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Famous Events For July 11

Famous Events For July 11 – Today In History

July 11: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 11  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 11th July 1346: Charles IV of Luxembourg was today elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
2. 11th July 1405: In his first attempt to explore the world, Chinese fleet commander Zheng He began his voyage today.
3. 11th July 1423: Arnold van Egmont became Duke of Gelre today.
4. 11th July 1476: Appointment of Giuliano Della Rovere as bishop of Constance.


5. 11th July 1525: John Pistorius’s trial for being a “heretic” began at The Hague today.
6. 11th July 1533: England’s King Henry VIII was excommunicated by Pope Clement VII today.
7. 11th July 1536: The ten articles, and beliefs of the English Church Henry VIII were subscribed to by the Convocation of Clergies today.
8. 11th July 1588: The demands of the Catholic League were accepted by French King Henri III.
9. 11th July 1616: French explorer Samuel de Chaplin returned to Quebec today.
10. 11th July 1635: Milan was occupied by armies of Savoy/Mantua/Parma today.
11. 11th July 1656: English women Ann Austin and Mary Fisher were the first Quakers to land in America. The Puritan Colonial government arrested and jailed them. They were deported to Barbados after 5 years in prison.
12. 11th July 1663: John Willis, a mathematician from Oxford gave a lecture on Euclid’s parallel postulate. This was the first Western attempt to derive a parallel postulate as a theorem.


13. 11th July 1673: A defense treaty was signed by the Netherlands and Denmark today.
14. 11th July 1690: James II was beaten and deposed by William III at the battle of Drogheda Boyne today.

18th Century – What Happened on July 11 – The 1700s

15. 11th July 1708: Great Alliance defeated France at the battle of Oudenaarde today.
16. 11th July 1740: Tsarina Ann ordered Jews to be expelled from Little Russia.
17. 11th July 1750: Halifax, Nova Scotia was almost destroyed by fire.
18. 11th July 1776: Explorer Captain James Cook began his third voyage today.
19. 11th July 1781: Today Thomas Hutchins was designated as the Geographer of the US.
20. 11th July 1792: Prussian army moved into French territory today.
21. 11th July 1798: The US Marine Corps was established today by an act of Congress.


19th Century – July 11 This Day That Year – The 1800s

22. 11th July 1801: French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons discovered his first comet today.
23. 11th July 1811: Amedeo Avogadro, an Italian scientist published his memoir on the molecular content of gases today.
24. 11th July 1812: US (Detroit frontier) invaded Canada today.
25. 11th July 1845: In London, Waterloo station opened today.
26. 11th July 1862: General Halleck was appointed as general-in-chief by Lincoln today.
27. 11th July 1863: 4 people were killed by a Japanese cruiser when it opened fire on the Dutch Warship Medusa.
28. 11th July 1864: General J Early led Confederate forces to begin the invasion of Washington D.C. today.
29. 11th July 1877: Kate Edwards of New Zealand got her Bachelor of Arts degree today. She became the first woman to earn a bachelor’s degree in the British Empire.


30. 11th July 1892: The US Patent Office today said that it was Joseph Swan rather than Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light carbon for the incandescent lamp.
31. 11th July 1893: In Nicaragua, a revolution led by General Jose Santos Zelaya, a liberal, and a politician, took over the state powers today.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 11th – The 1900s

32. 11th July 1900: Charlotte Cooper today became the first female Olympic tennis champion beating Helene Prevost. This also made her the first female Olympic champion in any sport.
33. 11th July 1902: Lord Salisbury, the British Prime Minister, resigned from office today.

34. 11th July 1905: The Civil Rights Niagara Movement was organized by black intellectuals and activists led by W.E.B. Du Bois.
35. 11th July 1916: The US Congress passed the Federal Aid Road Acts today.
36. 11th July 1919: The 8-hour work day and no work on Sunday was today approved by the Dutch 2nd Chamber.
37. 11th July 1920: In a plebiscite, East and West Prussia opted to become part of Germany. A slice of West Prussia will be handed over to Poland to provide a Polish corridor.
38. 11th July 1921: Mongolia today gained independence from China.
39. 11th July 1922: The Hollywood Bowl, a premier destination for live music in southern California opened today.
40. 11th July 1924: In India, there was a Hindu and Muslim rebellion in Delhi.
41. 11th July 1925: in Netherlands Queen Wilhelmina nominated H. Colin as head of the government.
42. 11th July 1930: Australian cricketer Donald Bradman scored 309 runs in a day against England Leeds today. He went on to score 334 runs.

