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Famous Events For July 13

Famous Events For July 13 – Today In History

July 13: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 13  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 13th July 1174: Forces loyal to Henry II of England captured William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the revolt of 1173-1174 at Alnwick today.
2. 13th July 1558: French forces of Marshal Paul des Thermes were defeated by Spanish forces led by Count LA Moral of Egmont at the battle of Gravelines.


3. 13th July 1568: The process of bottling Beer was perfected by the dean of St. Paul’s London.
4. 13th July 1645: Aleksey Romanov succeeded his father Michael as Tsar of Russia. constraints
5. 13th July 1657: English army leader John Lambert was constrained by Oliver Cromwell.

18th Century – What Happened on July 13 – The 1700s

6. 13th July 1700: After the Russia-Turkish war, peace was established by the Treaty of Constantinople.
7. 13th July 1787: Northwest Territory was established by the Congress.
8. 13th July 1787: The US Ordinance 1787 was passed today which established the first organized US Territory.


19th Century – July 13 This Day That Year – The 1800s

9. 13th July 1832: American geographer Henry Schoolcraft is the source of the Mississippi River today.
10. 13th July 1835: Swedish-American inventor John Ericson applied for a patent for his screw propeller design.
11. 13th July 1836: US patent #1 was given for the locomotive wheel. Before this 9957 patents were issued which were not numbered.
12. 13th July 1837: Queen Victoria became the first monarch to live in the Buckingham Palace.
13. 13th July 1851: Tin was discovered on the East Indian Island of Billiton by John F Loudon today.
14. 13th July 1854: San Juan del Norte in Nicaragua was shelled and burnt by the US forces today.
15. 13th July 1863: Blacks were lynched by anti-draft mobs in New York City today. Nearly 1000 people died.
16. 13th July 1868: A former slave, Oscar J Dunn was appointed as Lt. Governor of Louisiana today.


17. 13th July 1870: Prussian King Wilhelm sent “Emser Depeche” on Bismarck.
18. 13th July 1871: Harrison Weir organized a championship cat show in Cristal Palace London today, which was the world’s first championship cat show.
19. 13th July 1876: James N Tyner of Indiana assumes office as the 29th Post Master General of the US.
20. 13th July 1878: Congress of Berlin redrew the terms of the Treaty of Stan Stefano reducing the Russian influence in the Ottoman Empire and concluded today.
21. 13th July 1882: In Russia, a train derailed near Tchernyl killing 200 people.
22. 13th July 1893: In Germany Army bill was ratified today.
23. 13th July 1898: Opening of the San Francisco Ferry Building, a terminal for ferries that travel across San Francisco Bay at the foot of Market Street.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 13th – The 1900s

24. 13th July 1911: Great Britain and Japan renewed their alliance which they had entered into in the year 1902, for another 4 years.
25. 13th July 1919: Race riots broke out in Longview and Gregg counties in Texas today.
26. 13th July 1923: Today there was an official dedication of the Hollywood sign in the hills above Hollywood. Originally the sign read Hollywood Land, but during renovation in 1949, the last four letters were dropped.
27. 13th July 1923: The first recognized dinosaur egg was today discovered by the American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.
28. 13th July 1924: In the Olympic games Oskar Albinus “Albin” Stenroos won the marathon event clocking 2:41:22.6.

29. 13th July 1926: The Flying Finn Paavo Nurmi created a new world record in 3000 meters running the distance in 8:20.4
30. 13th July 1930: In Uruguay, the first ever World Cup football match began today.
31. 13th July 1935: The commerce treaty between the US and Russia took effect today.
32. 13th July 1938: The Kroller-Muller museum opened in Holland today.
33. 13th July 1939: Singer and Actor Frank Sinatra made his recording debut today.
34. 13th July 1942: Nazis executed 5000 Jews of Rovno Polish Ukraine today.
35. 13th July 1942: 800 prominent Dutch were imprisoned and taken hostage by German occupiers.
36. 13th July 1942: In Josefov Poland, SS shot 1500 Jews today.
37. 13th July 1943: In Shibe Park, Philadelphia, AL won the 11th All-Star Base Ball game 5-3.
38. 13th July 1943: Russians defeated the Germans at Kursk, ending the greatest tank battle in history in which 6,000 tanks were deployed part. The Germans lost 2,900 tanks.
39. 13th July 1944: Vilnius, the largest city in Lithuania, was liberated today.
40. 13th July 1949: Communist Catholics were excommunicated by Pope Pious XII today.

