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Angel Number 149 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 149

The person who invented numbers, what was he going through when he came across this phenomenal happening. Maybe he was trying to pass a message or he was writing down the events of his day. You have come across number 149 so many times in one week to the point that you have become worried. You are even scared of taking your parking ticket because you are sure that the number 149 will be on it, which ends up being the case. This is the message from angel number 149 to you.

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Change of environment, helping others at when they are at their lowest and aspirations. Those are the main messages from angel number 149 meanings.

angel number 149

Angel Number 149 Meaning

Angel number 149 comprises of numbers 1, 4 and 9. Have you stayed in one job, the same position for a long time? Time for change has come, that is the message from number 1. A new job or position in a different environment is the new challenge you need. Send out those job applications because your fairy angel is working in the background to ensure that the goal in your life is achieved. Those ideas that you have been bottling inside, it is time to let them out and build on them. The new challenges and exploring of your ideas will give you the satisfaction that you have been looking for.

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Every time you look in the mirror, are you satisfied with the person that you have become? Number 4 is all about goals and aspirations. Are you the person that you have aspired to be, if not what are you doing to become that person? Be an achiever and the only way to do that is by being focused on your aspirations. Have a sense of duty, whenever you are called upon to do something. Give it your all and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

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Give back to the society, message from number 9. One weekend gather your family, friends and colleagues and do some charity work. Feed the homeless, go to a foster home and play with the children there.

Angel number 149 asks you to give some joy in another person’s life. Give a helping hand to someone in need, a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear. You may not solve their problem but you shared in it and that’s what matters.

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