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Famous Events For January 30

Famous Events For January 30 – Today In History

January 30: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 30 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 30th Jan 1349: On this day Jews of Freiburg Germany were massacred.
2. 30th Jan 1487: Bell Chimes were invented on this day.
3. 30th Jan 1522: The captured French bank was taken to Scotland by the Duke of Albany.
4. 30th Jan 1592: Ippolito Aldobrandini was elected on this day as Pope Clement VIII.
5. 30th Jan 1607: About 200 square miles of coastline in England was destroyed in massive floods. 2000 people lost their lives in the flood.


6. 30th Jan 1647: Scots agree to sell King Charles I to the English Parliament for £400.
7. 30th Jan 1648: Thirty years of war between Spain and Netherlands came to an end with the signing of the Peace of Munster by them.
8. 30th Jan 1661: Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England was ritually executed two years after his death.

18th Century – What Happened on January 30 – The 1700s

9. 30th Jan 1713: England and Netherlands signed the 2nd anti-French boundary treaty on this day.
10. 30th Jan 1781: Maryland ratifies the Articles of Confederation. It becomes the 13th state to do so.
11. 30th Jan 1790: The lifeboat was first tested at Sea by its inventor Mr. Greathead.
12. 30th Jan 1797: The US Congress refuses to accept 1st petition from African Americans.


19th Century – January 30 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 30th Jan 1800: 1,002,037 African Americans accounted for 18.9% of the total population of the US, which stood at 5,308,483.
14. 30th Jan 1806: The original Lower Trenton Toll Bridge spanning the Delaware River from Morrisville, Pennsylvania to Trenton, New Jersey is opened on this day.
15. 30th Jan 1815: The US Library of Congress which was burnt earlier was re-established with President Thomas Jefferson’s 6500 volumes.
16. 30th Jan 1826: This day marks the opening of the modern suspension bridge between the Isle of Anglesey to the northwest coast of Wales, known as the Menai ‘suspension ‘bridge.
17. 30th Jan 1841: Two-thirds of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico was destroyed in a fire on this day.
18. 30th Jan 1847: San Francisco got its new name on this day when Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco.
19. 30th Jan 1858: Halle Orchestra was founded on this day in Manchester, England by Charles Halle.
20. 30th Jan 1862: US Navy on this day launches its first ironclad warship USS Monitor.
21. 30th Jan 1879: French President Patrice Mac-Mahon tenders his resignation on this day.


22. 30th Jan 1883: England cricket team after winning the Sydney Test was presented with ashes of a bail.
23. 30th Jan 1892: Uganda’s King Mwanga’s hideout was occupied on this day by Captain Lugard.
24. 30th Jan 1894: Charles King of Detroit patented the Pneumatic hammer on this day.
25. 30th Jan 1895: SS Elbe collides in the North Sea and sinks killing 332 people.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 30th – The 1900s

26. 30th Jan 1902: After months of negotiations Britain and Japan sign a treaty that commits each country to supporting an independent China and Korea although it acknowledges Japan’s ‘special interest’ in Korea.
27. 30th Jan 1911: An air passenger was rescued by a ship for the first time near Havana, Cuba.
28. 30th Jan 1911: The Canadian Naval Service came to be known as the Royal Canadian Navy on this day.
29. 30th Jan 1913: Irish Home Rule Bill was rejected by the UK House of Lords.
30. 30th Jan 1915: The Germans launch a submarine attack on Le Havre.
31. 30th Jan 1921: On this day Henri-Desire Landru a French rapist and murderer was sentenced to death.


32. 30th Jan 1922: On this day World Law Day was first celebrated.
33. 30th Jan 1925: Turkish government throws Constantine VI out of Constantinople.
34. 30th Jan 1927: The Left were victorious in the election in Thuringen.
35. 30th Jan 1928: The first radiotelephone was established on this day between the Netherlands and the US.
36. 30th Jan 1930: The world’s first radiosonde was launched in Pavlovsk, USSR.
37. 30th Jan 1931: Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” premieres in Los Angeles.
38. 30th Jan 1933: Adolph Hitler named German Chancellor. He formed the government with Von Papen.
39. 30th Jan 1934: Hitler’s proclamation of German unified states.
40. 30th Jan 1937: Marks the 2nd Stalin’s purge trials. Pyatakov and sixteen others were sentenced to death.
41. 30th Jan 1939: Hitler threatens the Jews during his speech to the German Reichstag (Parliament). Calls for their extermination.

42. 30th Jan 1939: Some parts of Chile were destroyed in heavy aftershocks.
43. 30th Jan 1940: “Lesson Illuminations” of Benjamin Britten’s premieres in London.
44. 30th Jan 1941: Derna Libya was conquered by Australian troops.
45. 30th Jan 1942: Japanese troops land on Ambon on this day.
46. 30th Jan 1943: Hitler promotes Friedrich von Paul as General Field Marshal.
47. 30th Jan 1943: Berlin was bombed in daylight by six British Mosquitos.
48. 30th Jan 1943: German assault on French in Tunisia.
49. 30th Jan 1943: German Under officers shot down in Haarlem Neth.
50. 30th Jan 1943: USS Chicago sinks in the Pacific Ocean.
51. 30th Jan 1943: Publishing of the illegal opposition newspaper Loyal begins on this day.
52. 30th Jan 1944: Majuro in the Marshall Islands was invaded by the U.S. on this day.
53. 30th Jan 1945: German ship “Wilhelm Gustloff” was torpedoed by Soviet sub-c. off Danzig. 4800 people died.
54. 30th Jan 1946: First issue of the Franklin Roosevelt dime on this day.
55. 30th Jan 1948: 5th Winter Olympic Games open in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

