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Self-Defence Dream Meaning
Self-Defence Dream Meaning

Self Defense In Dreams – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Self Defense Dream Meaning

Self-defense is the act of protecting oneself from being harmed by another person. It entails fighting to stay alive, having that someone has the intention to either kill you or seriously injure you. A self-defense dream that leads to the death of someone is scary because it leaves you feeling guilty about something you intended not.


Dreaming of self-defense most of the time portrays fear and frustration in your waking life. You always feel the need to defend yourself in different aspects of your life. For instance, someone might think they have your life in their hands, and they can do whatever they will to you. In this instance, exercising personal power and freedom signifies defending yourself and your honor.


According to the self-defense dream analysis, this dream signifies being afraid of not meeting someone’s expectations. You will definitely have this dream if you feel like something or someone is jeopardizing your well-being or the well-being of a loved one.

Interpretation of Self Defense Dreams

Dreaming of Killing Someone in Self Defense

This dream is a sign that you are defending yourself against someone invading your private life. Dreaming of killing someone in self-defense signifies doing everything possible to ensure that no one lays claim to your life or the lives of your loved ones.


This dream is also a sign that you will soon overcome the challenges derailing your growth. You will gain great success in your endeavors, and you will finally find solutions to your problems. Your determination to succeed is impressive, and you will let nothing come in your way.

Based on the self-defense dream dictionary, this dream is a message from your subconscious mind that you need to attend to urgent matters in your life at the right time.

This dream also means that you need to take proper care of the people in your life. Always be there for your loved ones and stand up for them when need be.


Negatively, dreaming of killing in self-defense signifies being unable to freely express your feelings and emotions. Speaking your mind becomes a problem because you are afraid people will judge you.

Killing a stranger in self-defense is a sign that you need to mind your business and care not what people think about you.

Dreaming of Killing or Hurting Someone in Self Defense in Different Ways

According to the self-defense dream symbolism, dreaming of killing or hurting someone by stubbing in self-defense signifies troubles to come in your life. Challenges will present in plenty in your life, and you need to use your inner strength and confidence to overcome them.

This dream might also mean that you need to heal from traumatic experiences you had in the past. Seek the help of a professional and show a willingness to become better, and things will work out fine.

Having this dream is also a message from your psyche that you need to let go of all the anger you have repressed within you.

Dreaming of shooting someone in self-defense signifies wanting to be heard by others. You cannot freely express your opinion, thoughts, and ideas because someone controls everything that happens in your life. It is high time you find ways of speaking your mind and coming out of your oppressor’s grip.

This dream is also a sign that you are wasting your time by advising someone unwilling to receive or even implement the same.

Dream About Killing Someone and Hiding Their Body

This dream means you have a secret you have been keeping that weighs you down. You are afraid that you will be ruined when this secret comes out, and that will be the end of your life as you know it.

Dreaming of killing someone in self-defense and hiding the body also means that you need to be careful with your actions because, after all, actions have consequences.

Killing or Hurting a Friend in Self Defense in Your Dream

Killing or hurting a friend in self-defense is symbolic of being betrayed by someone dear. You feel the need to get back at them because they have taken you for granted and disregarded your trust in them.

Dream About Killing Someone in Self Defense and Feeling Guilty About It

This dream is a sign that some things will cause you discomfort in life, but there is nothing you can do about them because they are necessary. Before achieving your goals, you must face a lot of challenges and obstacles because they are a part of life.


Self-defense dreams are a sign that you need to take charge of your life and always be ready to defend yourself against people and things that might want to cause you harm. Understanding the meaning of your dream in your waking life requires you to pay attention to its context.

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