43. 11th July 1934: President Franklin D Roosevelt traveled through the Panama Canal. He became the first US President to do so.
44. 11th July 1936: Opening of Triborough Bridge linking Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens today.
45. 11th July 1943: Armored Division led by Hermann Goering launched a counterattack today.
46. 11th July 1943: Poles were massacred in Volhynia.
47. 11th July 1944: Franklin Roosevelt announced today that he would run for the fourth term as President of the United States.
48. 11th July 1952: General Eisenhower was nominated as the Republican candidate for US President.
49. 11th July 1954: The First White Citizens Council was organized today in Indianola, Mississippi.
50. 11th July 1955: Congress today authorized all US currencies to say “In God we trust”.
51. 11th July 1955: At Lowry Air Force Base a new USAF academy with 300 cadets was dedicated in Colorado.
52. 11th July 1960: Czechoslovakia adopted its constitution today.

53. 11th July 1960: Independence declared by Ivory Costa, Dahomey, Upper Volta and Niger today.
54. 11th July 1962: The first trans-Atlantic TV transmission took place today via Satellite (Telstar I).
55. 11th July 1962: The US today performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island.
56. 11th July 1962: The US conducted a nuclear test at its Nevada test site today.
57. 11th July 1965: In Israel, the Maple Party nominates David Ben-Gurion as its Prime Minister.
58. 11th July 1971: American copper mines nationalized in Chile by the Chilean parliament.
59. 11th July 1973: 122 people were killed when the Brazilian Boeing 707 crashed near Paris.
60. 11th July 1976: France performed a nuclear test at its test site at Mururoa atoll.
61. 11th July 1977: Civil Rights activist Rev Martin Luther King Jr was posthumously awarded the US Medal of Freedom.

62. 11th July 1978: In Spain an auto with liquid gas crashed and exploded killing 160 people.
63. 11th July 1981: France performed a nuclear test at Mururoa atoll today.
64. 11th July 1981: Neva Rockefeller was ordered to pay alimony to her husband. She became the first woman to pay alimony to a husband.
65. 11th July 1984: The government today ordered that airbags and seat belts would be required in cars by 1989.
66. 11th July 1985: USSR today performed a nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalatinsk USSR.
67. 11th July 1990: Dartman, who killed 50 women with darts was today arrested by New York City Police.
68. 11th July 1991: A total solar eclipse was witnessed today in Hawaii.
69. 11th July 1991: A D.C 8 of Nigerian Airways crashed at Jeddah in Saudi Arabia killing 261 passengers and crew on board.
70. 11th July 1995: When Bosnian Serbs overran the UN “haven” Srebrenica, 7000 Bosnian Muslim men were massacred.

21st Century – July 11 This Day In History – The 2000s

71. 11th July 2001: Iraq which had stopped oil exports in protest against US and British-sponsored UN Security Council resolution, resumed oil exports today.
72. 11th July 2006: In India, a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai killed 209 people.
73. 11th July 2007: The fifth film based on the books of J.K. Rowling, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was released today.
74. 11th July 2010: Spain today won its first World Cup title for the first time, beating Netherlands 1-0, through Andres Iniesta’s extra time goal.
75. 11th June 2011: Since its discovery on 23rd Sept 1846, Neptune completed its first orbit today.
76. 11th June 2012: In Yemen suicide bomb attack on a police academy in Sana killed at least 20 people.
77. 11th July 2013: There was a wave of bomb and gun attacks across Iraq which killed at least 30 people.
78. 11th July 2014: The UN Security Council, today called for a special meeting to discuss the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict with Israel continuing to attack Gaza.
79. 11th July 2015: Serena Williams won the women’s Wimbledon tennis title today beating Gabrine Murguruza 6-4, 6-4. At the age of 33, she became the oldest to win in the Open era.

80. 11th July 2018: The oldest stone tools outside Africa were discovered in Lantian Country in western China. They are believed to be 2.12 million years old made by hominins.

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