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February 9 Famous Birthdays

February 9 Famous Birthdays

If you share this FEBRUARY 9 famous birthday, you are sharp business person. They are a self-made leaders who are likely hard nosed and educated. When it comes to making the money, they are on the ball. However, they may need to learn how to save and invest it.

It has been said that famous people born on February 9 could be responsible for their own trials and tribulations financially and personally. This Aquarius likes to spend time at home engaging in activities that involve other people.


Generally, famous people born today on February 9 are musically inclined and like being the center of attention. However, they are not very good at picking your friends. When it comes to their health, they know the benefits that come from organic foods and stay away from drugs… illegal and prescribed.


They have no problems with authority figures. In fact, they are active in the community and get involved with those that are less fortunate or have an avid interest in the youth.

Famous people born on February 9 are Aquarius that are prepared. They love people, art and romance. However, they may be misunderstood. They work with their instincts. So some may think that they are strange. Nonetheless, they are logical and creative. They like organic meals and looking good. Below is a list of famous birthdays for February 9.


February 9th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9th February Good Traits:

  • Entertaining
  • Joyful
  • Motivated
  • Cooperative
  • Compassionate

9th February Bad Traits:

  • Shrewd
  • Calculative
  • Indifferent
  • Willful

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February 9th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrianna Bertola, 1999, TV Actress
Aggy Abby, 1993, Instagram Star
AJ Buckley, 1978, TV Actor
Akinori Iwamura, 1979, Baseball Player
Alanah Rae, 1988,
Alban Berg, 1885, Composer
Alberto Vargas, 1896, Painter
Alejandra Guzmán, 1968, World Music Singer
Alexander Weiss, 2000, Chef
Alfonso Thomas, 1977, Cricket Player
Alfonso Zamora, 1954, Boxer
Alice Walker, 1944, Poet
Alonso Mateo, 2008, Instagram Star
Amber Atherton, 1991, Entrepreneur
Amber Valletta, 1974, Movie Actress
Amrita Singh, 1958, Movie Actress
Amy Lowell, 1874, Poet

Andre Burakowsky, 1995, Hockey Player
Andrey Yeshchenko, 1984, Soccer Player
Angelos Charisteas, 1980, Soccer Player
Anisha Gibbs, 1986, Dancer
Antonio McKay, 1964, Runner
Ashtone Morgan, 1991, Soccer Player
Askylitavenue, 1996, YouTube Star
Ava Rose, 1986,
Avan Jogia, 1992, TV Actor
Avriel Shull, 1931, Architect
Babi Rossi, 1990, Model
Barbara Lewis, 1943, R&B Singer
Barbara Young, 1936, TV Actress
Barry Mann, 1939, Pop Singer
Bernard Gallacher, 1949, Golfer
Betsy Harmer, 1994, Family Member
Bill Veeck, 1914, Baseball Player
Brendan Behan, 1923, Playwright
Brennan Newberry, 1990, Race Car Driver
Brian Bennett, 1940, Drummer
Brian Donlevy, 1901, Movie Actor
Brian Greene, 1963, Scientist
Bruce Bruce, 1965, Comedian
february-9-famous-birthdaysCallum Wright, 1994, Pop Singer
Calvin Fox, 1990, Reality Star
Camille Kerger, 1957, Composer
Camille Winbush, 1990, TV Actress
Carmen Miranda, 1909, Movie Actress
Carole King, 1942, Songwriter
Cassandra Steen, 1980, Soul Singer
Charity Lynne Baroni, 1987, Dancer
Charles Klauder, 1872, Architect
Charles Shaughnessy, 1955, TV Actor
Charlie Brenneman, 1981, MMA Fighter
Charlie Day, 1976, TV Actor
Charlotte de Carle, 1987, Model
Charnie Reeves, 1993, Blogger
Chenjerai Hove, 1956, Poet
Choi Jin-hyuk, 1986, TV Actor
Chris Gardner, 1954, Entrepreneur
Chris Kappler, 1967, Equestrian

Chris Nilan, 1958, Hockey Player
Chris Pohl, 1972, Rock Singer
Chris Weale, 1982, Soccer Player
Christian Vincent, 1980, TV Actor
Ciaran Hinds, 1953, TV Actor
Clement Meadmore, 1929, Sculptor
Clete Boyer, 1937, Baseball Player
Clive Swift, 1936, TV Actor
Coleman Carroll, 1905, Religious Leader
Colin Egglesfield, 1973, TV Actor
Constance Keene, 1921, Pianist
Craig Conover, 1989, Reality Star
Craig Gallivan, 1984, TV Actor
Crispin Freeman, 1972, Voice Actor
Cyril Scott, 1866, Stage Actor
Cyrille Regis, 1958, Soccer Player
Dakota Brooks, 2000, YouNow Star
Dan Bell, 1977, YouTube Star
Dan Shulman, 1967, Sportscaster
Dane Rumble, 1982, Pop Singer

