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7 Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom Over Garage

7 Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom Over Garage

You love your new home, but something is just not right. At first, your master bedroom seemed like a great idea; it is a big, secluded oasis away from the kids, and it feels like you and your partner can have your own space. There is just one problem; it is over the garage. Every time someone comes or goes, the garage door moves, and there goes the mood (or your sleep). Things just seem to get worse, so you do a little research online., and you can think of Feng shui tips for bedroom over garage.


As it turns out, the best advice comes from a source that is thousands of years old and comes from ancient China. It is called Feng Shui, and it is a philosophy that has been built on centuries of observation and tradition. Feng Shui is mainly concerned with the flow of energy, or Qi in and around people and places. The home is one of the main places of concern. Could it help you? Here are some Feng Shui tips for a bedroom above a garage.


Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom Over Garage

#1. Begin with proper Feng Shui treatment of the garage

If there is negative energy in your bedroom, it will find a way up to you. First things first; clean out the clutter and dirt. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, if you break it down into steps and take breaks in between, it won’t seem so bad. Start with the garbage can; keep it (and the smells) outside. Pull the cars out so you can better assess the state of the space.


If you have a very large amount of trash, rent a dumpster or request a special pickup that Monday. Make arrangements for someone to take a load of items to charity. Take an hour or two and create “trash,” “donate,” and “save” piles. Once time is up, move the trash pile to the dumpster. Fill up the donation vehicle and say goodbye. This leaves you with what is left.

Before you put it back in, clean the garage. Make sure the dirt is gone. Pat yourselves on the back, and give yourself some time off. The next time you tackle the garage, build or buy shelving to house your belongings in an orderly fashion. Paint the walls a pleasing shade. Why go to all this effort? In Feng Shui, energy must have clear pathways to move. Clutter and dirty spaces cause stagnation, and therefore, pools of negative energy.


#2. Proper ventilation is a must

This should be done as a matter of code, but make sure your garage and your bedroom both have proper ventilation since cars and chemicals in the garage produce unhealthy vapors. It is advised that you store dangerous chemicals in a well-ventilated area in the first place. Lastly, as a matter of common sense, hang a carbon monoxide detector in the garage if you plan to park cars in there, and don’t leave cars running inside the garage, as the fumes may find a way into your bedroom.


#3. Proper insulation is a must

Again, this should be a matter of code, but nothing says you can’t have extra insulation between you and the garage. This will keep the temperature in your bedroom more consistent (and more comfortable), it will cut down on the noise from both the garage and the street, and it will save money.

The bedroom is supposed to be a place of rest. In Feng Shui, much attention is given to creating a balanced, calming space for a couple to bond as well as sleep. If you cannot get good sleep, you are likely to be irritable. If you are irritable, you are much less likely to have a happy marriage. Even if you are not in a relationship, it will make relationships with others more difficult, be they work, family, or romantic. This, in turn, will affect finances and overall happiness. Do you see how this works? Feng Shui is observation and a great deal of common sense.

Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom Over Garage

#4. Carpets

Carpeting, or at least a square or rectangle rug on the floor helps slow the flow of Qi. The trend in interior design currently is to utilize wood or stone flooring. While it looks attractive, and in most cases, it is not a problem, if your bedroom is over the garage (a large, open space), those hard floors speed up the movement of energy too much.

Earlier, there was a discussion about clutter slowing down energy too much. This is the opposite problem, which results in a space that is too active for resting. Adding carpet is the best option. For those of you who can’t stand carpets, adding a sizable square or rectangle rug that may be cleaned is a good alternative. The shape is assumed to add balance and solidity. Why, you might ask? Because these shapes are associated with the earth element, the most stable of all the elements. Again, the point is to create a restful space.

#5. Bedroom Layout

A proper bedroom layout is a must to counter the bad Qi. Where you place your bed will have a big impact. Make sure the bed, or headboard at least, is against a solid wall, but not in a straight line with the door to the bathroom or the rest of the house. This is considered very bad luck, as it is disquieting and not calming. If at all possible, make sure you have a headboard for your bed, as this offers additional comfort and security.

Make sure the bed is not over any appliances that may be located in the garage, such as a water heater or HVAC system. It is best if there are no windows directly above the bed, as this is unsettling. You need to feel secure if you are going to get a good night’s sleep. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times to keep the smells and bad energies out of the bedroom.

#6. Proper bedroom colors are a must

As was said before, calming earth tones, such as browns, tans, and cream colors are good. Soft yellows are a good accent. If you are experiencing some health issues, green sheets (from the wood element) are said to boost your health.

If you are in a relationship that needs a little bit of spice, add hints of red, but not too much, or you will have trouble sleeping. Colors to stay away from are dark blues, blacks, whites, and metallic colors. The first two color groups are from the water element. Too much water influence in the bedroom will make you sluggish. The last two are from the metal element. Too much metal in the bedroom will make your mind too active to sleep.

#7. Use only helpful art in the bedroom

While it is popular to display pictures of family, Feng Shui practitioners suggest you think of the bedroom as a private space. Limit photographs to portraits of the occupants; there are plenty of other places in the home to honor the family. As for artwork, choose carefully.

Now that you have some ideas about balancing the elements in terms of colors, the same thing goes for materials and representations. Stay away from overly active or violent scenes or colors. Instead, invite the earth element in with landscapes, mountains, or soothing abstracts.

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