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January 30 Famous Birthdays

January 30 Famous Birthdays

IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS ON JANUARY 30, it’s likely that you spend too much time on matters that you cannot change. Get a list of the famous January 30 birthdays below.

Alternatively, famous people born on January 30 like to be unrestricted and free to move about the country. They are able to tell a joke with precision and enthusiasm. They can do what most people can’t.


It is suggested that the Famous Aquarians born on January 30 are green-eyed individuals who become aggravated at the drop of a dime. Generally, they are honest to a fault. They are genuine however and are people that value and love their friends and family.


However, famous people born on 30 January can be stingy when it comes to spending. They would rather jump off a bridge than spend a dollar. There are times when they can’t sit still. They have to be on the go. This is when they are subject to questionable behaviors.

As a means to control this pattern, they should look for a partner who will provide stability to their life. But this could prove to be difficult as they never seem to relax long enough to let someone in their heart.

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

The famous birthday personality of those born on January 30th suggests that Aquarians worry too much. They should focus on relationships that could provide a spiritual energy.


January 30th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30th January Good Traits:

  • Stimulating
  • Sharp
  • Intuitive
  • Energetic

30th January Bad Traits:

  • Jealous
  • Irritated
  • Risky
  • Introvert

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January 30th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdullah II, 1962, Royalty
Abraham Afewerki, 1966, World Music Singer
Abram Boise, 1983, Reality Star
Adam Minarovich, 1977, TV Actor
Adam Snyder, 1982, Football Player
Adrian Van Oyen, 1994, YouTube Star
AFA, 1995, Rapper
Akiterra Goombah, 1987, Family Member
Alan Widmann, 1989, eSports Player
Albie Sachs, 1935, Lawyer
Alex Hyde-White, 1959, Movie Actor
Alexander Piatigorsky, 1929, Philosopher
Alyona Minkovski, 1986, TV Show Host
Amber Kelley, 2003, YouTube Star

Amy Cook, 1979, Rock Singer
Amy Fadhli, 1966, Model
Andrea Vila, 1987, Model
Andy Milonakis, 1976, TV Actor
Angela Williams, 1980, Runner
Angie Debo, 1890, Historian
Ann Dowd, 1956, Movie Actress
Ann Taylor, 1782, Poet
Anne Schleper, 1990, Hockey Player
Anton Hansen Tammsaare, 1878, Novelist
Arda Turan, 1987, Soccer Player
Arden Hayes, 2008,
Armando Salas, 1946, Cartoonist
Asami Shimoda, 1986, Voice Actor
Ashley All Day, 1991, Rapper

january-30-famous-birthdaysBambadjan Bamba, 1982, TV Actor
Barbara Tuchman, 1912, Historian
Barbara Wood, 1947, Novelist
Bashaud Breeland, 1992, Football Player
Becky Lynch, 1987, Wrestler
Ben Cutting, 1987, Cricket Player
Ben Maher, 1983, Equestrian
Bernardo Velasco, 1986, Model
Bethan Wright, 1996, Model
Biasia Banks, 1998, Instagram Star
Bill Leverty, 1967, Guitarist
Boris Spassky, 1937, Chess Player
Boris The Unifier III, 1894, War Hero
Brett Butler, 1958, TV Actress
Brooke Hyland, 1998, Dancer

Bryan Wong, 1971, TV Actor
Buddy Montgomery, 1930, Pianist
Caitlin Jane Kiffiemy, 1998, YouTube Star
Cameron Wake, 1982, Football Player
Carmen Naranjo, 1928, Novelist
Carmen Ortega, 1985, Model
Carolyn Kepcher, 1969, Business Executive
Cesar Ortiz, 1989, Soccer Player
Chad Power, 1984, Movie Actor
Charles Dutton, 1951, TV Actor
Charlie Zaa, 1974, World Music Singer
Chase Ryan, 1991, Pop Singer
Chris Jansing, 1957, News Anchor
Chris Simon, 1972, Hockey Player

