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January 11 Famous Birthdays

January 11 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with some famous people born on January 11, you have the ability to see outside the box. As a Capricorn, you are a proud person with leadership capabilities. You’re a winner who takes good care of your body.

Famous people born on January 11 feel that having a sound body and mind is the key to a long life. However, they may have a case of the blues every now and again. It doesn’t last for very long simply because they are too busy.


Family is important to all the famous people born on January 11 as well as friendships. It’s not uncommon for them to put others first and be a help to them. This could be one of the reasons relationships last a long time or people that leave, want to come back.


The caring nature of famous people born on January 11 sometimes has them  spread out in many directions. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and to make yourself happy. You are extremely resourceful so you can do this.

People admire those famous born on January 11 for their progressive attitude. They are remarkably humble. Accordingly, they balance their career and home. Capricorn capabilities are endless with the right alliances. Read on for a list of famous birthdays on January 11.


January 11th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11th January Good Traits:

  • Philosopher
  • Determined
  • Humble
  • Dedicated

11th January Bad Traits:

  • Negative
  • Tensed
  • Nervous
  • Stressed

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January 11th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdelsalam Alnabulsy, 1899, Movie Actor
Abdullah The Butcher, 1941, Wrestler
Abraham Joshua Heschel, 1907, Philosopher
Adepero Oduye, 1978, Movie Actress
Adrian Sutil, 1983, Race Car Driver
Aja Naomi King, 1985, TV Actress
Alan Brogan, 1982, Gaelic Football Player
Albert Hofmann, 1906, Scientist
Aldo Leopold, 1887, Activist
Alex Lopez, 1988, Soccer Player
Alexander Hamilton, 1755, Politician
Alfonso Arau, 1932, Movie Actor
Alice Paul, 1885, Civil Rights Leader
Alyson Reed, 1958, TV Actress
Amanda Peet, 1972, Movie Actress
Amiyah Scott, 1988, Instagram Star
Anasol Gutierrez, 1942, Politician
Andres Tarand, 1940, Politician
Andrey Malakhov, 1972, TV Show Host
Anju Mahendru, 1946, Movie Actress
Ann Kok, 1973, TV Actress
Anni Friesinger-Postma, 1977, Speed Skater
Anshin Doyle, 1992, YouTube Star
Arianna Pflederer, 1993, YouTube Star
Arthur Scargill, 1938, Politician
Ashlee Nino, 1985, Dancer
Ashley Taylor Dawson, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Audien, 1992, DJ

