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9 Feng Shui Tips For Collections

9 Feng Shui Tips For Your Collections

If you happen to be an avid collector or even a hoarder of types, there are many ways to incorporate Feng Shui tips for collections to keep them up and running, enjoyable, and pleasing to the eye as well as bringing a good, warm, and positive energy. Here are a few Feng Shui tips to help any collector get started:

As people grow and experience, they gravitate towards certain areas and develop interests in a variety of sectors. In the past, having a collection was very popular and a common pastime. It could have been international stamps, coins, or even seashells, but nowadays collections have developed in other ways. People start to collect certain kinds of music, coasters from good pubs, or even T-shirts or mugs from cities they’ve visited.


Sometimes, people have extremely expensive collections that they spend time and money on to accrue. But often, the problem is that collections are forgotten and neglected. Many times, especially in older homes, they will be placed on a shelf, and left to gather dust and become home to dead critters. Or, another problem is that people collect TOO much, and the group gets a little out of control.

Collections can take over an entire room, and then there’s one less room to live in and make use of. This reality is not Feng Shui and can attract bad energy and bring negativity to the space.


Feng Shui tips for collections

#1. Take care of the collection

Collections take time and energy to build up, so they also need the same amount of energy to maintain. Keep them clean and well-polished. Don’t let the dust settle on them. Neglecting them can encourage a bad Feng Shui. This is true of any item in the home. Keep areas clean and clutter-free!


#2. Display the collection prominently

It is important to show pride in the collections, since they are a representation of the collector and help bring a personal vibe to the space. By displaying them, it also sends out a warm and loving chi that brings a lovely energy to the home.

#3. Organize the collections

Make time to go through each piece in the collection as time goes on to ensure that the piece still fits and that the collection doesn’t get too big. People grow and change, and so do collections.


Feng Shui tips for collections

#4. Decide which collections are worth keeping

Sometimes, collectors can become overzealous in their collecting. Collections can get too big and can take over a space. Go through each group of items and decide whether or not it’s worth keeping. Just as people evolve and go through changes, they should rotate and adjust their objects.

#5. Choose an appropriate space for the items

Each object in a home has an appropriate place to be, so it’s important to decide where to place the collections. It can be nice to display the collections, but if the collections are large, they can overtake a room and pull focus from other important areas. Also, if there are many collections, try rotating them, so that each collection gets time to be loved and displayed. Depending on the type of collection it is, the appropriate area to be located in can vary.

#6. Is it important enough?

Ask the question “Is this collection bringing happiness to those who are living with it?” This is a great question to ask for any object in the home or the workspace. The item has no place in the area and does no good if it doesn’t bring happiness or have use. That is the whole point of purchasing things are collecting them. If it doesn’t bring joy, it isn’t worth keeping. It’s important to go through each piece and ask this question.

Feng Shui tips for collections

#7. Give a collection away

When it is the time to let go of a collection, do it in an honorable way. Don’t just throw it away. Collectors take time to build up their pieces, and they could be loved and cherished or made use of by someone else if they’re not wanted by the original owner. Give them to a friend, another collector, a library, an antique shop, or a nonprofit store.

#8. Consider incorporating lucky numbers

Each person has a lucky number, so collecting a certain lucky number of things or arranging them in lucky groupings such as pairs can be very auspicious.

#9. Discover the collector’s lucky direction

Lucky directions can be used to orient many of the objects in the home or work area, and the collection is no exception. Because the collection represents the love and interest of the owner, facing the collection in the owner’s lucky direction can attract luck, success, and prosperity.

coin-collectionEach person is different and has a varied amount of interests. Some people love sports memorabilia, or they collect books from a certain period or a certain author, or maybe they even like to collect antiques from a particular era. Wherever direction their interest lies, they may begin to form a nice little collection. But, that collection can often get out of control!

Hoarding is slowly becoming a thing of the past with Feng Shui on the rise, but it still happens, especially in homes where people have collections! They often forget about things they’ve accrued and leave them to the mice and the bugs. Or, they want to keep them, but they box them up and never display them, creating an endless amount of unnecessary storage.

Feng Shui promotes the idea of organization, calm energy, and balance. Objects in the home and the work area must be loved, displayed, made use of, and cared for to attract that good and positive chi that we’re all looking for. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate the above tips into the collections. Display them prominently, but don’t let them take over a room; organize them well, deciding which collections or which pieces to keep and which to throw away.

If it’s time to give one away, give it away to someone else who would love it and take care of it. Take care of the collections and keep them clean. Don’t let them get too large and out of hand, and use other Feng Shui tips such as lucky numbers when arranging and displaying the collections.


We are humans who often get sentimentally attached to items. But, it’s important to remember that the items are not who we are. We shouldn’t get overly attached. They’re just things that bring us happiness but do not define us. Just as it is important to clear the mind of clutter and negative/stale energy, it is also important to clean the home and especially to go through collections.

Collections that are forgotten, neglected, and not put to good use will pull down the positive chi of the space and will not energy or revitalize the home. By showing love to our belongings, we send out an energy of love to all of those who enter the house. So, keep collecting, take care of it, and use Feng Shui to keep it in balance!

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