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8 Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Lets face it we all love to snack. Even on those days when we have healthy meals and big helpings we still want that extra something to snack on in between. So what are some healthy snacks we can have instead of reaching for that chocolate bar, that bag of candy or sweets? Sure, nothing wrong with those sometimes but what about when you really want a healthy snack?

Well luckily for all of us, there are lots of things we can snack on without feeling guilty and still enjoy the flavor of them.

Here are just a few:

celery peanut butter#1. Celery & peanut Butter or Celery & Cheese Spread (low fat)

This is one of my favorites since it tastes delicious especially in the case of peanut, if you are a real fan! Also would you believe celery which is good for your teeth incidentally, also causes you to lose weight!

#2. Popcorn

Regardless of what people tell you, popcorn is a healthy snack and not only at the movies. A word of advice if you are trying to keep to low fat, go for the low fat version.

popcornIt will say clearly on the supermarket product. Previously we used to prepare popcorn using oil in a pan and adding the real popcorn. The problem with this is using the right oil, it can spit oil (dangerous), you can burn the pan from experience;-).

Also it is so much easier to just pop the paper bag (not the plastic wrapper!) in the microwave for 2 mins. If you feel like being a bit naughty you can always add some honey or golden treacle to make it a bit like caramel popcorn.

Dried Fruit

#3. Dried Fruit

If you get the right mix this can really hit the spot. Try dried apple which has a bit of a sour taste and actually quenches your thirst a bit.

Also sultanas, prunes, dried dates and dried apricots. These are all good for you. Many give you a vitamin C top up and are also good for keeping you regular (non-constipated).

#4. Liquorice

Try and buy the natural sticks with either no chocolate or else carob which is also fine. This is a natural snack and absolutely delicious to snack on. It is also good at keeping you regular.

#5. Banana Smoothie

banana smoothieSure you can have the banana. However having it in a liquid form and maybe a dash of low fat ice cream is so much more delicious and filling since that is what you want in a snack, right?

To make a simple banana smoothie just get milk, add banana chopped up, add Manuka honey (nature’s natural sugar and medicinal) and possibly a dollop of ice cream, that’s a small spoon not a cup;-)

#6. Digestives & Philadelphia Cheese (low fat spreadable of course!)

This is a absolutely delicious snack and you will only need 2-3 to feel a bit full and satiated. If you can’t get Philadelphia substitute cream cheese or even sour creme.

prawn cocktail#7. Prawns

Prawns either fresh or frozen (then defrost) and low fat thousand island dressing with some salad. Its kind of a quick prawn cocktail. You can do this without the salad but the green salad is really healthy for you and balances out adding the sauce which is a must have!

#8. Carrots & Low Fat Dip

This always goes down well at parties since everyone is watching their waistlines and cholesterol levels in between delving into the chips, the sausage rolls, the Thai entrees. Somehow intermittently eating a carrot a bit like a rabbit makes us all feel uber healthy and health conscious:-)

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