Angel Number 825 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 825

825 is your number this season. You have seen it on the clock more than twice. It matches with your birthday date. The angels want to share some information. Below are a few pointers to your life.

Listening to your heart is another issue brought about by angel number 825. You are working on something big. It is time to ask for assistance. You lack the experience to push yourself forward. Someone has come to you with a lot of capital but you do not trust them. The sacred angels want you to follow your heart. Listen to the inner voice.

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825 number meaning is very ceremonial. It only appears at certain times of the year. Be ready to see it when it gets to you. The angels have given their word. The listening ear always triumphs over the lazy ear.

angel number 825

Angel Number 825 Meaning

The angel number 825 is very interesting. Number 8 is a number of infinity symbolism. It means complete care from the universe. Number 2 is a sign of justice. It means you should be fairer in your judgment. Number 5 is the symbol of wisdom. It means that you should seek knowledge. 82 and number 25 are intertwined in this numerology. Number 85 is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

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Breaking boundaries is you mission this season. Angel number 825 commands you to get out of your comfort zone. Your job has been the same for a long time. Sitting at a desk all day is not what you were created for. You have had great ideas.

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You know a lot of things that can push you forward. You need to move to the next level. Greatness is what you should seek. Find your inner calling. Work towards developing yourself. It is time to grow. Move an extra mile.

Self-worth is the message from number meaning 825. This is finding self-respect. Your ego has been absent for a long time. People have pushed you around for a long time. Decisions have been made for you. This issue has made you blame people for your mistakes. It is time to be the captain of your own ship. You need to command your path. The angels will help you take control of your life.


  1. Jeg er taknemmelig Jesus💖 univers 💖og engle 💖i love it tusind tak

  2. Thank you Jesus and to my angels for the loving messages

  3. This is the most freakiest thing that i have ever seen my birthday is August 25th and the last week i look at the time and i see 8:25. So i decided to check it out and this is very encouraging for me. I feel like it’s right on with what i needed to hear. Happy belated birthday to my fellow Virgos 😘

  4. My birthday is 8/25 as well I was happy to find this post

  5. For a few weeks, I have been presented with the number 825 in a variety of ways, (I.e.); clocks, bldg addresses, always at that exact moment that I look up, or in a specific moment of “blankness”… no particular thoughts. Incidentally, my birth date is August 25th…I will be 53 years old…I am an Artist in every descriptive way, but I struggle working janitorial jobs (past 5yrs)…I’m tired & ache for my craft’s manifestation.
    I really appreciate these numerological insights, as I didn’t grant them much merit in the past…I’m awake now…thank you {~__o}!

    • I am absolutely blown away by this post! As well as this comment! This exact same thing has been happening to me for the past couple of months. Looking at the number 825 on clocks, mailboxes, cash registers, online, etc; you name it. It happens so often that I’ve started a list, and its getting quite long now. Not to mention 825 is my birthday, I will be turning 18 this year. And another thing I find to be crazy about this is that I too share a love for art! It’s not something that I pursue at the moment, it’s just so crazy the similarities I’m seeing here, I am absolutely blown away.

      • My birthday is as well, August 25th! I used to love Art more than I do now, but I definitely still appreciate it more than ever now too…. I usually see 825 on clocks, my phone, dates on videos that I watch that happen to have been posted on my birthday in the past. I used to even work at a gas station and someone had asked me to pick them a number for a lottery game called Pick 3…. and I told him my birthday 8-2-5, but he played it as 2-5-8, and made it out for any order, and his ticket won $70.00 I didn’t ask for my “cut” out of his winnings, but I just thought that was another piece to my numbers that I have come to see numerous times over time.

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