Christian Bale, 1974, Movie Actor
Chuck Swirsky, 1954, Sportscaster
Conkarah, 1985, Reggae Singer
Corey Wayne, 1970, Self-Help Author
Curtis Strange, 1955, Golfer
Daiki Iwamasa, 1982, Soccer Player
Damares, 1980, Gospel Singer
Dan Katz, 1985, Radio Host
Daniel Ditomasso, 1983, TV Actor
Danielle Campbell, 1995, TV Actress
Danny LoPriore, 1989, Vine Star
Daphne Ashbrook, 1963, TV Actress
Darren Boyd, 1971, TV Actor
Davey Johnson, 1943, Baseball Manager
David Wayne, 1914, Stage Actor
Deana Uppal, 1989, Model
DeerNadia, 1999, Twitch Star
Delbert Mann, 1920, Director
Derek Bloom, 1983, Drummer
Desagana Diop, 1982, Basketball Player
DeShone Kizer, 1996, Football Player
DeStorm Power, 1982, Vine Star
Devin Dawson, 1989, Country Singer
Dexter Scott King, 1961, Movie Actor
Dick Cheney, 1941, Politician
Dick Martin, 1922, Comedian
Dimitar Berbatov, 1981, Soccer Player
Diogo Sena, 1995, YouTube Star
DJ Lilman, 1987, DJ
Donnie Simpson, 1954, Radio Host
Dorothy Dell, 1915, Movie Actress
Dorothy Malone, 1925, Movie Actress
Douglas Engelbart, 1925, Entrepreneur
Dwayne Polee II, 1992, Basketball Player
Dylan Carter, 1996, Swimmer
Eiza Gonzalez, 1990, World Music Singer
Elliana Edwards, 2002, YouNow Star
Elsa Martinelli, 1935, Movie Actress
Emma Gilman, 1998, Vine Star
Emmy Harries, 2002, Family Member
Erica Levy, 1975, TV Producer
Erik Rubin, 1971, Pop Singer
Eva Mozes Kor, 1934, War Hero
Faisal Khan, 1999, Dancer
Felipe VI of Spain, 1968, Royalty
Filip Peliwo, 1994, Tennis Player
Floyd Flake, 1945, Religious Leader
Frank Wolf, 1976, Politician
Franklin D Roosevelt, 1882, US President
Gad Tsobari, 1944, Wrestler
Gene Hackman, 1930, Movie Actor
George Bass, 1771, Explorer
Georgie Jennings, 1996, TV Actress
Geraldine Bazan, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Giovanni Bruno, 1980, Soccer Player
Girish Kumar, 1989, Movie Actor
Gisela Dulko, 1985, Tennis Player
Gjorgji Hristov, 1976, Soccer Player
Gleb Kotelnikov, 1872, Entrepreneur
GlitterMakeupLover6, 1996, YouTube Star
Gregory Benford, 1941, Novelist
Gurdeep Kohli, 1980, TV Actress
Hailee Payne, 1995, Dancer
Hailey Reese, 1996, Pop Singer
Hanna Yorke, 1998, Pop Singer
Harold Prince, 1928, TV Producer
Hugh Marlowe, 1911, Movie Actor
Hugh Tayfield, 1929, Cricket Player
Hughwizzy, 1987, YouTube Star
Isamu Akasaki, 1929, Scientist
Islam Karimov, 1938, Politician
Jaak Urmet, 1979, Novelist
Jack Laugher, 1995, Diver
Jack Newton, 1950, Golfer
Jack Nuttall, 1929, Australian Rules Footballer
Jack Spicer, 1925, Poet
Jahvid Best, 1989, Football Player
Jaishankar Prasad, 1889, Novelist
Jake Thomas, 1990, TV Actor
Jalen Rose, 1973, Basketball Player
James Butler, 1998, YouTube Star
Janiva Magness, 1957, Blues Singer
Jason Gastrow, 1991, YouTube Star
Jay Gordon, 1967, Pop Singer
Jay Starz, 1996, YouTube Star
Jeanne Pruett, 1937, Country Singer
Jemima Khan, 1974, Journalist
Jen Richards, 1976, Activist
Jennifer Hale, 1972, Voice Actor
Jessica Penne, 1983, MMA Fighter
Jimmy Bedford, 1940, Entrepreneur
Jody Watley, 1959, R&B Singer
Joel Fletcher, 1993, DJ
John Dufresne, 1948, Novelist
John Forte, 1975, Rapper
John Ireland, 1914, Movie Actor
John J Donohue III, 1953, Teacher
John Zwetsloot, 1974, Guitarist
Johnnie O. Jackson, 1971, Bodybuilder
Joonas Parkkonen, 1992, Guitarist
Jordan Carver, 1986, Model
Jordan Prentice, 1973, Movie Actor
Jordana Beatty, 1998, Movie Actress
Jorge Cantu, 1982, Baseball Player
Joseph C. McConnell, 1922, Pilot
Josh Brent, 1988, Football Player
Josh Kelley, 1980, Pop Singer
Julie McCullough, 1965, Model
Juninho, 1975, Soccer Player
Kaaris, 1980, Rapper
Kate Bock, 1993, Model
