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July 28 Famous Birthdays

July 28 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 28 are known as the person who has the composure and unconventionality of an extraordinary leader. They have some real talent as they use most resources that most would not even think about.

They finish what they start in an organized and ordered way. It’s only the responsible thing to do, they say. They stick to projects and people to see things to the end. Really, no one knows this but most of what them do is to cover up some uncertainty about themselves.


The imperfections  of the famous celebrities of July 28 are few but they can overcome any obstacle including those that invade their personality. They need to try a little humbleness in times when they want to tell everyone about themselves and how great they are.

Additionally, they may have problems with authority. They, naturally, like a bit of competition but they can’t stand to come in second. Even the great Muhammad Ali had one loss.


Famous people born on July 28th are typically extremely gifted and bursting with energy. Independent and responsible, the person born on this birth day takes care of family. It’s no surprise that some people will accuse them of being overprotective or controlling.


July 28 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28 July Good Traits:

  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Warm
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Humble
  • Competitive

28 July Bad Traits:

  • Impractical
  • Insecure
  • Narcissistic
  • Arrogant
  • Conceited

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July 28 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrien Broner, 1989, Boxer
Afroman, 1974, Rapper
Ahana Deol, 1985, Family Member
Aida De Acosta, 1884, Pilot
Albert Namatjira, 1902, Painter
Alberto Fujimori, 1938, Politician
Albin Ekdal, 1989, Soccer Player
Alethea Austin, 1979, Dancer
Alex Faction, 1990, YouTube Star
Alexandra Chando, 1986, TV Actress
Alexandra Richards, 1986, Model
Alexis Arquette, 1969, Reality Star
Alexis Tsipras, 1974, World Leader
Ali Krieger, 1984, Soccer Player
Alice Dixson, 1969, Movie Actress
Alice Duer Miller, 1874, Poet
Allan Hawco, 1977, TV Actor

Alonso Villalpando, 1996, Pop Singer
Amy Magsam, 2000, Dancer
Andy Legg, 1966, Soccer Coach
Angela Hitler, 1883, Family Member
Ann Doran, 1911, Movie Actress
Anne Wojcicki, 1973, Entrepreneur
Anthony A. Williams, 1951, Politician
Arian Agushi, 1986, Rapper
Ashok Sekhar Ganguly, 1935, Entrepreneur
Ayla Brown, 1988, Pop Singer
Bailey Wright, 1992, Soccer Player
Barbara La Marr, 1896, Movie Actress
Beatrix Potter, 1866, Children’s Author
beautyqueen18, 2000, YouTube Star
Ben Bowers, 1991, Instagram Star


Beverley Craven, 1963, Pop Singer
Bianca Adam, 1998, YouTube Star
Bill Bradley, 1943, Basketball Player
Billy Aaron Brown, 1981, TV Actor
Brad Devine, 1990, Family Member
Brad Simpson, 1995, Pop Singer
Brandon Calvillo, 1994, Vine Star
Bruce Abbott, 1954, Movie Actor
Bryony Farmer, 1997, YouTube Star
Bud Foster, 1959, Football Coach
Bud Luckey, 1934, Cartoonist
Bullet Rogan, 1893, Baseball Player
Cain Velasquez, 1982, MMA Fighter
Caiti Ward, 1991, Voice Actor
Caitlin Pena, 2001, Vine Star
CandyEvie, 1998, YouTube Star

Cartia Mallan, 1998, YouTube Star
Cecilia Quintana, 1988, Blogger
Chad Davis, 1990, TV Actor
Chandler Harnish, 1988, Football Player
Charles Boyle, 1674, Politician
Charlie Biddle, 1926, Bassist
Charlotte Beaumont, 1995, TV Actress
Cher Lloyd, 1993, Pop Singer
Chris Chameleon, 1971, Folk Singer
Chuan Leekpai, 1938, Politician
Cian Twomey, 1994, Facebook Star
Cody Hay, 1983, Figure Skater
Dana White, 1969, Entrepreneur
Danny Mann, 1951, Voice Actor
Darin Ruf, 1986, Baseball Player
Darren Murphy, 1985, Soccer Player