56. 30th Jan 1948: Indian spiritual and political leader Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on this day.
57. 30th Jan 1952: Belgium refuses to allow communists to make speeches on Radio.
58. 30th Jan 1952: There was a deadlock in the Korean War truce talks on this day.
59. 30th Jan 1954: The Fanfani government of Italy resigns on this day.
60. 30th Jan 1954: Belgium terminates trade agreement with U.S.S.R.
61. 30th Jan 1956: The home of Martin Luther King Jr. was bombed on this day.
62. 30th Jan 1957: The Eisenhower Doctrine was accepted by U.S. Congress on this day.
63. 30th Jan 1958: The first 2-way moving sidewalk was put in service in Dallas.
64. 30th Jan 1958: A bill allowing women to take seats was passed by the U.K. House of Lords.
65. 30th Jan 1960: David Jenkins wins the US Male Figure Skating Championship.
66. 30th Jan 1960: The Dutch communist trade union EVC’58 disbanded on this day.
67. 30th Jan 1960: CIA approves production of new U-2 aircraft(Oxcart) by Lockheed.
68. 30th Jan 1960: Carol Hiss wins the US female Figure Skating championship.
69. 30th Jan 1960: David Jenkins wins the US male Figure Skating championship.
70. 30th Jan 1960: On this day the African National Party was founded in Chad.
71. 30th Jan 1961: US President John F. Kennedy asks for an Alliance for Progress and Peace Corps.

72. 30th Jan 1962: US General Assembly on this day censured Portugal over Angola.
73. 30th Jan 1962: A nuclear test was performed by the United States at the Nevada Test Site.
74. 30th Jan 1962: During a performance of Flying Wallenda’s high-wire act in Detroit their 7-person pyramid collapsed killing 2 members.
75. 30th Jan 1964: There was a military coup of Gen Nguyen Khanh in South Vietnam.
76. 30th Jan 1964: On this day Ranger 6 was launched which made a perfect flight to the moon but its cameras failed.
77. 30th Jan 1968: Vietcong on this day launched the offensive on the US embassy in Saigon.
78. 30th Jan 1969: On this day Beatles perform their last jig together, a free concert.
79. 30th Jan 1972: Pakistan withdraws from the British Commonwealth.
80. 30th Jan 1973: Watergate defendants Liddy and McCord were found guilty on all counts by the Jury.
81. 30th Jan 1974: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk in Eastern Kazakhstan.
82. 30th Jan 1979: Rhodesia agrees to the new Constitution.
83. 30th Jan 1989: Five pharaoh sculptures from 1470 BC were found at the temple of Luxor.
84. 30th Jan 1992: Space Shuttle STS 42 (Discovery 15) lands on this day.

85. 30th Jan 1993: In the 67th Australian women’s tennis championship Monica Seles beat Steffi Graf (4-6, 6-3, 6-2).
86. 30th Jan 1994: Kapil Dev of India equals equals Richard Hadlee’s world record of 431 test wickets.
87. 30th Jan 1994: In the 82nd Australian men’s tennis Pete Sampras beats Todd Martin ( 7-6, 6-4, 6-4).
88. 30th Jan 1995: A car bomb explodes in Algiers killing 42. 296 people were injured.

21st Century – January 30 This Day In History – The 2000s

89. 30th Jan 2000: Flight 431 of Kenya Airways crashes near Cote d’Ivoire killing 170 people. Mechanical problem was said to be the likely cause.
90. 30th Jan 2005: The first parliamentary election since 1958 was held in Iraq.
91. 30th Jan 2007: Windows Vista was released by Microsoft on this day.

92. 30th Jan 2011: Tropic cyclone Antony lands in Bowen in Queensland, Australia forcing the declaration of a disaster zone in areas recovering from the 2010-2011 Queensland floods.
93. 30th Jan 2011: After an extreme cold drives exotic birds into Britain’s back gardens, the world’s largest wildlife survey was conducted with over half a million people participating in it.
94. 30th Jan 2012: A fake medicine crisis at the cardiology hospital in Lahore, Pakistan led to 112 fatalities. More fatalities are likely.
95. 30th Jan 2012: Occupy DC activists are prohibited from camping in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square in the U.S. Capital Washington DC.
96. 30th Jan 2013: In preparation for the Scottish Independence referendum, the Scottish government agreed to alter the wording of its referendum because members expressed concerns that it might lead people to vote for it.
97. 30th Jan 2013: Research In Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of wireless devices, releases the Blackberry 10, its latest operating system for Blackberry. They also announced Smartphone Z-10 and Q-10.
98. 30th Jan 2014: Google on this day sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion after purchasing it three years ago for $12.5 billion. It had earlier sold off its cable box division for $2.4 billion.

99. 30th Jan 2014: 700 of the 3050 passengers of Royal Caribbean’s Cruise liner became ill with gastroenteritis forcing its return to port. The illness is suspected to be the Novo virus, a variant strain of the Norwalk virus.
100. 30th Jan 2015: Officials of California believe that someone with overseas exposure caused an outbreak of measles among Disneyland visitors. Out of the 94 infections in the U.S. Disneyland visitors account for 67 cases.s

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