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5 Feng Shui Tips for ADHD

Feng Shui for ADHD

It’s more common than people think! This craving to move, to think about everything at once, and to get distracted is found in many people across the globe. ADHD is an acronym for mental health disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Feng Shui for ADHD life is a system of balance, organization, and peace that can be a beautiful way to bring back some stability and organization to an ADHD life.

Whoever is in the home with ADHD, whether it be a child up to a grandparent, these five tips will help that person maintain their ADHD at a normal level and effectively work with it day to day.

It’s most often diagnosed in people when they are children, and it carries with them throughout their lives, but perhaps manifesting in different ways. It is recognized as a condition where the person will be very impulsive, will be unable to follow directions well, won’t be able to focus or remember information, and often has trouble organizing or accomplishing other tasks.


Feng Shui for ADHD

It can be frustrating for those dealing with people who have ADHD, such as parents or teachers, but what’s often forgotten about, is that it can be equally as frustrating for those who have it and experience it daily! ADHD has now found its match which can help to counteract its effects.


These Feng Shui tips for ADHD are pretty easy, but some will take a bit longer to apply. Start with the easiest (and cheapest) ones first. Just a few simple changes can make a huge difference! These are basic Feng Shui tips that work to gain lots of benefits, but they also specifically will be an enormous help to those who have ADHD. The five tips are:


#1. Get that clutter out!

It’s been said many times before, but don’t let the house and what’s inside get out of control. There is no need for a home to be piled high with junk and unused items. They don’t do anyone any good, and it will bring both the energy of the ADHD person and the vibe in the house down.


If a cluttered and disorganized room will create a stressful environment for someone without ADHD, just imagine what it would do for someone with it! Also, it can be useful to not display too many decorative pieces or knick-knacks around the house.

If it’s the child who has ADHD, don’t place too many toys or overstimulating items in their room. It will distract from the entire purpose of the child’s bedroom. For an adult, that could look like not overdoing it on wall decorations or unused books and magazines and papers.

#2. Use natural tools

The person with ADHD has a mind that is always on the go. It can’t stop doing and thinking and just ticking along. The natural world can be a big help.

Use a few tools to help inspire calmness and an atmosphere of peace. For example, consume calming teas such as kava and chamomile. Take herbal supplements that reduce inflammation and produce a calm feeling: milk thistle, St. John’s wort, and magnesium.

Also, consider using essential oils just as lavender to fragrance the air and create a peaceful vibe. None of these options are expensive, and everyone in the family or household can take part in an extra reduction in stress and chaos! Even guests will be restored by these methods.

#3. Reduce time with electronics

Technology is everywhere now, and we cannot escape it! Studies are cropping up that are showing the connection between the use of electronics and lack of good sleep which in turn leads to muddled and unrelaxed minds.

People with ADHD who are always moving, especially need their sleep time to recharge and restore themselves to prepare for the next day. So, keep the use of electronics confined to a certain area of the house and for a certain time.

Everyone can benefit from taking some time to “wind down” at the end of the day, and it’s hard to do that if all of our technological tools are constantly buzzing.

But, most of all, keep the electronics out of the bedroom because that’s where good, reliable, restorative rest needs to take place! And, that can help lengthen the amount of time people spend on their electronics because they would be so accessible when heading to bed.

#4. Consider repainting

Colors have a significant impact on the way a room feels and the way people think when they enter it. Choose colors that stimulate calming energy such as blues, greens, and earthy tones. These colors do not overstimulate or over-energize.

They are merely there, and they help to reduce anxiety, stress, and tension in their particular rooms. For whoever has ADHD in the household, make sure that their place is the first one to get repainted with these peace-inducing colors.

#5. Use a wooden bed

Wood is an earth element and therefore helps to bring calmness and a grounded feeling to the room. Metal is too stimulating and energizing, so replace the metal beds with wooden ones.

ADHD is an incredibly tricky disorder regarding dealing with day-to-day administrative tasks. If someone has this mental disorder, it doesn’t mean they aren’t capable, smart, or able to have relationships. But, this disorder can get in the way of a lot of things.

As a child, it can display itself as poor behavior in the classroom because of distractibility and impulsivity, or as not doing homework because planning is too difficult. As an adult, it can manifest as forgetting appointments or due dates.

Or, it could mean having a lot of relationship troubles because it’s difficult to listen and stay focused when someone is talking for extended periods, and it can be hard to remember dates or everything a partner has said.


Feng shui tips for ADHD


Feng Shui for ADHD

That’s why these Feng Shui tips for ADHD are so great. They help to bring Feng Shui into the lives of those who struggle with this disorder as well as to provide a little balance and stability to the living space. These tips could also be put to use in the work area or office.

Not only will people who have ADHD benefit from these tips, but it can also be equally as useful for those who are living and dealing with people with ADHD. The whole energy of the space can be brought to a quiet level, and that’s beneficial for everyone! Feng shui is all about calm, peace, comfort, ease, organization, and balance.

It’s the perfect thing to use with ADHD. It will help counteract ADHD’s effects and help those who have the disorder to feel renewed, and confident that they can accomplish their daily tasks without continually being affected by the sway of ADHD.

So, get rid of that clutter, use natural tools or remedies, get a wooden bed, reduce time with electronics, and consider repainting.

All of these tips will help bring that previously chaotic and overstimulating living space, down to a bearable and livable level. Get started today and good luck!

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