Daniel Bravo, 1963, Soccer Player
Danni Leigh, 1970, Country Singer
Danny Crates, 1973, Runner
Danny White, 1952, Football Player
Darius Lukminas, 1968, Basketball Player
Darren Dalton, 1965, Screenwriter
Darren Ferguson, 1972, Soccer Coach
David DiMuzio, 1986, YouTube Star
David Gallagher, 1985, TV Actor
David Simon, 1960, Screenwriter
Davide Lanzafame, 1987, Soccer Player
Dean Rusk, 1909, Politician
Dennis Padilla, 1962, Comedian
Diana Levy, 1990, Model
Diego Gonzalez, 1988, Soccer Player
Dillon Brelsford, 1996, Stage Actor
Dioner Navarro, 1984, Baseball Player
DJ Vigilante, 1986, DJ
Dwayne Leik, 1964, Race Car Driver
Elissa Slater, 1986, Reality Star
Eloise Mitchell, 2002, Family Member
Erich Von Drygalski, 1965, Scientist
Erin O’Connor, 1978, Model
Ernest Tubb, 1914, Country Singer
Erra Fazira, 1974, Movie Actress
Erraid Davies, 2001, Swimmer
Eva Moore, 1868, Movie Actress
Evan Roe, 2000, TV Actor
Fede Alvarez, 1978, Director
Fran Saleski Finzgar, 1871, Novelist
Frank Frazetta, 1928, Comic Book Artist
Gabe Norwood, 1985, Basketball Player
George Ade, 1866, Novelist
George Brady, 1928,
George Bryan Porter, 1791, Politician
Georgia Austin, 1999, Family Member
Georgie Barrie, 1912, Entrepreneur
Gerard Lenorman, 1945, Pop Singer
Gerhard Richter, 1932, Painter
Gia Farrell, 1989, Pop Singer
Gina Rinehart, 1954, Entrepreneur
Glenn McGrath, 1970, Cricket Player
Gloria Votsis, 1979, TV Actress
Gordon Strachan, 1957, Soccer Coach
Guy Ecker, 1959, TV Actor
Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo, 1974, DJ
Gypsy Rose Lee, 1914, Stage Actress
Han Geng, 1984, Pop Singer
Harry Irwin, 2004, Family Member
Heather Angel, 1909, Movie Actress
Hector Rodriguez, 1990, YouTube Star
Henry Cejudo, 1987, MMA Fighter
Hisham Zreiq, 1968, Director
Holly Johnson, 1960, Pop Singer
Ian Eagle, 1969, Sportscaster
Isabel Gillies, 1970, Movie Actress
Jack Glatzer, 1939, Violinist
Jack Van Impe, 1931, Religious Leader
Jacobus Oud, 1890, Architect
Jade Morgado, 1992, YouTube Star
Jah Vinci, 1984, Reggae Singer
Jake Cassidy, 1993, Soccer Player
Jameer Nelson, 1982, Basketball Player
James Baar, 1929, Blogger
James Owen Sullivan, 1981, Drummer
James Smith, 1999, Pop Singer
James Ward, 1987, Tennis Player
Janet Suzman, 1939, Movie Actress
Jason George, 1972, TV Actor
Jason Tran, 1995, eSports Player
Jay Inslee, 1951, Politician
Jeffrey Boyle, 1996, Pop Singer
Jeremy Gallon, 1990, Football Player
Jesse Ross, 1990, Boxer
Jessica Carbo, 1995, Instagram Star
Jim Bullock, 1955, Comedian
Jim Webb, 1946, Politician
Jimmy Bennett, 1996, TV Actor
Jimmy Smith, 1969, Football Player
Joe Ely, 1947, Country Singer
Joe Grech, 1934, World Music Singer
Joe Pesci, 1943, Movie Actor
John Kruk, 1961, Baseball Player
Jordi Cruyff, 1974, Soccer Player
Josef Masopust, 1931, Soccer Player
Josh Ross, 1981, Runner
Judith Light, 1949, TV Actress
Jukichi Yagi, 1898, Poet
Julian Camarena, 1992, World Music Singer
Julie Warner, 1965, Movie Actress
Kabir Chowdhury, 1923, Non-Fiction Author
Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, 1997, TV Actor
Karel Bossart, 1904, Scientist
Kathryn Grayson, 1922, Opera Singer
Kelli Berglund, 1996, TV Actress
Kelsie May, 1999, Country Singer
Kermit Gosnell, 1941, Criminal
KJ McDaniels, 1993, Basketball Player
Kumar Malavalli, 1943, Entrepreneur
Kyoko Aizome, 1958, Movie Actress
LA Aguinaldo, 1991, Model
Laken Tomlinson, 1992, Football Player
Lennard Pearce, 1915, TV Actor
Logan Bartholomew, 1984, TV Actor
