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Famous Events For February 9

Famous Events For February 9 – Today In History

February 9: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – February 9  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 9th Feb 1267: Jews of Silesia were ordered to wear special caps by Synod of Breslau.
2. 9th Feb 1499: France and Venice signed a treaty on this day against Milan.
3. 9th Feb 1554: In the Battle at London the rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyatt against Queen Mary was crushed and he was defeated.
4. 9th Feb 1555: John Hooper the Bishop of Gloucester was burned at the stake for dissent.
5. 9th Feb 1621: Alexander Ludovisi was on this day elected Pope Gregory XV.
6. 9th Feb 1667: Russia and Poland signed a peace treaty, “Treaty of Andrussovo” on this day.


18th Century – What Happened on February 9 – The 1700s

7. 9th Feb 1742: Sir Robert Walpole was on this day enabled as the 1st Earl of Orford.
8. 9th Feb 1775: The British parliament on this day declared that the Massachusetts colony was in rebellion.
9. 9th Feb 1788: Australia on this day declared war on Russia.
10. 9th Feb 1799: The French frigate Insurgents was captured by USS Constellation on this day off Nevis, West Indies.

19th Century – February 9 This Day That Year – The 1800s

11. 9th Feb 1801: The peace of Luneville was signed on this day by France and Austria.
12. 9th Feb 1807: French Sanhedrin was on this day convened by Napoleon Bonaparte.
13. 9th Feb 1822: The American Indian Society was organized on this day.
14. 9th Feb 1822: The newly formed Dominican Republic was on this day invaded by Haiti.
15. 9th Feb 1825: John Quincy Adams was on this day elected as the 6th President of the US by the House of Representatives.
16. 9th Feb 1861: Jefferson Davis was elected President and Alexander Stephens was Vice-President of the Confederate States of America during the US Civil War.


17. 9th Feb 1861: Confederate Provisional Congress declares that all laws under the US Constitution were consistent with the Constitution of the Confederate States.
18. 9th Feb 1870: The U.S. National Weather Service was established by the U.S. Army on this day.
19. 9th Feb 1886: A state of emergency was declared in Seattle by US President Grover Cleveland to suppress anti-Chinese violence.
20. 9th Feb 1889: The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was established on this day as a cabinet-level agency.
21. 9th Feb 1895: W. G. Morgan on this day invented the game of Volleyball in Massachusetts.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day February 9th – The 1900s

22. 9th Feb 1900: On this day Dwight Davis established a new tennis trophy, the Davis Cup.
23. 9th Feb 1904: The Japanese on this day landed their troops at Chemulpo, near Seoul in Korea.
24. 9th Feb 1909: On this day the first federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (Opium) was established.


25. 9th Feb 1909: The first Forestry School was incorporated on this day at Kent, Ohio.
26. 9th Feb 1912: US Tennis Association amends its rule on this day. According to the new rule, the defending champion will not get a bye.
27. 9th Feb 1916: Britain’s Military Service Act was enforced on this day.
28. 9th Feb 1918: US Army Chaplin School was organized on this day at Fort Monroe.
29. 9th Feb 1920: Norwegian Sovereignty over Svalbard was on this day recognized by the International Treaty.
30. 9th Feb 1922: The Italian government Bonomi fell on this day.
31. 9th Feb 1922: Brazil on this day became a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
32. 9th Feb 1922: To settle the Allied war and post-war loans, the US Congress on this day established the World War Foreign Debt Commission.
33. 9th Feb 1923: This day marks the formation of the Aeroflot airlines by the Soviet Union.
34. 9th Feb 1925: On this day a proposal for a security treaty with France was put forward by German Minister Stresemann.


