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January 22 Famous Birthdays

January 22 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with famous people born JANUARY 22, you are known as the rebellious Aquarius. You don’t like to follow guidelines. You think rules are for other people.

Freedom is something famous people born on January 22 don’t take for granted. They can be stubborn in their beliefs about certain things. For this reason, they may have an extremely large following of admirers but not many people who are close.


The circle of friends for famous people born on 22 January is small in comparison and they like to keep it that way. Those that think as these famous January 22 people are typically those that remain faithful and true to them and vice versa. They could be guilty of having temper tantrums when it is least expected.


At the same time, if you share your birthday with famous people born on January 22, you can be fickle and intolerant of others and their shortcomings. They have a tendency to become bored with situations or people that are commonplace but they like things to be organized. They prefer to be spontaneous and enjoy life as they can.

Famous Aquarians born on January 22nd love to socialize. Generally, those born on this day are likely volatile and relentless. They are sensitive and serious. The famous birthday horoscope for January 22 suggests that they are flamboyant.


January 22nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22nd January Good Traits:

  • Attentive
  • Charming
  • Original
  • Smart

22 January Bad Traits:

  • Relentless
  • Thoughtless
  • Touchy
  • Impatient

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January 22nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Michaelides, 1989, Reality Star
Adam Tuominen, 1980, TV Actor
Adrian Lambert, 1983, Bassist
Adrian Ramos, 1986, Soccer Player
Afeni Shakur, 1947, Civil Rights Leader
Alan J. Heeger, 1936, Scientist
Alan Silva, 1939, Bassist
Alberto Hurtado, 1901, Religious Leader
Alex Bain, 1936, Soccer Player
Alex Ross, 1970, Cartoonist
Alexander Hermansson, 1992, YouTube Star
Alf Ramsey, 1920, Soccer Player
Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, 1957, Entrepreneur
Alize Cornet, 1990, Tennis Player
Anais Mali, 1991, Model

Andrew Roachford, 1965, Rock Singer
Andy Bolton, 1970, Bodybuilder
Angel Olsen, 1987, Folk Singer
Angela Hunte, 1975, Songwriter
Angelina Romanovskaya️, 2000, Pop Singer
Ann Sothern, 1909, Movie Actress
Asher Allen, 1988, Football Player
August Strindberg, 1849, Playwright
Aurora De Albornoz, 1926, Poet
Ava Devine, 1974,
Avery Winter, 2002, Pop Singer
Bahruz Kangarli, 1892, Painter
Balthazar Getty, 1975, Movie Actor
Beatrice Potter Webb, 1858, Activist
Ben Mink, 1951, Rock Singer
Ben Moody, 1981, Guitarist
Ben Taylor, 1977, Folk Singer
Bess Houdini, 1876, Family Member
Beverley Mitchell, 1981, TV Actress
Beverley Mitchell, 1981, TV Actress
Bill Bixby, 1934, TV Actor
Bill Durnan, 1916, Hockey Player
Blanca Blanco, 1981, Movie Actress
january-22-famous-birthdaysBram Weinstein, 1973, Sportscaster
Brian Gaskill, 1970, Movie Actor
Bryan Knight, 1979, Football Player
Bryn Renner, 1990, Football Player
Caio Castro, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Calvin Brock, 1975, Boxer
Carl F. H. Henry, 1913, Journalist
Carlos Ruiz, 1979, Baseball Player
Carolyn Peck, 1966, Sportscaster
Catalina White, 1986, Model
Chiara Nasti, 1998, Blogger
Chone Figgins, 1978, Baseball Player
Chris Harms, 1980, Rock Singer
Christoph Schonborn, 1945, Religious Leader
Christopher Masterson, 1980, TV Actor
Connor Haddadin, 1996, Model
Conrad Veidt, 1893, Movie Actor
Cristina Stockstill, 1985, Movie Actress
Curt Wootton, 1979, YouTube Star

Damian Frackiewicz, 2000, YouTube Star
Dan Finnerty, 1970, Rock Singer
Daniel Johnston, 1961, Folk Singer
Daniel Wayne Smith, 1986, Family Member
Danielle Reyes, 1972, Reality Star
Daphne Khoo, 1987, Pop Singer
Darren Brass, 1972, Reality Star
David Bazan, 1976, Rock Singer
David Viana, 1992, Soccer Player
David Vyborny, 1975, Hockey Player
Davis Webb, 1995, Football Player
Denis Walsh, 1965, Hurler
Diana Dill, 1923, Movie Actress
Diana Saldana, 1991, YouTube Star
Diane Lane, 1965, Movie Actress
Didier Malherbe, 1943, Saxophonist
Dillon Brooks, 1996, Basketball Player
Dixie Dean, 1907, Soccer Player
DJ Jazzy Jeff, 1965, DJ