Barry Flanagan, 1941, Sculptor
Bayard Taylor, 1825, Poet
Ben Crenshaw, 1952, Golfer
Bernard Blier, 1916, Movie Actor
Bernard DeVoto, 1897, Novelist
Bernardas Brazdzionis, 1907, Poet
Beth Sherburn, 1991, Pop Singer
Betty Bumpers, 1925, Political Wife
Bill Boggs, 1946, Game Show Host
Billy Ashworth, 1993, TV Actor
Billy Roche, 1949, Playwright
Blake Heron, 1982, Movie Actor
Bones, 1994, Rapper
Brandyn Kaine, 1996, Rapper
Brett Bodine, 1959, Race Car Driver
Briann January, 1987, Basketball Player
Brianna Perry, 1992, Rapper
Bryan Robson, 1957, Soccer Coach
Carla Harryman, 1952, Poet
Caroline Kirkland, 1801, Novelist
Caroline Westendorp, 1989, Metal Singer
Carroll Shelby, 1923, Entrepreneur
Carroll Shelby, 1923, Entrepreneur
Catriona Morrison, 1977, Triathlete
Chris Bryant, 1962, Politician
Chris Cauley, 1984, Soul Singer
Chris Ford, 1949, Basketball Coach
Christian Distefano, 2005, TV Actor
Christian Jacobs, 1972, TV Actor
Ciaran McDonald, 1975, Gaelic Football Player
CJ Valleroy, 1999, Movie Actor
Claire Evans, 1983, Model
Claire Julien, 1995, Movie Actress
Clarence Clemons, 1942, Saxophonist
Cody Simpson, 1997, Pop Singer
Consuelo Duval, 1968, Comedian
Damien Wilkins, 1980, Basketball Player
Daniel Carvajal, 1992, Soccer Player
Daniela Dejesuscosio, 1986, Model
Daniele Bolelli, 1974, Non-Fiction Author
Danny Elb, 1992, R&B Singer
Danny Salazar, 1990, Baseball Player
Darren Lynn Bousman, 1979, Director
Darryl Dawkins, 1957, Basketball Player
Daryl Braithwaite, 1949, R&B Singer
Dave Cruikshank, 1969, Speed Skater
Dave Edwards, 1941, Saxophonist
Dave Kerr, 1909, Hockey Player
january 11 famous birthdays
David Glantz, 1942, Journalist
David L. Wolper, 1928, Film Producer
Dawn Lyn, 1963, TV Actress
Deanna Wright, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Demario Davis, 1989, Football Player
Dennis Dixon, 1985, Football Player
Derek Riddell, 1967, TV Actor
Devin Ratray, 1977, Movie Actor
Diana Gabaldon, 1952, Novelist
Dmitri Bruns, 1929, Architect
Eddie Alvarez, 1984, MMA Fighter
Efthimios Rentzias, 1976, Basketball Player
Ehsan Ghaemmaghami, 1983, Chess Player
Emaza Dilan, 1998, Pop Singer
Emile Heskey, 1978, Soccer Player
Eri Fukatsu, 1973, TV Actress
Eric Ortiz, 1992, Cheerleader
Essence Tatiana, 1993, Instagram Star
Eugenio Maria de Hostos, 1839, Philosopher
Eva Hesse, 1936, Sculptor
Eve Bennett, 2000, YouTube Star
Ezra Cornell, 1807, Entrepreneur
Felix Silla, 1937, TV Actor
Flora Cross, 1993, Movie Actress
Fred Archer, 1857, Horse Jockey
Ghita Norby, 1935, Movie Actress
Goldie Hill, 1933, Country Singer
Grant Tinker, 1925, Entrepreneur
Henry Shefflin, 1979, Hurler
Holly Brisley, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Hyolyn, 1991, Pop Singer
Ivan Salaverry, 1971, MMA Fighter
Jackmaster, 1986, DJ
Jair Benitez, 1979, Soccer Player
Jake Williams, 1984, DJ
Jamal Zahalka, 1955, Politician
Jamelia, 1981, R&B Singer
Jamie Vardy, 1987, Soccer Player
Janet Burston, 1935, Movie Actress
Jared Patalinghug, 2001, Pop Singer
Jason Connery, 1963, TV Actor
Jasper Fforde, 1961, Novelist
Jean Chretien, 1934, World Leader
Jedidiah Goodacre, 1989, Movie Actor
Jerry Diorio, 1962, Football Player
Jim Champion, 1926, Football Coach
Joana Metrass, 1988, TV Actress

Joel Zwick, 1942, Movie Actor
Joey Swoll, 1983, Bodybuilder
John A. Macdonald, 1815, World Leader
John Avery, 1976, Football Player
John Myers Myers, 1906, Novelist
John Piper, 1946, Novelist
John Torres, 1978, Rock Singer
Johnny Varro, 1930, Pianist
JoJo Weinstein, 2000, Instagram Star
Jordan Gray, 1989, Pop Singer
Joseph Collins, 1988, Football Player
Josh Kincheloe, 1990, Bassist
Jouko Niva, 1958, Triple Jumper
Joy Nilo, 1970, Composer
Juanita M. Kreps, 1921, Politician
Julia Price, 1972, Cricket Player
Kailash Satyarthi, 1954, Civil Rights Leader
Kay Patterson, 1931, Politician
Kealia Reynolds, 1995, Family Member
Kelly Hogan, 1965, Jazz Singer
Kevin Boss, 1984, Football Player
Kim Coles, 1962, TV Actress
Kim Hartman, 1952, TV Actress
Kiran Rathod, 1981, Movie Actress
Kyle Richards, 1969, Reality Star
Lauren Giraldo, 1998, Vine Star
Lee Ritenour, 1952, Guitarist
Lee Seung-hoon, 1992, Pop Singer
Libbey Ketterer, 1998, YouTube Star
Lil Twist, 1993, Rapper
Lindsay Arnold, 1994, Dancer
Lionel Stander, 1908, Movie Actor
Lisa Chimes, 1984, TV Show Host
Lloyd McClendon, 1959, Baseball Manager
Louisa Johnson, 1998, Pop Singer
Lucie Wilde, 1996,
Luke Boyd, 1987, Football Player
Luna Schweiger, 1997, Movie Actress
LunchMoney Lewis, 1988, Rapper
Madeline Manning, 1948, Runner
Malik Jackson, 1990, Football Player
Manny Acta, 1969, Baseball Player
Marc Blucas, 1972, TV Actor
Marcus Smith, 1985, Football Player
Mariko Okada, 1933, Movie Actress
Mark Diedrichsen, 1995, Vine Star
Mark Halperin, 1965, Non-Fiction Author
Mary J. Blige, 1971, R&B Singer

