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Unalome Symbolism And Meaning: Sign of Enlightenment

Unalome Meaning and Its Symbolic Significance

Unalome might be a simple design, but it is clothed with great symbolism. This symbol is popular as a tattoo. It also presents a lot in jewelry. Many people love having this sign on their bodies or in jewelry but they do not know its significance and where it comes from. Unalome meaning plays a major role in our lives today, and it signifies a state of enlightenment, wisdom, confidence, and knowledge.


The Unalome is an ancient symbol found in Buddhist and Hindu artwork and Holy scriptures. It is known to have originated in ancient India. However, why it came to be and how it manifested in the lives of the natives then is yet to be established. The Unalome is also known as Unaalome.


The Unalome features a spiral and twirly line that ends in a straight line. This symbol might be simple in appearance, but it holds the philosophy behind human existence. Buddhists believe that the Unalome is a representation of the path our lives take. Life might be challenging and filled with obstacles and hard times, but life takes a straight path characterized by enlightenment and freedom at the end of the day.


Unalome Meaning

Dissecting the Unalome Symbol and What Each Part Represents

Unalome Lines

The lines represent the path your life takes in your bid to reach enlightenment. Life is never a straight line because the journey is never easy. Life is filled with twists and turns, and you will end up making mistakes, but at the end of the day, you will learn from them. Challenges will come and go, but with confidence and grace, you will overcome them.


You have to face struggles in life to become wiser and stronger. On your life’s journey, you will learn many lessons that will help you achieve a sense of enlightenment. At times you might feel like the universe is working against you, but always have faith that things happening in your life are happening for a reason.

You gain awareness as you go through life, and your consciousness expands. You will notice that the loops that result in the Unalome lines become tighter toward the top of the Unalome image. The tightness signifies aligning your life with your divine life purpose while working towards achieving enlightenment.

The closing of the lines signifies transitioning from being a child to becoming an adult. No matter what you go through in life, growth and progress is guaranteed.

Unalome Dots

The dots at the top of the Unalome symbol signify enlightenment. After the dots, there is a straight line that signifies reaching enlightenment. It also signifies achieving your goals and aspirations through hard work and determination. The straight line signifies that you have gone through life and its challenges and reached Nirvana.

Bottom of the Unalome

The base of the Unalome signifies the beginning of your life. It is a sign of your birth date. It can also be interpreted as the beginning of spiritual enlightenment.

The Unalome paired with Lotus

In an Unalome image, the lotus flower is mostly placed at the top of the straight line. The lotus flower grows away from sunlight but pushes itself towards sunlight and blooms into a beautiful flower that people admire. Because of its survival tactics and determination, it is symbolic of freedom and enlightenment.

Unalome Meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism


The Unalome symbol represents the Third Eye of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. Lord Shiva is the highest Hindu god. He is known as the Destroyer because he removes challenges and obstacles in people’s lives. He sits on the highest throne and runs the world as he wishes.

In Hindu culture, the spiral at the bottom of the Unalome symbol signifies the eye and life; therefore, it is upon you to discover your way in this world. Lines with knots signify spiritual growth. Knots signify life lessons, and the lotus flower is a sign of full attainment of enlightenment.


The Buddhist Unalome has a sitting Buddha at the bottom. There is also a half-moon over the Buddha’s head. The moon is a sign of enlightenment in the dark. Just above the half-moon, there is a spiral with a line of knots that extend upward to the universe. Buddha means the awakened or enlightened one.

The Unalome symbol in Buddhism signifies the path to enlightenment. The image of the Unalome signifies the struggles you have to go through in life before reaching a state of enlightenment. In Buddhism, the Unalome is symbolic of making mistakes and learning from them, thus working towards living an upright life.

unalone meaning symbolism
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Deeper Understanding Unalome Symbol

The unwelcome symbol represents both feminine and masculine energies depending on its placement. In the Buddhist religion, the spiral is at the bottom of the Unalome symbol, and facing right, it signifies masculinity. The symbol is feminine when the spiral is at the bottom, facing left and inward.

Many people wear Unalome symbols in the form of tattoos. Unalome tattoos can be placed on different body parts depending on someone’s preference. The placement of a tattoo also brings out its meaning.

Buddhists and Hindus are against having Unalome tattoos on the feet because feet are unholy and dirty. The unwelcome symbol is also an essential aspect of jewelry. You can gift Unalome jewelry to someone going through a challenging period in their life, a graduate who is about to start a different life journey, and your lover or partner on your anniversary, which is symbolic of the journey you have endured together.

Unalome Meaning: Summary

The unwelcome symbol holds great meaning in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is a sign of enlightenment that one achieves after going through the challenges and struggles of life. You need to be willing to achieve enlightenment in your life; therefore, you need to work hard to ensure that you align your goals and aspirations with your divine life purpose.

It is not an abomination to have a Unalome tattoo, but it has to be placed on a part of the body, not considered unholy. Feet are considered unholy and dirty in Hindu and Buddhist culture; therefore, no Unalome tattoos are expected to be seen on the feet.

This symbol urges you to allow your consciousness to expand, and you will begin to see the light and achieve your full potential.

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