35. 9th Feb 1926: Teaching the theory of evolution was forbidden in Atlanta, Georgia schools.
36. 9th Feb 1929: Litvinov’s pact was signed on this day by the USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and Romania. The pact provided for renunciation among the signatories of the pact.
37. 9th Feb 1932: The US airship Columbia crashes in a storm on this day.
38. 9th Feb 1937: For the flood and rehabilitation program in the US a bill was passed on this day which allowed a total of $940 million to be used for relief projects of which $790 million was to be used for flood and rehabilitation programs.
39. 9th Feb 1939: This day marks the fall of the Belgian Spaak government.
40. 9th Feb 1941: British troops on this day conquered El Agheila.
41. 9th Feb 1941: A pro-Jewish café in Amsterdam was destroyed by Nazi collaborators for refusing to hang a “No entry for Jews” sign in front of the café.
42. 9th Feb 1942: Japanese troops on this day land near Makassar, South Celebs.
43. 9th Feb 1942: For the first time after the war started the joint chiefs of staff came together on this day for an official meeting to coordinate military strategy which would help them (the allied forces) win World War II.

44. 9th Feb 1942: Philadelphia “Phillies” temporarily changed the nickname to “Phils” on this day.
45. 9th Feb 1942: USS Normandy which was considered one of the most elegant ocean liners ever built burned on this day in New York while being converted to an allied transport ship.
46. 9th Feb 1943: A minimum 48-hour work week was ordered by President Roosevelt for the war industry on this day.
47. 9th Feb 1943: The epic World War II battle on Solomon Island in the Pacific ended on this day and the Japanese troops evacuated Guadalcanal.
48. 9th Feb 1943: Dutch sons of rich parents were arrested by the Nazis today.
49. 9th Feb 1944: German U-boats U-734 and U-238 were sunk on this day off the coast of Ireland.
50. 9th Feb 1945: A WAAF corporal on this day flew along the tail of a Spitfire.
51. 9th Feb 1945: In the Battle of the Atlantic HMS Venturer on this day sank U-Boat 864 off the coast of Norway.
52. 9th Feb 1950: The US House of Representatives on this day passed a bill hiking the postcard rate from one cent to two cents. The regular letter rate was to stay at 3 cents.
53. 9th Feb 1950: Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin on this day announced that 205 communists had made their way into the US State Department.

54. 9th Feb 1953: On this day General Walter Bedell Smith, ends his term as the 4th director of the CIA. Allen W Dulls became the acting director of the CIA.
55. 9th Feb 1954: On this day a new government was formed in Italy by Mario Scelba.
56. 9th Feb 1955: Crematory law was on this day accepted by the Dutch 2nd Chamber.
57. 9h Feb 1955: On this day the US Federation of Trade Unions merged into AFL/CIO.
58. 9th Feb 1956: On this day R. Lacoste became the Prime Minister of Algeria replacing Catroux.
59. 9th Feb 1961: Joseph Ileo was on this day appointed as the Prime Minister of Congo.
60. 9th Feb 1962: Jamaica on this day signed an agreement to become independent.
61. 9th Feb 1962: The US on this day performed a nuclear test at their test site in Nevada.
62. 9th Feb 1963: Boeing 727 jet aircraft made its flight on this day.
63. 9th Feb 1964: The 9th Winter Olympics games close on this day at Innsbruck in Austria.
64. 9th Feb 1964: The character of GI Joe was created on this day.
65. 9th Feb 1964: On this day for the first time the popular music group Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. They played their first American concert at the Coliseum shortly after.
66. 9th Feb 1966: Doe-Jones index on this day hits a record of 995 points.
67. 9th Feb 1966: Construction of a new nuclear reactor on the North Coast of Scotland was announced by the government on this day.

