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How To Feng Shui A Bedroom In Which Someone Has Died

How to Feng Shui in a Room in Which Someone Has Died

#1. What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui? This seems a simple question, but it is hard to answer. The words Feng and Shui mean wind and water, respectively. Feng Shui is an art developed in China that states how to strike a balance between different forms of energy in a specific space to ensure good fortuity, luck, and individual health. Doing Feng Shui in a bedroom where someone has died is meant to remove negative energies the deceased could have left behind. These negative energies may make the house feel uncomfortable for others to live in.

Good Feng Shui symbolizes fortune and success, while bad Feng epitomizes failure, poor health, or bad luck. The art has several uses, but in this article, its use of cleansing a room where someone has died will be explained.


Feng Shui Cleansing A Bedroom In Which Someone Has Died

#2. The Purpose of Feng Shui

Research has shown that some people feel in another person’s company when they intrude on spaces where someone has died. Cases of haunted houses have been reported in various places worldwide.


The answer to why people feel in others’ company when in such spaces is not very important. The most important thing is understanding how to cleanse such areas to leave one in a positive state of mind.  The best way to do this is by using Feng Shui art.

#3. What to do Before Feng Shui

If you have decided to take action in Feng Shui’s deceased bedroom, there are essential practices that you need to perform. It is advised to do nothing to the house until the burial ceremony is done and completed.


During the ceremony, various practices are performed, like painting the eyes of the deceased black so that he can stop looking at the world, he left behind and focus on the world he is going to. The practice is followed by removing all the pictures of the departed from the bedroom.


This is because they are believed to act as a portal where his spirits can go back into the world. However, if the blackened eyes ceremony was not performed, there is no need to remove the room’s photos. During the burial ceremony, bells are rung to call on the dead’s spirit from the bedroom to the gravesite. It is advised not to remove all the wind chimes in the house to confuse the spirits of the lost loved one and have them get back to the house instead of moving to the grave.

#4. Cleaning the Room

After the burial ceremony, it is now time to clean the room. The first step involved is opening all the windows to allow negative vitality off the house and positive energy into the home. Clean out everything. This is meant to relieve the family of the sadness and grief that may come from seeing the deceased items.

However, it is a person’s option to clean off what they want and should not necessarily consider cleaning off everything. The deceased’s items are things that can never replace the lost loved one.

The next step involved is to remove all personal clothing and donate. Other people may opt to burn them, but the option is solely yours. Other personal items can be kept or given away depending on their value and if you still want to keep them.

The next step is to remove the bedding and dispose of it. The last step is to clean the room including the floor and walls thoroughly. It is optional to choose whether to paint the room or not. However, changing the room’s color gives it a burst of energy and can be a good option since the old painting can bring unhappiness to the bereaved.

#5. What Happens to The Bed?

Negative energies left by the dead person Some people may opt to burn completely and bring a new bed into the bedroom. Others may opt to keep it since replacing the bed may not be economically practical. Replacing the mattress only can be a good option for these people.

#6. Elements Used To Cleanse the Room

After cleaning the room, it is important to perform a cleansing ceremony. Someone not attached to the deceased should do this ceremony.

It is done to ensure that all the negative energy has been removed. You can use several elements like salt, rice, and incense. Each component has a meaning and specific places to be used.

Sprinkle salt on the corners of the room, mattress, or bedroom floor. Leave the salt to stay for a while to draw as much negative energy as possible. Sprinkle rice on the front door of the bedroom towards the house.

This draws out the spirits from the bedroom to the exterior parts of the house. Dispersing scents in the room is also a basic form of cleansing the space. Different perfumes have different properties, hence distinct significance.
Lavender scent repels negative energy, eucalyptus relieves grief, and sage repels spirits. Light is an important cleanser too. Allowing more energy in the room brightens the energy.

#7. Parting Shot

In conclusion, this article has highlighted how to Feng Shui in a room in which someone has died. Hence, it should help you as an individual to be able to move on with your life comfortably after losing a loved one in the house.

When you do Feng Shui in a bedroom in which someone has died, it will leave the room without any negative energy and feel different. It is important to help people carry on the good memories of their lost beloved in the right way.

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