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Famous Events For January 11

Famous Events For January 11 – Today In History

January 11: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 11  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 11th Jan 1558: Heavy storm destroys the Westmunster Church in Middleburg.
2. 11th Jan 1569: At St. Paul’s Cathedral in England, the first recorded lottery was drawn.
3. 11th Jan 1693: In Sicily, the Mt. Etna erupts.


18th Century – What Happened on January 11 – The 1700s

4. 11th Jan 1758: Russian troops occupy Königsberg in East-Prussia.
5. 11th Jan 1759: This day marks the incorporation of the first American life insurance company in Philadelphia.
6. 11th Jan 1775: On this day Francis Salvador got elected to office. He became the first Jew to be elected to office in America.
7. 11th Jan 1779: On this day the crowning of Chng-Thang Khomba as King takes place in Manipur.
8. 11th Jan 1785: On this day the Continental Congress convenes in New York City
9. 11th Jan 1787: Astronomer William Herschel discovers two new moons Titania and Oberon of Uranus.
10. 11th Jan 1790: Statisten and Vonckisten unite to become Belgium.
11. 11th Jan 1794: U.S. Marshal Robert Forsythe was killed while trying to serve court papers in Augusta, Georgia. He was the first US Marshal to lay down his life in the line of duty.


19th Century – January 11 This Day That Year – The 1800s

12. 11th Jan 1805: This day marks the creation of the Michigan Territory of the US.
13. 11th Jan 1813: On this day the first pineapple was planted in Hawaii.
14. 11th Jan 1838: Inventors Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail held a public demonstration of the first time telegraph messages were sent using dots and dashes at Speedwell Ironworks in New Jersey.
15. 11th Jan 1839: Earthquake strikes Martinique destroying half of Pot Royal. It left 700 people dead.
16. 11th Jan 1849: On this day Physician Elizabeth Blackwell earned a medical degree. She became the first woman in the US to earn a medical degree.
17. 11th Jan 1861: During the Civil War Alabama secedes from the Union.
18. 11th Jan 1863: On this day there was a naval engagement between USS Hatteras and CSS Alabama.
19. 11th Jan 1864: This day marks the opening of the Charing Cross Station in London.
20. 11th Jan 1866: In a storm off Land’s End in England Steamship London sinks killing over 200.
21. 11th Jan 1867: Benito Juarez becomes President of Mexico.
22. 11th Jan 1873: On this day the Drover’s Journal was published in Chicago. It was the first livestock market newspaper to be published.
23. 11th Jan 1879: On this day the Zulu war began in South Africa. This was against the British Colonial rule in South Africa.
24. 11th Jan 1892: The Hawaiian Historical Society was founded on this day.


25. 11th Jan 1893: Cyclist and speed skater Jaap Eden created a world record in skating. He skated 1500m in 2:35.
26. 11th Jan 1897: Utah in the US gets a first woman senator when M.H.Cannon became a senator.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 11th – The 1900s

27. 11t Jan 1913: The first sedan-type car “Hudson” was displayed at the 13th Auto Show in New York City.
28. 11th Jan 1919: On this day the three-year-old German Communist party “Spartacus” was crushed.
29. 11th Jan 1919: Transylvania was annexed by Romania.
30. 11th Jan 1920: On this day the French passenger ship Afrique sank near La Rochelle. More than five hundred people died.
31. 11th Jan 1922: Insulin was used for the first time to treat diabetes.
32. 11th Jan 1924: Marks the Proclamation of Greek Republic. Eleutherios Venizelos was named Prime Minister of the Greek National, deposing King George II.


