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Umbilical Cord Dream Meaning
Umbilical Cord Dream Meaning

Dreaming About The Umbilical Cord – Meaning, Interpretation And Symbolism

Umbilical Cord Dream and Its Meaning

An umbilical cord connects a fetus to the placenta during gestation. Dreaming of an umbilical cord is not common. What does an umbilical cord dream mean? This dream is a representation of the connection between the past and the present. It might also mean that you have a deep emotional connection with someone important in your life.

Dreaming of an umbilical cord being cut signifies new beginnings. You are ready to take your life to the next level regardless of the challenges and problems you will meet along the way. An uncut umbilical cord means that you need to deal with your problems to fruition in your waking life.

The spiritual meaning of an umbilical cord dream reveals that you have a connection to worldly things. This might not be good for you because you need to work on your spiritual life.

According to the umbilical cord dream analysis, seeing your own umbilical cord signifies danger coming into your life. You will overcome the danger and live a splendid life with the right approach.

A pregnant woman dreaming of an umbilical cord is symbolic of a lucky pregnancy that will present with no challenges.

Seeing yourself as a fetus connected with an umbilical cord to the placenta signifies honoring your mother in your waking life.

Based on the umbilical cord dreams symbolism, seeing another person’s umbilical cord is a sign that you should be ready for surprises in your life.

Dreaming of an umbilical cord might also mean you have a problem being on your own. You rely so much on others that you cannot make your own decisions. This needs to change if you want to exercise personal power over your life.

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