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Capricorn Man And Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Capricorn Man Libra Woman

Can Capricorn men and Libra women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? For a Capricorn Man Libra Woman relationship, the best advice is to take it very slow and with a lot of patience. In the beginning, these two lovers might hit it off right away but only time can tell if they can make the relationship long lasting.


Capricorn Man And Libra Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Libra Woman and Capricorn Man in Love have the same thought process. They are both realistic and like to work hard. If these two zodiac signs want to create a relationship they will both have to form habits of great patience.


The Libra Woman will have to learn to be patient with the Capricorn Man who will be often preoccupied and slow to open up to anyone. He loves to enjoy life and is considered very humorous, but he is slow to show his emotional side.

In turn, the Capricorn Man will have to learn to be patient with his Libran mate who might take some time deciding which direction to take in certain situations. He will have to step up and create more stability and organization but she will be able to provide love and affection.


The Libra Woman can think more intelligently while the Capricorn Man has a sentimental side. He will be aiming for career success, while she will enjoy working on small projects both in and outside the home. They will have a lot in common that will be grounds for a great Capricorn-Libra friendship.


In a marriage, both want stability and eventually a family. It might take some time before they both realize that they want to commit and are both willing to make that jump. The Libra Woman is very charming and this will most likely be the first thing the Capricorn male is attracted to.

Her ability to be diplomatic might convince the Capricorn male to invite her to be a part of his business. She doesn’t like to fight and will avoid conflict at all times so they won’t argue but will most likely have a deep conversation if a problem does arise.

Capricorn Man Libra Woman Relationship – Cons

Both the Capricorn and Libra soulmates have busy lifestyles. Surprisingly, the Libra Woman tends to have a more detailed schedule than the Capricorn Man because she likes to have a social life as well. Even though she will be the one with more on her plate, she will become upset if he doesn’t spend a lot of time with her. He tends to stay late at the office. Unless he can admit he is doing so to improve their future, she won’t understand why he stays late almost every day.

The Libra lady is great at accomplishing her goals, but sometimes she is pulled in many different directions. When the Capricorn guy is dating a Libra woman, he will be more serious than her. Her tendency to get sidetracked might annoy him as he is always on a clear path.

Someone who is as realistic as the Capricorn Man might think she has alternative motives when she is unable to focus on one path and this habit of hers might scare him away causing a breakup.

Even in bed, the Capricorn-Libra love compatibility will not be enough to be sexually satisfactory.


Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and Libra is an air sign that is cardinal by nature. The compatibility gets a TWO Hearts love rating.

It’s hard to determine for sure if the relationship is capable of love. They can interact well together and they both have the same ability to be hard-working. They both want to create a family at one point or another and can understand each other intellectually.


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