33. 11th Jan 1925: Charles Hughes was replaced by Frank Kellogg as US secretary of state.
34. 11th Jan 1935: Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart flies non-stop from Honolulu to Oakland.
35. 11th Jan 1938: Frances Moulton was elected as President of the US National Bank. She was the first woman to become the President of the Bank.
36. 11th Jan 1942: Kala Lumpur in Malaya was conquered by Japan.
37. 11th Jan 1943: The extraterritorial rights of China were relinquished by the US and Britain.
38. 11th Jan 1944: Establishment of Crakow-Plaszow Concentration Camp.
39. 11th Jan 1949: For the first time Los Angeles recorded a snowfall.
40. 11th Jan 1952: Marianne Moore was awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.
41. 11th Jan 1953: FBI Director J Edgar Hoover turned down a lucrative offer (6 figure) to become the president of the International Boxing Club.
42. 11th Jan 1954: In an avalanche in Austria, a 2-ton locomotive was swept into a ravine killing at least ten.
43. 11th Jan 1957: Jack Gilbert Graham, a mass murderer was executed in a gas chamber on this day.
44. 11th Jan 1959: Theodore Roethke was awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.
45. 11th Jan 1961: Racial riot breaks out at the University of Georgia.

46. 11th Jan 1962: A B52 H a new super bomber pulled into an air base located near Madrid in Spain after completing 12,519 mile flight.
47. 11th Jan 1962: In Peru, the volcano Huascaran erupts killing 4000 people.
48. 11th Jan 1963: Los Angeles opens its first discotheque “Whiskey-a-go-go”.
49. 11th Jan 1964: Panama cuts off diplomatic relations with the US.
50. 11th Jan 1964: The US Surgeon General Luther Terry reports that smoking may be hazardous. This was the first Government report warning.
51. 11th Jan 1966: Heavy rains cause landslides in mountains behind Rio de Janeiro killing 550 people.
52. 11th Jan 1970: The Irish republican political party Sinn Fein party splits between those in favor of abstentionism and those against it.
53. 11th Jan 1972: East Pakistan becomes independent of Pakistan and becomes Bangladesh.
54. 11th Jan 1972: Abu Sayeed Choudhury becomes the President of Bangladesh.
55. 11th Jan 1972: Sheik Mujib ur-Rahaman becomes Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
56. 11th Jan 1973: American League adopts designated hitter rule.

57. 11th Jan 1973: The first graduates from the open university were awarded degrees after two years of study from home.
58. 11th Jan 1973: On this day the trial of Watergate burglars began in Washington DC.
59. 11th Jan 1975: The Russian spacecraft Soyuz 17 carries two cosmonauts to space station Salyut 4.
60. 11th Jan 1976: Figure skater Dorothy Hamill wins her third consecutive national figure skating championship.
61. 11th Jan 1976: There was a military coup in Ecuador. President Guillermo Lara leaves.
62. 11th Jan 1976: Figure skater Terry Kubicka wins the US male figure skating championship.
63. 11th Jan 1977: David Ignatow was awarded the Bollingen Prize.
64. 11th Jan 1977: A Palestinian suspected of involvement in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, Abu Daoud was released by France on this day.
65. 11th Jan 1978: The Russian spacecraft Soyuz 27 links with Salyut 6 and Soyuz 26. This is the first time in history that three spacecraft were linked.
66. 11th Jan 1981: On this day Palau adopts its constitution.
67. 11th Jan 1981: This day marks the longest and fastest crossing of Antarctica. The British team led by Ranulph Fiennes completes the crossing and reaches the Scott bases, covering a distance of 2500 miles after 75 days.