Darryl Hickman, 1931, Movie Actor
Dave Rosin, 1981, Guitarist
David Anderson, 1983, Football Player
David Kahn, 1961, Sports Executive
David Martin, 1943, News Anchor
David Weston, 1938, Stage Actor
Debi Sue Voorhees, 1961, Movie Actress
Demeco Ryans, 1985, Football Player
Dexter Jackson, 1977, Football Player
Dhanush, 1983, Movie Actor
Dick Ebersol, 1947, Sportscaster
Don Marquis, 1878, Poet
Doudou N’diaye Rose, 1930, Drummer
Doug Collins, 1951, Basketball Player
Dulquer Salmaan, 1986, TV Actor
Dustin Milligan, 1985, TV Actor
Eagle Pennell, 1952, Director
Earl Tupper, 1907, Inventor
Elia Suleiman, 1960, Director
Elizabeth Berkley, 1972, TV Actress
Elizabeth Cheney, 1966, Journalist
Essence Carson, 1986, Basketball Player
Evan Farmer, 1972, TV Actor
Evan Gamble, 1981, TV Actor
Fearagen, 1993, YouTube Star
Firoza Begum, 1930, World Music Singer
Frank Thompson, 1918, Politician
Frankie Yankovic, 1915, Accordionist
Freddie Fitzsimmons, 1901, Baseball Player
Garfield Sobers, 1936, Cricket Player
Georgia Engel, 1948, TV Actress
Gerald Casale, 1948, Bassist
Gerald Veasley, 1955, Bassist
Gerard Manley Hopkins, 1844, Poet
Grace Buchele Mineta, 1992, Blogger
Greg Hardy, 1988, Football Player
Gregg Giuffria, 1951, Pianist
Guan You, 1973, Drummer
Gunnar Nelson, 1988, MMA Fighter
Hannah Lochner, 1993, TV Actress
Harry Kane, 1993, Soccer Player
Hedwig Vontrapp, 1917, Teacher
Hugo Chavez, 1954, Politician
Huma Abedin, 1976, Family Member
Huma Qureshi, 1986, Movie Actress
Ilir Latifi, 1983, MMA Fighter
Ivan Picelj, 1924, Painter
Jack Morley, 1909, Rugby Player
Jackson Murphy, 1998, Journalist
Jacob Andrew, 1993, Rock Singer
Jacob Oram, 1978, Cricket Player
Jacoby Shaddix, 1976, Rock Singer
Jacopo Sannazaro, 1458, Poet
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1929, Political Wife
Jacques D’amboise, 1934, Dancer
Jacques Piccard, 1922, Explorer
Jake List, 1995, YouTube Star
Jamia Minor, 1998, Vine Star
Janice McKinney, 1999, YouTube Star
Jeremy Lynch, 1988, YouTube Star
Jim Davis, 1945, Cartoonist
Jimmy Pardo, 1966, Comedian
Jo In-sung, 1981, TV Actor
Joaquin Torres Garcia, 1874, Historian
Joe E. Brown, 1891, Movie Actor
Joe Labero, 1963, Magician
Joe Lee, 1988, Dancer
John Ashbery, 1927, Poet
John Feinstein, 1956, Sportscaster
John Mitchell Finnis, 1940, Philosopher
John Tsimitselis, 1981, Rapper
Jon Michael Hill, 1985, TV Actor
Jonas Geirnaert, 1982, TV Actor
Jordan Rapp, 1980, Triathlete
Josh Cuthbert, 1992, Pop Singer
Judy Grahn, 1940, Poet
Judy Martz, 1943, Politician
Julian Peterson, 1978, Football Player
Julie Vu, 1992, YouTube Star
Junior Kimbrough, 1930, Guitarist
Justin Lee Collins, 1974, TV Show Host
JW Cortes, 1975, TV Actor
Karl Popper, 1902, Philosopher
Kelly Hoppen, 1959, Entrepreneur
Kelvin Hayden, 1983, Football Player
Kenneth Fearing, 1902, Poet
Lauren Ashley Bishop, 1986, Comedian
Lauren Lindsey Donzis, 2004, TV Actress
Lawrence Gray, 1898, Movie Actor
Leda Muir, 1994, YouTube Star
Lee Gurga, 1949, Poet
Lee Min-woo, 1979, Rapper
Lewis PsiSyndicate, 1993, YouTube Star
Lexus Amanda, 1991, Rock Singer
Liam Smith, 1988, Boxer
Lindsay Kay Hayward, 1987, Movie Actress
Lori Loughlin, 1964, TV Actress
Louis Antonelli, 1962, Screenwriter
Luca Patuelli, 1984, Dancer
Lucy Burns, 1879, Civil Rights Leader
Luis Aragones, 1938, Soccer Coach
Mack Maine, 1982, Rapper
Madison Carabello, 2002, TV Actress
Malcolm Lowry, 1909, Novelist
