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7 Feng Shui Ideas For Office Cubicles

Feng Shui An Office Cubicle

Impersonal, grey, and brown, three little walls enclosing you every day of the week. Does this sound familiar? If you answer yes, you must be one of the thousands of people who work every day to sit in a tiny cubicle. The space that never changes looks the same as all the other cubicles surrounding you. Perhaps you have tried to bring a bit of life to your cubicle to try and make it your own—a strategically placed photo frame or perhaps an interesting pencil holder placed on your desk. Yet, you still feel trapped and stifled by the suffocating space. Do not despair. There is a solution, Feng Shui. There are countless ways to Feng Shui your office cubicle to make your space feel less like the rest. Here are a few ways that will help you embrace your cubicle.


#1. Are you feeling claustrophobic and confined?

The majority of office cubicles force you to face a wall, and thus, you cannot see what is happening around you. This uncertainty leads to a feeling of insecurity and anxiety. Feng Shui has a straightforward solution to rearrange your desk and chair, ensuring that you face the doorway or cubicle opening.


If you are unlucky and have a desk that cannot be moved, you can introduce a mirror. Ensure that you situate the mirror at the correct angle allowing you to see what is going on behind you. You will then see when people are approaching you, and you will feel less vulnerable and more secure.

By simply adding the mirror, you will feel more in control of your surroundings and feel a sense of security. This will not only improve your overall mood but will lead to an increase in your productivity.


#2. Grey and Brown to Feng Shui your office cubicle

Perhaps a hint of blue felt; these are the common cubicle colors you will be exposed to. These colors are monotonous and boring. When you are surrounded by monotonous colors, depression and a lack of self-confidence will follow you throughout your workday.

It is often difficult to escape both these colors and feel, but do not despair. There is a simple solution: implement a colorful Feng Shui element in your cubicle. Research has shown that the simple introduction of color, moods, and general well-being can be heightened.


You may ask how the answer is simple; even if you have company constraints stating no alterations to your cubicle, you can still bring in this mood-altering color. You can use color and the previously mentioned mirror together; ensure the mirror you place has a bright, colorful frame.

Good colors to use are earth colors, gold, yellows, and tan colors, as these represent stability, power, and control. These are elements you want to encourage in your work environment. You can also bring these colors into your cubicle by placing statues or pictures where these colors are prominent.

Simply placing a poster of a sunset in your line of sight will help not only improve your mood but also encourage positive energy flow and an increase in your work performance and satisfaction.

#3. Cubicle Office

Your office cubicle can often feel stifling, and this feeling can cause a lack of creativity and productivity as well as a sense of hopelessness. Do not despair again. Feng Shui has a solution for you. Introduce a water element into your cubicle. If you can, adding a small fountain feature to your cubicle is advisable.

You do not need anything large a small battery-powered fountain will suffice. Ensure that the water is always running while you sit in the cubicle. The sound of the water has a positive effect on not only energy flow but also mood. The constant sound of water is soothing and will remove the stifling feeling you are accustomed to. The sound of water also encourages movement and a sense of flowing energy. You will notice that the workday passes far quicker, and you will have a far stronger sense of accomplishment and take more pride in your work.

#4. Follow the principle of energy

Energy flow affects people’s moods. Our sense of sound is compelling, and if we can tap into this sense, we can increase our sense of happiness and be far more productive in the office.

When you are sitting in your little, boring, grey, cramped cubicle, you will notice you are acutely aware of all the sounds surrounding you, which can be very distracting and negatively impact your mood and work.

#5. By introducing white noise into your space

You will notice an immediate improvement in your mood and ability to focus on the task. There are numerous white-nose machines available, as well as apps where you can download white noise. Play the white noise at a low volume throughout the day, and you will immediately notice the positive results.

A drab corporate cubicle can be soul-destroying, and a sense of dread fills you every morning as you sit down in the lifeless cubicle. The simple solution to this is to use a common Feng Shui practice and introduce life to an otherwise dead area.

#6. Placing a pot plant

An ornamental bamboo on your desk will bring a sense of life to your area. With this new sense of life, you will feel an increase in your energy levels. According to Feng Shui, life breeds positive energy. Therefore, the more life you surround yourself with, the more alive and full of energy you will feel. Ensure you water your plant and that it does not die; otherwise, you will be introducing negativity into the positive space you have created.

The majority of offices will use harsh white clinical lighting. Unless you are one of the lucky few with a window near you, the only light source entering your cubicle is cold and clinical.

This type of light creates a feeling of isolation and distress which is not conducive to your work environment: Feng Shui energy flow and light work hand in hand. Natural light is best; however, a fantastic solution is to bring a small lamp into your cubicle if there is no natural light.

Use a warm light bulb in the lamp. Place the light at an angle to your work area. This allows the warm light to bring a sense of calm and security but does not distract or overpower your senses. The feeling of calm serenity will allow you to focus on the work before you.

#7. De-clutter your desk

The last technique I would like to bring to your attention is also the simplest to implement de-clutter your desk. Piles of paper, folders, and books around you create negative spots and prevent positive energy flow. You will also feel frenzied and out of control as you are surrounded by disorganized chaos.

By introducing a neat filing system and placing unwanted mess in drawers, your desk space will feel more open and inviting. The inviting sense around you entices you on a subconscious level to work.

You will also find your work far more effective and that there is less procrastination in your workday. A clean, neat, and tidy desk ensures a happy, content, and focused person.

Conclusion: Feng Shui your Office Cubicle

Do not allow your work environment’s limitations to impact your work performance or your overall sense of well-being. The Feng Shui techniques I have illustrated can be used individually, or you can implement all of them depending on your workplace conditions.

A simple creative change in your workspace will significantly improve the psi energy flow energy surrounding you. The increased positive energy will help increase your mood and sense of pride in your work.

You are an individual who embraces your individuality through Feng Shui, and your stuffy little cubicle will become a place where you are happy to spend most of your day.

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