Dmitri Kombarov, 1987, Soccer Player
Douglas Corrigan, 1907, Pilot
DW Griffith, 1875, Director
Dylan Hyde, 1997, R&B Singer
Ecaterina Szabo, 1967, Gymnast
Eden Pastora, 1937, Politician
Edward Harkness, 1874, Entrepreneur
Ella Edmondson, 1986, Folk Singer
Ellen Kullman, 1955, Business Executive
Emilio Dosal, 1991, Dancer
Enya Umanzor, 1999, Vine Star
Eric Schaeffer, 1962, Movie Actor
Eric Smith, 1980, Criminal
Erin O’Toole, 1973, Politician
Ernie Kent, 1955, Basketball Coach
Ernst Busch, 1900, Stage Actor
Eunice Annabel, 1994, Blogger
Eva Taylor, 1895, Blues Singer
Fabricio Coloccini, 1982, Soccer Player
Felix Adler, 1884, Screenwriter
Francis Bacon, 1561, Philosopher
Francis Picabia, 1879, Painter
Francis Wheen, 1957, Non-Fiction Author
Frank Leboeuf, 1968, Soccer Player
Frankie Yale, 1893, Criminal
Fred M. Vinson, 1890, Supreme Court Justice
Fred Zollner, 1901, Entrepreneur
Gabriel Macht, 1972, TV Actor
George Balanchine, 1904, Choreographer
George Seifert, 1940, Football Coach
GI Doobie, 1986, Twitch Star
Graham Delaet, 1982, Golfer
Graham Kerr, 1934, Chef
Graham Streeter, 1964, Screenwriter
Grant Enfinger, 1985, Race Car Driver
Greg Oden, 1988, Basketball Player
Guy Fieri, 1968, Chef
Hashem Beikzadeh, 1984, Soccer Player
Helen Hoyt, 1887, Poet
Henri Bendel, 1868, Fashion Designer
Henri Dutilleux, 1916, Composer
Hidetoshi Nakata, 1977, Soccer Player
Hiroshi Morie, 1968, Bassist
Howard Moss, 1922, Poet
Ibrahima Sonko, 1981, Soccer Player
Irving Kristol, 1920, Journalist
Isabella Palmieri, 1998, Soap Opera Actress
Ivan III, 1440, Royalty
Jaan Kaplinski, 1941, Poet
Jack Oconnor, 1902, Non-Fiction Author
Jade Thompson, 1991, Model
James Murray, 1975, TV Actor
James Newman, 1992, TV Actor
Jason Peters, 1982, Football Player
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr., 1989, YouTube Star
Jennifer Spence, 1977, TV Actress
Jeremy Michael Lewis, 1992, Entrepreneur
Jessica Braun, 1989, YouTube Star
Jessica Lopez, 1986, Gymnast
Jim Jarmusch, 1953, Director
Jimmy Herring, 1962, Guitarist
JJ Johnson, 1924, Trombone Player
Joe Gladwin, 1906, TV Actor
John Guzzone, 1987, Reality Star
John Hurt, 1940, Movie Actor
John Wesley Shipp, 1955, TV Actor
Jon Cedar, 1931, TV Actor
Jon Lee Brody, 1984, Movie Actor
Jonathan Woodgate, 1980, Soccer Player
Jono Gibbes, 1977, Rugby Player
Joseph Calleja, 1978, Opera Singer
Joseph Hill, 1949, Reggae Singer
Joseph Muscat, 1974, World Leader
Joseph Wambaugh Jr., 1937, Novelist
Josh Boyce, 1990, Football Player
Joshua Arap Sang, 1975, Radio Host
Joshua Lee Young, 1990, Movie Actor
JubyPhonic, 1995, YouTube Star
Justas Paleckis, 1899, Politician
Katie Barberi, 1972, TV Actress
Katie Finneran, 1971, Stage Actress
Kaysha, 1974, Rapper
Keagan Dolly, 1993, Soccer Player
Keiko Takahashi, 1955, Movie Actress
Khalil Ramos, 1996, TV Actor
Kim Kwang-seok, 1964, Folk Singer
Kimberly Ann Voltemas, 1992, TV Actress
Kyle Thompson, 1993, R&B Singer
Laimonas Mileska, 1998, Entrepreneur
Larry Birkhead, 1973, Family Member
Larry English, 1986, Football Player
Leah Totton, 1988, Reality Star
Lee Dixon, 1914, Stage Actor
Leon Jessel, 1871, Composer
Leonel Brizola, 1922, Politician
Lera Kozlova, 1988, Pop Singer
Lester Hayes, 1955, Football Player
Lilly McDowell, 1981, TV Actress
Linda Blair, 1959, Movie Actress
Liz Trinnear, 1988, TV Show Host
Lizfanny Emiliano, 1984, Model
Logic, 1990, Rapper
Logic, 1990, Rapper
Lord Byron, 1788, Poet
Lorelay Fox, 1987, YouTube Star
Lori A. Williams, 1967, Jazz Singer
Lorraine Burroughs, 1981, TV Actress
Luke Ming Flanagan, 1972, Politician
Malcolm McLaren, 1946, Entrepreneur