Matt McKay, 1983, Soccer Player
Matteo Renzi, 1975, World Leader
Maung Maung, 1925, Politician
Maxee Maxwell, 1969, R&B Singer
Melanie Hill, 1962, TV Actress
Michael Keane, 1993, Soccer Player
Mick McManus, 1920, Wrestler
Milena Toscano, 1984, TV Actress
Miss Niki, 1987, YouTube Star
Mitchell Ryan, 1928, TV Actor
Monte Blue, 1887, Movie Actor
Muhammed Lawal, 1981, MMA Fighter
Mustafa Sandal, 1970, Pop Singer
Mutumwa Mawere, 1960, Entrepreneur
Nadia Hussain, 1979, TV Actress
Nadia Turner, 1977, Funk Singer
Naif Hazazi, 1989, Soccer Player
Naomi Judd, 1946, Country Singer
Navin Kundra, 1985, Pop Singer
Nef the Pharaoh, 1995, Rapper
Neville Duke, 1922, Pilot
Newton Faulkner, 1985, Folk Singer
Nick Vincent, 1958, Drummer
Nikos Kavvadias, 1910, Poet
Paddy Driscoll, 1895, Football Player
Philip Tartaglia, 1951, Religious Leader
Phyllis Logan, 1956, TV Actress
PJ Ladd, 1983, Skateboarder
Rachel Kollock McDowell, 1880, Journalist
Rachel Riley, 1986, TV Show Host
Rachelle Wilkos, 1971, TV Producer
Rafael Cavalcante, 1981, MMA Fighter
Rahul Dravid, 1973, Cricket Player
Rey Ordonez, 1971, Baseball Player
Rie Fu, 1985, Folk Singer
Ritz Azul, 1994, TV Actress
Robbie Burlew, 2001, Star
Robert Earl Keen, 1956, Country Singer
Rockmond Dunbar, 1973, TV Actor
Rod Taylor, 1930, Movie Actor
Rod Thomas, 1947, Soccer Player
Rory Fitzpatrick, 1975, Hockey Player
Samantha Speno, 1982, Family Member
Samuel Bentham, 1757, Engineer
Sanam Singh, 1988, Tennis Player
Sarah Kinert, 2001, Dancer
Sarah Walsh, 1983, Soccer Player
Scott Casey, 1954, Wrestler
Scott Davis, 1975, Film Producer
Scott Neville, 1989, Soccer Player
Scotty Cranmer, 1987, BMX Rider
Sergio Ibarra, 1973, Soccer Player
Seun Kuti, 1983, Saxophonist
Sigh Mike, 1999, Vine Star
Simon Ferry, 1988, Soccer Player
Siti Nurhaliza, 1979, World Music Singer
Son Ye-jin, 1982, Movie Actress
Sondra Currie, 1952, TV Actress
Stacy Solis, 1990, YouTube Star
Stephanie De Souza, 1996, Reality Star
Stephen Nymberg, 1997, YouTube Star
Steve Hislop, 1962, Race Car Driver
Tab Smith, 1909, Saxophonist
Tara Sharma, 1977, TV Show Host
Tasha Marbury, 1976, Reality Star
Teo Briones, 2005, TV Actor
Theodosius I, 347, Politician
Thomas Dixon, 1864, Novelist
Timbuktu, 1975, Rapper
Tom Dumont, 1968, Guitarist
Tom Meighan, 1981, Rock Singer
Tom Netherton, 1947, TV Show Host
Tom Ward, 1971, TV Actor
Tommy Duncan, 1911, Country Singer
Tony Allen, 1982, Basketball Player
Tony Livesey, 1964, Radio Host
Tracy Caulkins, 1963, Swimmer
Tyler Reddick, 1996, Race Car Driver
Veronica Stewart, 1996, Instagram Star
Vicki Peterson, 1958, Guitarist
Vivaan Shah, 1990, Movie Actor
Wanda Wilkomirska, 1929, Violinist
Warren Young, 1956, Hockey Player
Will Keane, 1993, Soccer Player
William James, 1842, Philosopher
Yolanda Foster, 1964, Reality Star


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