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Libra Woman Sexual Traits

Libra Woman In Love

Being a very social individual, the Libra woman is the kind of person who can make anyone laugh without much effort. She is the kind of lady who turns heads everywhere she goes and no doubt, has quite a number of compatible men waiting for her to give them the go ahead.

She is the loyal type; therefore, she definitely does well in long term relationships. If you are looking for someone mature with whom you can settle down with, then the Libra lady is the right person for you.

libra womanLibra Woman In Relationships

Libra women enjoy art and nature. So if you fancy one, seduce her by appealing to her natural senses. She is the kind of person who will enjoy a walk in the park, a visit to the museum or even a road trip out of town.

The Libra girl loves natural comfort, relaxation and calm romance. Don’t be anxious and don’t feel intimidated around her, just be yourself. Due to her social nature, she will expect you to hold conversations with her, discuss anything and everything as opposed to just nodding your head and mumbling out brief phrases.

She will create time to get to know you in and out so take advantage of sharing your life’s perspectives with her. Make sure that you show some interest in her on your first date, ask questions whenever necessary.

You will be scrutinized closely from the minute you are introduced her, to where you took her out on a date, and how you carried yourself around her. Your next move after your first date will be analyzed accordingly.

Go silent, and she will dismiss you and move on to the next one. Text her and tell her that you enjoyed the date and her company as well. This will definitely mean that you still hold some interest in the Libra female and would like to meet her again. Make sure you are on her mind and she still knows that you exist.

Libra Woman Sexuality Traits

When it comes to bed, the Libra woman will really appreciate it if you make her enjoy herself thoroughly. If you do so, she will definitely return the favor. She is the kind of woman who enjoys being kissed, foreplay and told sweet nothings before actual sex. Compliment her; tell her how beautiful she is. Don’t just rush to finish up and move on with life.

If you do pass this stage, she will definitely consider you as someone she can keep because she doesn’t decide who she will go to bed with in a second. So, if you are put into that category, make the best out of it. Even after the date, make sure you keep communication between the two of you flowing.

If you stop calling her, she will just assume your lack of interest and move on with her life. Remember, Libra is a social zodiac sign with a huge circle of friends and other potential men willing to be romantically involved with her.

Capturing the heart of the Libra woman may be a little bit difficult but in actual sense, it is not. She is very charming and captivating, and these two traits will definitely put you under her spell.

Getting into a sexual relationship with her will guarantee you a high level of passion and balance. Once she falls in love with you, she will love you deeper than you have ever experienced in your life.

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  1. Libra woman Loving Scorpio man

    I agree these look to be on point.
    I’m not so sure about the one night stand you mentioned Janice Marie Foote.
    As a libra, one night stands are just not something we do.
    However, the older I get the more open I am to adventure, but yes it has to follow the rules.
    I have to ask..
    How is it for the rest of you Libras?
    I am not typical when it comes to compatibility with the zodiac signs for love match.
    I have spent the last ten plus years resisting a Scorpio. but it is useless – the pull, vibes, and connection I feel with him is very overpowering and continues to become stronger each day.
    We are such a match in every way that I can think of…
    Whats the story on this match of ours? he is the 31st I am the 13th?
    We are not even in the same state where our other senses can take over on us..

    • The article about Libra Women is spot on. When it comes to Scorpio men, I have not had good luck. I dated 2 men that are scorpions and as charming as they were, there was a side to them I definitely didn’t like.
      One, told me 2 months into our relationship, that he is a recovering cocain addict. He also turned out to be an introvert with many other issues and, easily overwhelmed with work and relationships. The other Scorpio was addicted to beer and lied a lot and whenever something went wrong, it was put on me right away, without question. He also would get overwhelmed with his job, working on his PhD, no time for relationship, except friend with benefits. Something I told him will not for work for me. I moved on! Found plenty of admirers that are real men, not boys hiding in men’s clothing.

    • Omg, you’re so on point. One night stands is just something us Libra women won’t do and will not stand for. For some reason, I can’t ever shake the Cancer, Gemini and Sag man. They won’t leave me alone. Everything is spot on. We cast spells on the men that make them fall head over heels for us. We tend to draw the serious men and pick out the real from the fake. Which is always a plus because we are serious about how we do things. We always have men trying to get our attention and love. Really enjoyed this article. Not a lie at all.

  2. This is right on point. They usual!y get it wrong somewhere in it. First time for that

  3. Janice Marie Foote

    I’d say that this assessment of a libra female’s romantic relationship side is pretty spot on. FYI even a potential one night stand will hold some intelligible conversation beforehand.

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