68. 9th Feb 1968: Princess Beatrix on this day opened the Rotterdam Metro.
69. 9th Feb 1969: Boeing 747 makes its first commercial flight on this day.
70. 9th Feb 1971: Apollo 14 returned to Earth on this day.
71. 9th Feb 1971: An earthquake on this day strikes San Fernando Valley killing 64. It caused a damage of half a billion dollars.
72. 9th Feb 1971: In a landmine attack carried out by the Irish Republican Army, 5 men were killed on this day near the BBC transmitter on Brougher Mountain, County Tyrone.
73. 9th Feb 1972: A state of emergency was declared on this day by the British government after a month-long coal miner’s strike.
74. 9th Feb 1972: The ex-minister of Home Affairs of Northern Ireland, William Craig on this day launched “Ulster Vanguard” as an umbrella movement for right-wing unionism.
75. 9th Feb 1973: In Orissa, India, Biju Patnaik of the Pragathi party was on this day elected as leader of the opposition.
76. 9th Feb 1975: Russian spacecraft Soyuz 17 returned to Earth on this day.
77. 9th Feb 1979: Nigeria amends its constitution on this day.
78. 9th Feb 1983: Belgium purchases 44 F-16 aircrafts.
79. 9th Feb 1986: Halley’s Comet reaches 30 perihelions (Closest approach to the Sun).
80. 9th Feb 1986: In South Yemen, Haydar Bakr al-Attas was on this day appointed as its President.

81. 9th Feb 1986: The German swimming team created a world record in the 4X200 meters freestyle clocking 7:05.17.
82. 9th Feb 1989: The Jamaica Parliamentary election was on this day won by the Socialist party led by Michael Manley.
83. 9th Feb 1990: The constitution of Namibia was ratified on this day.
84. 9th Feb 1994: An accord was signed on this day by Israel minister Shimon Perez and PLO leader Yasser Arafat.
85. 9th Feb 1996: Russian Grand Master Kasparov lost the first chess game ever to IBM’s chess computer Deep Blue. He however won the contest winning three games and drawing two.
86. 9th Feb 1998: There was an assassination attempt on the president of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze on this day which failed.

21st Century – February 9  This Day In History – The 2000s

87. 9th Feb 2000: “Magnolia” won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival.
88. 9th Feb 2001: American submarine USS Greenville accidentally strikes a Japanese trailing vessel Ehime-Maru. The vessel sank killing 9 of its crew members including schoolchildren.
89. 9th Feb 2008: The political unrest continues in Pakistan followed by the murder of Benazir Bhutto and the detention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

90. 9th Feb 2008: The Turkish parliament on this day approved the two constitutional amendments that will ease the ban on women wearing Islamic headscarves in Universities.
91. 9th Feb 2009: On this day a storehouse of thirty Egyptian mummies was unearthed inside a 2600-year-old tomb. The tomb was discovered at the bottom of a 36 ft shaft and dates back to 640 BC.
92. 9th Feb 2009: To review cyber security, the Obama administration ordered an interagency effort to review the government’s cyber security measures. This is expected to result in a strategy to improve the way the US defends itself against net-borne threats.
93. 9th Feb 2011: The Islamic University of Afghanistan in Jalalabad was on this day damaged by a bomb blast. It is believed that the attack was carried out by the Taliban.
94. 9th Feb 2012: Eastman Kodak company, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, reported on this day that they will no longer digital cameras, pocket videos, and digital picture frames as a cost-saving measure.
95. 9th Feb 2012: An arrest warrant on this day was issued against its former president Mohamed Nasheed, who had resigned a few days earlier amidst protests.
96. 9th Feb 2013: The Federal Minister of Education and Research of Germany, Annette Schavan, resigned on this day because she was stripped of her doctorate by the University of Dusseldorf for plagiarism.
97. 9th Feb 2013: A Catholic Church military order the “Knights of Malta” on this day celebrated their 900th anniversary in Rome. Created in the Middle Ages it is one of the only few still in operation.

98. 9th Feb 2014: The United States Attorney General Eric Holder in his speech on this day stated that the justice department was going through great effort to extend rights to same-sex partners.
99. 9th Feb 2014: Switzerland on this day voted to put a quota on the number of immigrants to the country from the European Union. 50.04% of the voters approved the measure.
100. 9th Feb 2015: The International Energy Commission on this day estimated that oil prices are likely to remain relatively low for the next five years.

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