68. 11th Jan 1982: Honduras adopts its constitution.
69. 11th Jan 1984: Supreme Court reinstates $10M award to Karen Silkwood’s family.
70. 11th Jan 1984: STS 41-B vehicle moves to launch pad.
71. 11th Jan 1986: Douglas Wilder of Virginia was sworn in as the first African American Lieutenant Governor since reconstitution.
72. 11th Jan 1986: The gateway bridge with six lanes over the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia was opened.
73. 11th Jan 1988: USSR announces its participation in Seoul Summer Olympics.
74. 11th Jan 1989: 140 nations agree to ban the use of chemical weapons.
75. 11th Jan 1989: At a Bronx school a kindergarten student was caught in possession of a loaded handgun.
76. 11th Jan 1991: The US Congress empowers President Bush to order an attack on Iraq.
77. 11th Jan 1991: Buildings in Vilnius stormed by Soviets to block Lithuania’s independence.
78. 11th Jan 1992: President Chadli resigns as President of Algeria.
79. 11th Jan 1992: Kristi Yamaguchi wins the US female Figure Skating Championship.
80. 11th Jan 1993: British Airways brings to an end one of the longest libel actions in its history.

81. 11th Jan 1993: Independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot reenters politics.
82. 11th Jan 1993: British Airways apologizes for an alleged “dirty tricks” campaign against Virgin Atlantic and agrees to pay damages of £500,000 to Virgin boss Richard Branson and £110,000 to his airline plus a legal cost of £3m.
83. 11th Jan 1998: Islamic extremists attack the villages of Sidi-Hamed and Haouche Sahraoui in Algeria and massacre close to 400 of the local villagers. They bombed local mosques, cinemas, and rounded up survivors, and hackled them to death.
84. 11th Jan 1998: Michelle Kwan wins the U.S. Female Figure Skating championship.

21st Century – January 11 This Day In History – The 2000s

85. 11th Jan 2003: Alaska’s sale of goods to foreign countries had increased by $ 106 million and seafood exports registered a 5% increase.
86. 11th Jan 2003: In Chicago, Illinois, Governor George Ryan released four prisoners who were on death row. They were tortured by the police to confess to murders that they did not commit.

87. 11th Jan 2007: Close to 18 months after Hurricane Katrina a” Mississippi federal court judge” ruled that insurance companies a liable to settle claims of victims of the hurricane. Insurance companies had refused to pay outstanding and most of the damages to homes.
88. 11th Jan 2007: Vietnam becomes the 150th member of the World Trade Organization.
89. 11th Jan 2008: Bank of America announced that it will buy Countrywide Financial for $4.1 billion in stock making Bank of America the biggest mortgage lender and loan servicer.
90. 11th Jan 2009: Eleven days after the dispute between Russia and Ukraine started Russian, Ukrainian, and European Union officials have signed a deal enabling a resumption of Russian gas deliveries to European countries through Ukraine.
91. 11th Jan 2010: The discovery of the new tombs near the Great Pyramids seems to reinforce the theory that the pyramids were built by free labor and not by slaves.
92. 11th Jan 2010: The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe said that they will launch an inquiry into the influence made by the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign. They will be asking for better transparency of the Golden Triangle between the W.H.O., the pharmaceutical industry, and academic scientists.
93. 11th Jan 2011: The Arctic sun rises two days earlier than expected over Ilulissat, Greenland
94. 11th Jan 2011: China tests its first stealth jet fighter J-20. The flight lasted for 15 minutes. They expect the stealth flight to be fully operational by 2017.
95. 11th Jan 2012: The government of Netherlands has announced that it will ban the drug “Khat” a mild narcotic often used by the Somali community. Concern about the drug causing psychosis or schizophrenia prompted the decision.
96. 11th Jan 2013: Sri Lankan parliament passes the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.

97. 11th Jan 2013: Health officials claim that influenza has crossed over the threshold into epidemic status in the United States. It was reported that the percentage of deaths caused by flu went up to 7.3%.
98. 11th Jan 2014: Unidentified gunman opened fire on anti-government protestors in Bangkok. At least seven people were injured.
99. 11th Jan 2014: NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and White House Science Advisor John Holdren announce that the Obama administration has approved extending the use of the International Space Station through 2024.
100. 11th Jan 2015: Over 3.5 million people in Paris and across France stage unity rallies across France. This was to protest the recent Islamist terrorist attack on the offices of the French satire magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo”.

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