding a physical water feature. If you use a water feature, such as fountains, water plant items, birdbaths, koi ponds, or waterfall/pool combinations, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You must keep the feature clean.


How To Feng Shui Water In Your Yard?

#2. Keep Unattractive Dirt and Algae Out

The obvious answer to a westerner is to keep unsightly dirt and algae out. Feng Shui has its reasons too. If the water is not clear, the positive energy it is supposed to create stagnates, and you end up with negative energy in its place. In either case, the best advice is to take care of your property.


#3. Water In Motion

You must also keep the water in motion. The more the water is rippling (to a point; the sound must be pleasing), the greater its influence on your wealth. Again, stagnant water means stagnant energy. Another thing to keep in mind is where the water itself flows. For example, if you have a waterfall, the water should flow toward your home.

While showing off your water feature to neighbors is nice, it is unsuitable for Feng Shui because the water is a conductor of positive Qi. If it flows away from home, that energy is wasted and may wash away existing positive energy. That would defeat the purpose of having a water feature.

The next consideration is the size of the feature. Yes, in this case, size does matter. Since the outdoor space is larger than the indoor, a minor tabletop feature will not make much difference. Plan on something to hold at least 25 gallons of water.

That is a fair amount of water, but it needs to be if you want the full effect. Lastly, keep your water feature uncovered. It does not affect when covered, and that includes a sturdy roof.

#4. Color And Shape

The next part is quite fun; you need to choose the material it is made from and the color and shape. Metal is an excellent fit for water, and earth (rock, stone, ceramic, concrete, etc.) is good. Wood is acceptable if a metal is added to it (add coins to the fountain).

This is because wood diminishes water. Fire (and fire colors, such as red) is a bad combination with water. They fight for dominance. Painting your water feature is not recommended; for one thing, upkeep is a factor, and for another, keeping it natural is better luck.

#5. Water Fountain

Once you have decided upon a water feature and know how to care for it, where to place the object becomes the next concern. This, too, does not have a quick and easy answer. Where you identify your fountain has to do with the directions on a compass.

Many sites suggest the front of the house as lucky. Still, some traditional practitioners caution against placing a water fountain directly in the front door path, as it attracts unwanted affairs into a marriage. Putting a fountain in the northern part of the yard boosts career luck, while a fountain in the east promotes health. The south-eastern corner may attract wealth but beware of placing a fountain directly in the south. This is because the south represents fire. Fire and water are not suitable mixes.

Most of this article has been devoted to large-scale water features, but even smaller ones are excellent additions, too. They may not draw as much energy, but they still bring a peaceful vibe to your space. A simple birdbath on a pedestal (if kept clean) is lovely, but it also draws all kinds of birds from your area. The sounds of sweet songbirds are delightful on spring and summer evenings.

#6. Water Feature

If you are not interested in adding a water feature but would still like to incorporate water elements into your yard, have no fear; there are other options. There is more to the water element than physical water. It is represented by shapes and colors as well.

For one, you could introduce water element shapes in the layout of your landscape. Just like physical water, the figures are graceful and curving. Instead of making your flower beds long, straight rectangles along the side of the house, consider bending the lines. You could combine earth and water by creating a graceful, winding pebble path or a garden.

The substance is earth, but the shapes are reminiscent of water. Each of these two elements supports one another. Another way to bring in the water element is by using color. Individual plants and flowers come in dark violets, blues, and even blacks. You would be surprised. Check your plant hardiness zone to see which ones will grow best in your area. Even dark purple and black tulips work.

Although it does take some work and planning, it is possible to use Feng Shui correctly when adding water elements to your yard. It will bring luck, peace, and tranquility to your home, both outside and inside. Take a moment to add a dash of life to your space.

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