Manu Ginobili, 1977, Basketball Player
Marc Dupre, 1973, Pop Singer
Marcc Rose, 1992, Movie Actor
Marcel Duchamp, 1887, Painter
Marcus North, 1979, Cricket Player
Marty Brennaman, 1942, Sportscaster
Massimo Cellino, 1956, Entrepreneur
Mathieu Debuchy, 1985, Soccer Player
Matthew Solano, 2000, Instagram Star
Maximilien Jendrzezak, 2003, World Music Singer
Michael Amott, 1969, Guitarist
Michael Carrick, 1981, Soccer Player
Michael Hitchcock, 1958, TV Actor
Michael Mukasey, 1941, Lawyer
Michael Ruhlman, 1963, Non-Fiction Author
Miguel Angel Nadal, 1966, Soccer Player
Mike Alvarado, 1980, Boxer
Mike Bloomfield, 1943, Guitarist
Miranda Carabello, 2002, TV Actress
Monica Abbott, 1985, Softball Player
Monique van de Ven, 1952, Movie Actress
Morgan Tebbe, 1996, YouTube Star
Ms 5ooo Watts, 1989, YouTube Star
Nadya Hutagalung, 1974, Model
Natalie Babbitt, 1932, Children’s Author
Neal Sales-Griffin, 1987, Entrepreneur
Nicholas Matthews, 1988, Metal Singer
Nick Youngquest, 1983, Rugby Player
Nidhi Bhanushali, 1999, TV Actress
Nikolay Zimyatov, 1955, Skier
Nolan Gerard Funk, 1986, Movie Actor
Olly Aston, 2001, YouNow Star
Parris Gachette, 1997, YouTube Star
Patrick Long, 1981, Race Car Driver
Pedro Ledesma, 1987, Soccer Player
Peter Cullen, 1941, Voice Actor
Peter Duchin, 1937, Pianist
Phil Proctor, 1940, TV Actor
Priscilla Chan, 1965, Pop Singer
Rachel Blakely, 1968, TV Actress
Randall Wallace, 1949, Director
Riccardo Muti, 1941, Composer
Richard J. Kerry, 1915, Politician
Richard N. Haass, 1951, Politician
Richard Wright, 1943, Pianist
Rick Wright, 1943, Rock Singer
Robert Behnken, 1970, Astronaut
Robert Hughes, 1938, Novelist
Rudy Vallee, 1901, Pop Singer
Russ Jackson, 1936, Football Player
Ryan Suarez, 1977, Soccer Player
Ryan Tannehill, 1988, Football Player
Sally Struthers, 1947, TV Actress
Sam Okafor, 1995, Vine Star
Santiago Calatrava, 1951, Architect
Scherezade Shroff, 1986, YouTube Star
Scott Parazynski, 1961, Astronaut
Scott Pelley, 1957, News Anchor
Scott Stenzel, 1980, Race Car Driver
Shae Smolik, 2006, TV Actress
Shana Swash, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Shantel Jackson, 1984, Reality Star
Shaun Hutchinson, 1983, YouTube Star
Shelby Bain, 2001, TV Actress
Simon Kirke, 1949, Drummer
Simon Nye, 1958, Comedian
Sirah, 1988, Rapper
Soh Chin Aun, 1950, Soccer Player
Sonia Gomez, 1991, Pop Singer
Soulja Boy, 1990, Rapper
Spencer Boldman, 1992, TV Actor
Stephen Christian, 1980, Rock Singer
Stephen Lynch, 1971, Comedian
Stephen Quire, 1993, YouTube Star
Steve Morse, 1954, Guitarist
Steve Staios, 1973, Hockey Player
Stevie Stone, 1981, Rapper
Sunshine Cruz, 1977, TV Actress
Taka Hirose, 1967, Bassist
Takanori Hatakeyama, 1975, Boxer
Taylor Marie, 1997, Vine Star
Terron Beckham, 1992, Model
Terry Fox, 1958, Runner
Thomas Fischbach, 1987, Family Member
Thomas Heyward Jr., 1746, Politician
Tom Pelphrey, 1982, TV Actor
Travis Alexander, 1977, Entrepreneur
Tsunehiko Watase, 1944, Movie Actor
Tynisha Keli, 1985, R&B Singer
Victoria Baldesarra, 1998, TV Actress
Vida Blue, 1949, Baseball Player
Vjekoslav Klaic, 1849, Historian
Vladimir Stojkovic, 1983, Soccer Player
Walter Jacobson, 1937, TV Show Host
Wil Heuser, 1987, Reality Star
William T. Vollman, 1959, Novelist
Willie Green, 1981, Basketball Player
Yehia Chahine, 1917, Movie Actor
Zach Parise, 1984, Hockey Player


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