Trusting Your Heart Whether To Stay Or Go

Trusting Your Heart Whether To Stay Or Go

Always trust your heart and your head if they are clearly saying to stay or to go. But sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. Sometimes it is tough to know whether to trust your heart at all. When you are deciding on whether to stay or go on in a relationship consider your thoughts and feelings.

Write a list. If you are really considering going than look at the reasons why you are thinking this way. Are you just mad at this issue or are you mad at him or her in general? Do you get mad at each other often? Can the issue(s) be resolved?

How good are you and your partner at working out conflicts? If you find that you and your partner fight a lot and it is not getting any easier. If you don’t get closer after conflicts and learn more about working together with each disagreement then that may be a problem. You should trust your heart if it is saying go in these circumstances.


Stay Or Go?

But think about what life would be like without this person. Are you ready to be alone? Can you imagine your life without this person? Is life better with them or without them?

If your heart is saying stay or you are unsure, focus on yourself for a bit. Think about what you want and need out of a partner and relationship. Again, make a list. Writing about what you want helps to make it clear for you. What makes you happy? What does your partner do that makes you happy?

Think and write about the deal breakers and what may be just annoyances. Be honest with yourself. What can you live with and what do you want to live without? What are the good things about your partner? What are the negatives? Also what are the negative and positive things about you?


What can you do to be happier? You want to know yourself and trust yourself before you can trust or live with some one else. Is the problem you?

Another person cannot make you happy if you are not happy with yourself. Another person may not be the problem if you are unhappy with yourself. You want to really look at what the problems really are honestly.

If you are considering staying you may want to have a talk with your partner. Lay out all the issues on the table. You both might want to create your own lists.

Find out what he or she is thinking and where they are at in this relationship. What do they think the problems are? You both might want to see a professional counselor either separately or together.

You want to think about the major issues in the relationship and whether or not you can deal with them or if it is something that can be fixed. Then ask yourself do you trust your partner? Are you comfortable with them? Have they ever hurt, hit or criticized you?

Do they help you to succeed in life and to get through the hard times? If you do not like the answers to any of these questions is it some thing you want to work through or not?

Remember that you deserve to be happy and to be treated well. You and your partner should make each other happy and if you are not happy than figure out what is best for you and how you can be happy.

Happiness is a way of life but negative people will only bring you down. So be positive and have positive people around you. Love will come.

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