Katharine O’Shea, 1846, Political Wife
Keely Wilson, 2004, Movie Actress
Kevan George, 1990, Soccer Player
Khleo Thomas, 1989, Movie Actor
Kid Cudi, 1984, Rapper
Kylie Bunbury, 1989, TV Actress
Lady Anne Clifford, 1590, Royalty
Lance Franklin, 1987, Australian Rules Footballer
Laura Fortino, 1991, Hockey Player
Lee Seo-jin, 1971, TV Actor
Leilani Dowding, 1980, Model
Lena Hall, 1980, Rock Singer
Les Barker, 1947, Poet
Livia, 58, Political Wife
Lloyd Alexander, 1924, Young Adult Author
Louis Rukeyser, 1933, TV Show Host
Lucas Biglia, 1986, Soccer Player
Lucas Puig, 1987, Skateboarder
Luis Amaranto Perea, 1979, Soccer Player
Luke Hancock, 1990, Basketball Player
Lupillo Rivera, 1972, World Music Singer
Manuel Quiroga, 1889, Composer
Marcelo Bonfa, 1965, Drummer
Marissa Brown, 1996, Model
Marta Minujin, 1943, Conceptual Artist
Marty Balin, 1942, Rock Singer
Matt Taylor, 1982, Soccer Player
Matthew Werkmeister, 1992, Soap Opera Actor
Mavrick Moreno, 1999, Movie Actor
Max Santos, 1982, Bassist
Michael Anderson, 1920, Director
Michael Dorris, 1945, Memoirist
Miracle Watts, 1993, Instagram Star
Mitchell Starc, 1990, Cricket Player
Mychal Thompson, 1955, Basketball Player
Natalia Duran, 1984, TV Actress
Nick Broomfield, 1948, Director
Nick Demoura, 1988, Choreographer
Nick Evans, 1986, Baseball Player
Norbert Leo Butz, 1967, Stage Actor
Olivia Colman, 1974, TV Actress
Paddy Keenan, 1950,
Paeng Nepomuceno, 1957, Bowler
Palmerater, 1996, YouTube Star
Patrick Heron, 1920, Painter
Paul Maurice, 1967, Hockey Coach
Payne Stewart, 1957, Golfer
Peter Agre, 1949, Scientist
Peter Crouch, 1981, Soccer Player
Phil Collins, 1951, Rock Singer
Phil Lester, 1987, YouTube Star
Philip Lee Williams, 1950, Novelist
Philthy Rich, 1984, Rapper
Pierre-Jean De Smet, 1801, Explorer
Rafa Polinecio, 1990, YouTube Star
Rahnee Bransby, 1998, YouTube Star
Randy Fenoli, 1964, TV Show Host
Rebecca Diamond, 1967, TV Show Host
Richard Brautigan, 1935, Novelist
Richie Porte, 1985, Cyclist
Rob Kimmons, 1981, MMA Fighter
Rob Pinkston, 1988, TV Actor
Rockstar Spud, 1983, Wrestler
Rocky Lockridge, 1959, Boxer
Romesh Ranganathan, 1978, Comedian
Roy Eldridge, 1911, Trumpet Player
Ryan Barnes, 1980, Hockey Player
Ryan Scott Graham, 1990, Bassist
Ryan Spooner, 1992, Hockey Player
Sam Loyd, 1841, Chess Player
Samuel C. Armstrong, 1839, War Hero
Sandy Amoros, 1930, Baseball Player
Sarah Grace Morris, 2006, Family Member
Sarah Pauly, 1983, Softball Player
Saul Alinsky, 1909, Activist
Shannon Sullivan, 1986, YouTube Star
Sharon Pratt Kelly, 1944, Politician
Shimmycocopuffs, 1990, YouTube Star
Shirley Hazzard, 1931, Novelist
Steve Bartek, 1952, Guitarist
Steve Bartek, 1952, Guitarist
Steve Marriott, 1947, Rock Singer
Steven Olson, 1947, Politician
Steven Zaillian, 1953, Screenwriter
Tammy Cochran, 1972, Country Singer
Tammy Grimes, 1934, Stage Actress
Thia Megia, 1995, Pop Singer
Thomas Brezina, 1963, Children’s Author
Tina Malone, 1963, TV Actress
Tokuyama Hidenori, 1982, TV Actor
Tom Ince, 1992, Soccer Player
Tom Izzo, 1955, Basketball Coach
Tommy Trinh, 1989, YouTube Star
Tony Maudsley, 1968, Movie Actor
Trevor Dunn, 1968, Bassist
Tristan Bowen, 1991, Soccer Player
Valeisha Butterfield, 1978, Family Member
Vanessa Redgrave, 1937, Movie Actress
Vikky Alexander, 1959, Multimedia Artist
Viktoria Komova, 1995, Gymnast
Walter Dropo, 1923, Baseball Player
Walter Savage Landor, 1775, Poet
Wilmer Valderrama, 1980, TV Actor
Yolanda Renee, 1983, YouTube Star
Yoon Bora, 1990, Rapper
Yumi Yoshimura, 1975, Pop Singer
Ziegsden, 1989, YouTube Star
Zoren Legaspi, 1972, TV Actor


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