Logan Ryan, 1991, Football Player
London Snetsinger, 1989, Bassist
Lord Edward Carson, 1854, War Hero
Lori L. Lake, 1960, Novelist
Lotte Friis, 1988, Swimmer
Madeline Merlo, 1994, Country Singer
Madusa, 1964, Wrestler
Magdalena Neuner, 1987, Biathlete
Major Harris, 1947, R&B Singer
Margarita Levieva, 1980, Movie Actress
Mariana Nolasco, 1998, YouTube Star
Marianna Hill, 1942, TV Actress
Marie France, 1946, Pop Singer
Marina Kaye, 1998, Pop Singer
Mark Munoz, 1978, MMA Fighter
Matt Reddin, 2000, YouTube Star
Matthew P. Denn, 1966, Politician
Matty Cardarople, 1983, TV Actor
Mia Farrow, 1945, Movie Actress
Michael B. Jordan, 1987, Movie Actor
Michael Raucheisen, 1889, Pianist
Michel Duval, 1994, Soap Opera Actor
Molly Jepson, 1997, Movie Actress
Mookie Wilson, 1956, Baseball Player
Natasha Watson, 1996, TV Actress
Natsume Soseki, 1867, Poet
Nicole Faria, 1990, Model
Norman Shumway, 1923, Doctor
Nura Afia, 1993, YouTube Star
Obey Addie, 1995, Vine Star
Omari Lewis Dixon, 1994, Model
Osman Khalid Butt, 1986, TV Actor
Parimarjan Negi, 1993, Chess Player
Patrick Johnson, 1993, TV Actor
Paul Flynn, 1935, Politician
Paul Salopek, 1962, Journalist
Peggy Whitson, 1960, Astronaut
Peggy Wood, 1892, Movie Actress
Peter Rowsthorn, 1963, Comedian
Phil Ford, 1956, Basketball Player
Pietro Nenni, 1891, Politician
Rachel Bolan, 1966, Bassist
Rachel Melvin, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Rahul Roy, 1968, Movie Actor
Rawson Thurber, 1975, Screenwriter
Raymond Braun, 1990, YouTube Star
Rich McCready, 1970, Country Singer
Richie Giese, 1992, Pop Singer
Robert Morris, 1931, Sculptor
Rod Streater, 1988, Football Player
Roger Mudd, 1928, TV Show Host
Ronald Colman, 1891, Movie Actor
Rose Leslie, 1987, TV Actress
Rosie Napravnik, 1988, Horse Jockey
Ross Hudgins, 1994, YouTube Star
Ryan Horvat, 1993, Hockey Player
Rye-Rye99, 1999, YouTube Star
Sandy Lyle, 1958, Golfer
Seamus Deane, 1940, Novelist
Shannon Kook, 1987, TV Actor
Sharon Case, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Shelly Martinez, 1980, Wrestler
Shilo Sanders, 2000, Family Member
Shine Tachibana, 1997, YouTube Star
Silvia Sperber, 1965, Sports Shooter
Skyell Bella, 1985, Model
Sophia Smith, 1994,
Squire Fridell, 1943, TV Actor
Stan Moore, 1956, Screenwriter
Stompin’ Tom Connors, 1936, Folk Singer
Sunjai Williams, 1997, Dancer
Sunjai Williams, 1997, Dancer
Svetlana Boginskaya, 1973, Gymnast
Tali Lennox, 1993, Family Member
Tariq Sims, 1990, Rugby Player
Taylor Macfee, 1989, Bassist
Teesta Setalvad, 1962, Civil Rights Leader
Terry McAuliffe, 1957, Politician
Thokozani Langa, 1972, World Music Singer
Tim Timmons, 1976, Rock Singer
Ting Ting, 1987, Pop Singer
Todd Pratt, 1967, Baseball Player
Tom Hiddleston, 1981, Movie Actor
Tom Scharpling, 1969, Comedian
Tommy Hill, 1985, Motorcycle Racer
Travis Tritt, 1963, Country Singer
Tyson Houseman, 1990, Movie Actor
Udita Goswami, 1984, Movie Actress
Vic Dibitetto, 1961, YouTube Star
Vic Wertz, 1926, Baseball Player
Vicky Justiz, 1995, YouTube Star
Victor Mallarino, 1957, TV Actor
Vince Papale, 1946, Football Player
Vito Antuofermo, 1953, Boxer
Vsevolod Meyerhold, 1874, Director
Walter Page, 1900, Bassist
Wilhelm Maybach, 1846, Entrepreneur
William Henry Harrison, 1773, US President
Wilson Bentley, 1865, Photographer
Wizz Kidd, 1989, DJ
Zakariyya Ahmad, 1896, Composer
Zhang Ziyi, 1979, Movie Actress
Zhang Ziyi, 1979, Movie Actress
Zoe Lund, 1962, Screenwriter


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