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Dating A Writer: 11 Things To Know

Reasons Why You Should Date A Writer

As a writer, I become passionate when writing anything related to the profession. Aside from making lots of commitments, we also endure some inconveniences, including sleepless nights before putting up a piece. Dating a writer is not easy.

Yes, you sometimes see us with red eyes not because we have an eye problem but because we refuse to sleep. So while you in snoring in your bed, we are putting up a piece for you to read the next morning. In short, it is a real job to write a book or an article for publication.

So, what is it like to date a writer? Just like any other person, writers also want and need love. However, dating a writer is nothing near a rosy relationship. Aside from witnessing us take a pensive step before typing a word, you will sometimes need to keep us company.


Now, if you truly want to date a writer, here are some things you need to know before signing that “unhappiness” warrant.

1. Forget It If You Don’t Like to Read

I am not saying you should be like us in totality, but having a love for reading will get us along very well. We need a companion who will read our works, point out some mistakes or make suggestions. So what is your use to us if reading puts you off? You don’t need to be a genius reader but at least like it!


2. Ask Us About the Progress of a Piece

Even before we type the first letter, we will inform you of what the project is about, the target, and what we seek to achieve. So isn’t it lovely to ask about the progress as time goes on? Writing can be very frustrating, and there are times we almost give up.

You can, therefore, revive our enthusiasm by asking, “how is it going?” As we share our frustration through the process, it also encourages us to complete the task.


3. Limit Your Expectations

A writer can be rich with just one wonderful piece, but that is not automatic. There are times that good works are overlooked, and such is life. So while you see our work as great, limit your expectations because the reading public may think otherwise.

We also struggle to have a book deal no matter how talented we think we are. If you think the writing profession is rosy, then look elsewhere.


4. Don’t Read Until We Say So

You need to love reading to date a writer doesn’t mean you should be reading anything they pen down without permission. This is because you may be tempted to make suggestions or point out mistakes in the new draft after reading.

And that can cause problems for us! So, just as we won’t be using your stethoscope if you were a doctor until we are told, don’t go reading our work until we ask you. All I mean is respect the professional boundary.

5. We Don’t Need Fake Praises

We are not always in our element. And there are times our writings may suck like hell. So if you are faking your praise, you know it. It is always better to tell the truth right in our faces than to be diplomatic. Garnishing your review about our work create more harm than good to us, so please be real.

6. We Spend Time Out With Others

Being stuck in the seat just with our laptop or pen and paper can be very boring. We go through a lot of frustrations and stress to bring out a successful piece. So chilling out afterward wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Yes, feel free to invite us out when we are free. Having a drink together wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

7. Your Parent May Not Like Us

We are not rich and may never be, but that doesn’t affect our passion for writing. However, your parents may be worried. Some parents are stereotype about the writer and see us as people with no real jobs. Really, does that notion still exist? The sad answer is yes! So, before you say yes to us, consult your parents, so they don’t embarrass us on our first visit if you are serious about dating a writer.

8. Help Us Through Our Rejection

Facing rejection has become one of our professional hazards, and we have learned to accept it the hard way. Many of my works have been rejected before, and that is bound to happen in the future.

Writers face rejections from agents and get demoralized by critique, among others, so we need your support. Whenever you see us down, get close, and say, “All is well.” This is one of the greatest help you can offer us.

9. We Procrastinate a Lot

Procrastination is something we have to deal with each day. We have the best ideas to start a new piece, but procrastination would set through.


We are naturally not like that! However, stress and frustration sometimes take the best part of us. You can help them by putting them on their toes if you are dating a writer.

10. When We Want to Write, Please Allow Us

We need inspiration before penning down anything. So when we get in that element, don’t quench that fire. When you see us pensively writing, please hold on to your interruptions. Any form of interruption can affect our thoughts and ideas. And wouldn’t take it likely!

11. Don’t Take Our Writing Personal

We are inspired to write what we write base on our experience or other people’s experience. So, that piece may depict something that happened between us. But it may not be necessarily directed at you. Chill when you see such a draft.

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