41. 13th July 1950: Rene Pleven led the French government formed today.
42. 13th July 1955: Ruth Ellis, who was convicted of murdering her lover was hanged today at Holloway Prison in London. She was the last woman to be executed in Britain.
43. 13th July 1955: Steel Magnate Cyrus Eaton offered to host a conference on the dangers of nuclear weapons in Pugwash, Nova Scotia.
44. 13th July 1960: John F Kennedy was today nominated to run for Presidency by the US Democratic convention.
45. 13th July 1962: 500 Indonesian parachutists landed in New Guinea today.
46. 13th July 1962: The US performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site today.
47. 13th July 1963: The Government of India today announced that it will cut the last of the remaining links with South Africa by refusing landing facilities to aircraft from South Africa.
48. 13th July 1966: The International Society of Krishna Consciousness was founded in New York City today by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swamy Prabhupada.
49. 13th July 1966: In Chicago, 8 nurses were murdered by Richard Speck.
50. 13th July 1967: Race riots broke out in Newark. 27 people were killed in the riots.

51. 13th July 1969: Russia today launched Luna 15, an unmanned spacecraft to the moon.
52. 13th July 1969: Ian Paisley, North Ireland Loyalist, addressing a crowd at Loughgall is reported to have said: “I and not a Roman-Catholic, but God being my judge, I love the poor dupes who are grounded down under the system”.
53. 13th July 1970: In Northern Ireland, the annual ‘Twelfth’ parades pass without serious incidents.
54. 13th July 1970: Construction of the Amsterdam metro started today.
55. 13th July 1972: In Belfast, a series of gun battles and shootings erupted across the city between the Irish Republican Army and British Army soldiers.
56. 13th July 1973: President of Argentina, Hector de Campora resigned as President today.
57. 13th July 1974: In Headingly in England, India played its first one-day international against England today.

58. 13th July 1976: Valery Sablin’s Court Marshall for leading a mutiny on Soviet warship Storozhevoy, began in USSR today.
59. 13th July 1976: English cricket all-rounder Brian Close retired from test cricket today at the age of 45.
60. 13th July 1978: Albania severed its diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China today.
61. 13th July 1978: Henry Ford, Chairman of Ford Motor Company today fired Lee Iacocca as President of the company.
62. 13th July 1980: Nuclear test performed by USSR at their test site at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalatinsk USSR today.
63. 13th July 1982: Iran launched its first attack on Iraq today.
64. 13th July 1982: Five people were killed in a train crash at Aalter Belgium.
65. 13th July 1984: Today was the last sitting of the all-white parliament in South Africa.

66. 13th July 1992: A mass action plan was outlined today by a tripartite alliance consisting of the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party, and the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions.
67. 13th July 1995: Space Shuttle Discovery 20 (STS-70) was launched today.
68. 13th July 1997: An Indonesian Ferry sank today killing at least 77 people.

21st Century – July 13 This Day In History – The 2000s

69. 13th July 2001: The International Olympic Committee voted in favor of awarding the 2008 Olympics to Beijing.
70. 13th July 2011: Three bomb blasts rocked Mumbai in India during the evening rush hour. 26 people were killed and 160 were injured in the blast.
71. 13th July 2012: China recorded 7.6% economic growth, its lowest for three years.
72. 13th July 2012: In South Africa, a train collided with a truck in Malelane. 19-30 people were killed in the accident.
73. 13th July 2013: In Russia a gravel truck collided with a bus in Podolsk killing 18 people and injuring 40.
74. 13th July 2014: Leonard Messi was awarded the Golden Ball, James Rodriguez, a Golden Boot, and Manuel Neuer Golden Gloves in the years FIFA World Cup awards.

75. 13th July 2015: The Eurozone agreed to a conditional deal of €86 billion for three years for three years to bail out Greece from its economic crisis if Greece passes reforms.
76. 13th July 2016: The Conservative Party MPs in the United Kingdom today elected Theresa May as Prime Minister of the UK.
77. 13th July 2017: US President Donald Trump arrived in Paris today on a two-day visit with French President Emanuel Macron.
78. 13th July 2018: As President Trump met Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castel, large protests were held against the President in London featuring a Trump-like baby blimp.
79. 13th July 2018: In Pakistan, a suicide bombing targeting election campaign events in Baluchistan killed about 128 people. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing.
80. 13th July 20018: Twelve Russian Intelligence officers were today charged by the US Justice Department with cyber-attacks against Democratic officials during the 2016 elections.

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