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6 Feng Shui Tips For Guest Rooms

6 Feng Shui Tips for Guest Rooms

This website has been discussing methods of how to Feng Shui rooms ranging from the office to the kitchen to the patio, but not yet has it been discussed on how to Feng Shui one’s guest room!


Guest rooms can be overlooked as an area for decoration when there’s the whole rest of the house to consider! Many people can’t afford to have the luxury of enough space for a guest room. So if one does, it could be a fun and creative experience to decorate it Feng Shui style! This area of the home, when handled well, can create a wonderful, relaxing environment that brings in good chi and a boundless supply of positivity and good luck!


When people have guests to stay over, they want them to feel comfortable, at home, and like they can get a good night’s sleep. Not only do people want their homes to be havens of rest and peace, but they should want the same for their guests as well. The Feng Shui tips for the guest room are very similar to using Feng Shui to arrange the rest of the home, but it is almost more important because it’s for loved ones/relatives or for people whom are to be treated well and with respect.


#1. Make sure it’s free of clutter

Just like other rooms, it is important to keep the guest room clear and organized. Things shouldn’t be lying around in heaps on the floor, but there also shouldn’t be that many things. Keep decorations light and easy as well as decorations furniture and other objects.


#2. Orient the bed

The bed is the focal point of the room! It should be near the door but not next to it, and it should not be in the line between the door and the window. If there is a double bed, there need to be two bedside tables as well.

#3. Keep things in balance

Think of the colors and the materials of the furniture pieces that will be in there. Consider the five element theory, and do not put too much of one element in the room to put it out of balance. For example, do not add a surplus of mirrors (which are the water element). It will throw the whole system out of whack. Also, organize the objects in a balanced way. This means the furniture and the artwork should be level and placed with equal space between one another.


#4. Create it for one purpose

The guest room should be the guest room, but if it also doubles as an office, make sure to power down the electronics and organize the office space before guests can use it. Also, whatever the guest room may double as, a folding screen can be a great way to divide the space and hide the buzzing energy of the “office”from the calming energy of the guest room.

#5. Add a few extras

Guests really appreciate when they can get a snack or find an extra toiletry without having to bother the host. Keep a nice varied basket of snacks that don’t need refrigeration along with extra towels, shampoo, razors, and soap. It will add a lovely, homey touch to the guest room!

#6. Give it a test try

Try sleeping in the guest room to get a sense of the vibe and how the colors and decorations fit. See if there is satisfactory light that comes through in the morning and in the evening. That can help to decide on the design for the curtains. It can also help provide feedback on the comfort of the bed and the organization of the space and how comfortable the room is as a whole.

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