Marcel Dassault, 1892, Entrepreneur
Marcel Schmelzer, 1988, Soccer Player
Marcelo, 1983, Rapper
Marcelo Saragosa, 1982, Soccer Player
Marcus Canty, 1991, Pop Singer
Margaret Hillert, 1920, Children’s Author
Maria Rengi, 1999, Star
Mario Domm, 1977, Pop Singer
Mary Castle, 1931, TV Actress
Matt Iseman, 1971, TV Actor
Matthew Barnett, 1974, Religious Leader
Matthew Humphreys, 1974, TV Actor
Matthew Newton, 1977, Movie Actor
Max Haddadin, 1996, Instagram Star
Megan Baker, 1999, YouTube Star
Messiah Da Rapper, 1989, Rapper
Michael Cristofer, 1945, Screenwriter
Michael Hills, 1963, Horse Jockey
Michael Hutchence, 1960, Rock Singer
Michael Kopsa, 1956, Voice Actor
Mike Bossy, 1957, Hockey Player
Mike Caldwell, 1949, Baseball Player
Mikey Hash, 1987, YouTube Star
Mimis Domazos, 1942, Soccer Player
Mohamed Sissoko, 1985, Soccer Player
Namrata Shirodkar, 1972, Movie Actress
Neil Bush, 1955, Family Member
Nick Palatas, 1988, Movie Actor
Nick Simmons, 1989, Reality Star
Nigel Benn, 1964, Boxer
Nikos Anastopoulos, 1958, Soccer Player
Northern Calloway, 1948, TV Actor
Nyree Dawn Porter, 1936, TV Actress
Oh Yeon-seo, 1987, TV Actress
Olivia d’Abo, 1969, TV Actress
Ollie Munro, 2000, YouTube Star
Orianthi Panagaris, 1985, Guitarist
Paul Seedsman, 1992, Australian Rules Footballer
Paula Pequeno, 1982, Volleyball Player
Peter Beard, 1938, Photographer
Phire Dawson, 1984, Model
Pierre Gassendi, 1592, Philosopher
Piper Laurie, 1932, TV Actress
Porfirio Rubirosa, 1909, Politician
Quintin Dailey, 1961, Basketball Player
Raica Oliveira, 1984, Model
Ray Rice, 1987, Football Player
Richard Camacho, 1997, Pop Singer
Rick Smith, 1967, Entrepreneur
Ricky Garcia, 1999, Pop Singer
Rio Haryanto, 1993, Race Car Driver
RJ Padilla, 1989, Movie Actor
Robby Fabbri, 1996, Hockey Player
Robert E. Howard, 1906, Novelist
Robert Esche, 1978, Hockey Player
Robert Mailhouse, 1962, TV Actor
Robyn Richards, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Rocky Dawuni, 1969, Reggae Singer
Rodolfo Valdes, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Rodrigo Munoz, 1982, Soccer Player
Rogerio Ceni, 1973, Soccer Player
Romi Park, 1972, Voice Actor
Ron Pinkard, 1941, TV Actor
Ross Barnett, 1898, Politician
Ruben Den Boer, 1992, DJ
Ryan Harley, 1985, Soccer Player
Sam Cooke, 1931, Soul Singer
Samantha McClymont, 1986, Country Singer
Sami Gayle, 1996, TV Actress
Sandra Kubicka, 1995, Instagram Star
Satyen Bose, 1916, Director
Serge Savard, 1946, Hockey Player
Seymour Cassel, 1935, Movie Actor
Shane Long, 1987, Soccer Player
Shantanu Moitra, 1968, Composer
Silento, 1998, Rapper
Simon Lynge, 1980, Pop Singer
Stan Collymore, 1971, Soccer Player
Steve Perry, 1949, Rock Singer
Steve Riley, 1956, Drummer
Steven Adler, 1965, Drummer
StevRayBro, 1990, Animator
Tamra Davis, 1962, Director
TM Krishna, 1976, World Music Singer
Todd Wolfe, 1957, Guitarist
Toma Rosandic, 1878, Sculptor
Tommy Knight, 1993, TV Actor
Travis Trice, 1993, Basketball Player
Twinkle0122AJ, 1999, YouTube Star
Ty Montgomery, 1993, Football Player
Tyler Armstrong, 2004, Mountain Climber
Tyler Spencer, 1972, Rock Singer
Ubaldo Jimenez, 1984, Baseball Player
Vegas Banger, 1985, DJ
Vincent Aboubakar, 1992, Soccer Player
Vinko Zganec, 1890, Teacher
Walter Raleigh, 1552, Explorer
Wendy Van Dijk, 1971, TV Actress
Wilbur Scoville, 1865, Doctor
Willa Ford, 1981, Pop Singer
William Kidd, 1645, Explorer
William Warfield, 1920, Opera Singer
Wolfgang Kohler, 1887, Scientist
Xiamara Jennings, 1998, Pop Singer
Yousef Erakat, 1990, YouTube Star


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