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The Right Use of Chandeliers in Feng Shui

Chandeliers Symbolism in Feng Shui

Many homeowners today depend on the use of Feng Shui practices when deciding on decorating their homes. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice dating back thousands of years, but it’s still just as popular and widely used today as ever. Let’s read about chandeliers in Feng Shui.

The practice is fundamentally based on a cardinal direction, five elements, and the changing seasons. The physical placement of one’s home and objects facing a particular direction or in the area of other items is important in Feng Shui—and applies to chandeliers in homes just the same.

Whether or not you believe in this practice, many aspects of this ancient custom can help you create the perfect balance of peace, tranquility, and harmony in your home.


#1. Five Elements of Wood

In traditional Feng Shui, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are used as remedies for energetic issues present in any home. Most people think of Feng Shui as just moving your furniture around, so it’s facing in a specific direction, and that’s all it entails. Feng Shui, however, is much more than this concept alone; it involves making and harnessing the proper positive energy in your home.

Lighting is considered a vital part of the whole Feng Shui experience in any environment. Every room in your home should be well-lit to draw energy into and around the entire room. Therefore, the lighting of the room that has a chandelier is just as vital.


There should be enough to reflect the glass or crystal parts of it so that it shines. Spacing is just as important in Feng Shui; objects and furniture shouldn’t be too close to one another, blocking any entries, or directly in front of doors and pathways. Therefore, your chandelier should hang freely and away from any other objects close to it and should be centered in the ceiling of the room it hangs.


#2. Soft Ambient lighting

Whether you need bright task lighting or soft ambient lighting to set the proper mood, the number of lights and the type of lights you use can have a profound effect on your home. According to this concept and all who follow it, Feng Shui could positively impact all aspects of a person’s life.

The chandelier should provide enough light to the room when the sun is down, and the shades are closed. Using proper lighting techniques, you can boost the flow of positive energy throughout your home.


Many Feng Shui practitioners say that the lighting in a home is like the indoor version of the sun, giving your home life and energy, just like the sun does for the outside. You can use this theory to add light, energy, and life to any dark areas of your home where it’s thought that negative energy lies.

#3. Chandelier Needs Balance

This is why it’s important to have a chandelier that does this in your room. If you have a room in your home that always feels a little bit dark and depressing, try adding brighter lighting. You might be amazed at the effect it will have on the room’s overall mood and energy level. By simply adding better lighting to a room, you can often transform the area into a much more positive space in which to live.

Good Feng Shui lighting design also needs balance. This means not over-lighting (or under-lighting) any room. If possible, you should allow for variety and add user-friendly controls with multiple light sources, and dimmer switches included so that light can be adjusted gradually.

Consider adding at least three different light sources to each room. This means that there should be at least two other light sources placed far apart from one another for the room with the chandelier. These may include task lighting like a desk or reading lamp, overhead lighting, and up-lighting.

 #4. Importance Of Chandeliers

The particular use of chandeliers in many places within your space plays an important role in Feng Shui decorating. It’s said that the use of them helps attract positive chi into a home. If you were to translate the word “chi” into English, it could be described as life force energy.

As a homeowner, you want as much of that energy to come into your home as possible and to attract it. It would be best if you hung a chandelier containing many crystals in your hallway. This is as close to your front door as possible.

When you open the door and the light hits the crystals, it’s believed that the chi will be drawn into your home and increase the amount of energy already inside.

#5. Crystals

Crystals are often used to contain and direct energy, fill in missing parts of the light in a room, and bring sunlight and chi into the home. The crystals are said to balance both fast and slow-moving energy.

The use of crystals to slow down and disperse chi in a long space, such as a hallway or stairs. For staircases, hang a crystal at the bottom of your stairway to uplift and re-circulate the chi. If this is the same room you hang the chandelier, consider using crystals instead of glass. You can also use crystals to uplift chi in the bathroom, rooms with low ceilings, and all other rooms in your home.

#6. The place to Hang a Chandelier in Feng Shui

Another excellent place to hang a chandelier—especially smaller ones—would be in the corners of the room. But  If you hang your chandeliers anywhere between the north and west corners of the room, the energy coming from the light is said to help all the people stay in the house.

If you’re interested in making money and material wealth and success, as well as family harmony, you should hang them in the north-east and south-west corners of your rooms. The bedroom is an equally popular place to hang a chandelier. It will create a lot of energy when you have one.

Be very cautious of where you put it. However, the only thing you need to avoid is hanging one over your bed. But this is unfortunately where most people decide to hang their chandeliers.

The only way to preserve the positive chi a chandelier attracts in the bedroom is to place a canopy below it to displace the light directly on the people sleeping in the bed. This means that it would be better to use a smaller chandelier in the bedroom to place one over the bed.

#7. Style of the Chandelier

When picking out the chandelier’s size and style, you need to be very careful. You will want to avoid walking underneath it. This is because of the energy coming off of it and going down toward the ground.

If you want a huge, fancier chandelier, hang it over a table. So, there is no way to walk underneath it accidentally. Also, in Feng Shui chandeliers should not hang above a chair or anywhere that people would be sitting under it.

It is also believed that the earth’s energy created by chandeliers brings together those that are considered opposites.

Many believe that using the Feng Shui principles of chandeliers as a form of lighting will help prevent problems between the men and women living in the home. This strategy may be a good reason to use chandeliers in as many rooms as possible in your design plan!

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