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Temptation In A Long-Distance Relationship

Tips To Keep From Cheating On your Long Distance Love

Two things will forever fuel a long-distance relationship. One is loyalty; the second is sharing your struggles by communicating often. The temptation is part and parcel of our lives. It is everywhere, whether you like it or not. It is more difficult to avoid temptation in a long-distance relationship. The urge to find a stabilizer increases day by day.

You are forever on your toes as you wait for them to come. You don’t know that your actions tempt you more than what you always desire. Talk about your flirtatious trait with a fellow worker. Need I say more!


*If you rattle a snake, you must be prepared to be bitten by it. Meaning? Be always ready for the consequences that you set yourself. Don’t flirt with them with an intention that, oh, you don’t have your partner around.*

1. Flirt, but in Moderation

Relationship experts believe that nothing is poisonous unless by doing excessively. I agree. It’s okay to flirt, but if doing steadily. Don’t judge yourself, but it’s healthy to flirt with your recent crush.

You learn more about the process, including new vibes. It’s a set of preparation that lays out for you what you’ll do next to your lover. You’ll gain the courage to boost his mojo once more. With all that said, let the person know that he’s worth every mile.


You can only do this by staying faithful whether it pours or rains. Don’t get yourself into a sweaty situation. Not unless you are just flirting for fun, please make it pass. If you are carried away by extreme heat, let go and focus on your partner. Let them in your thoughts and soul. Call him as often as possible. If need be, text him “I Love You” as often as you can.


2. See Each Other as Often As Possible

Yes, I have just made it more accessible. Make sure you’ve met at least once a week or slightly after every two weeks. Visit one another as often as possible. Not only will you get connected but also you won’t get a chance to welcome potential prey. Suppose this is hard, skype and video call while at it. Have a face-to-face conversation.

Look presentable and talk about exciting things. Make sure you are both stuck in the conversation. Don’t be too long without having some fun and exciting moment in between. Watch your favorite movie together and laugh your hearts out.


3. Find a Wing Man/Woman

Okay, don’t judge me yet. I am not trying to imply that you should have a friend of benefit friendship. I mean having a true friend who you look up to when you find yourself in temptation.

Go with them to clubs and enjoy each other’s company. It’s better if the said friend is of the same gender as you. Tell your partner about your current friend. You will hang out together when you are both around. The same also applies to your partner’s side.

4. Talk Often

Small talks count in every way. Don’t ignore what your partner does for you when away. A significant relationship needs improvement and a successful path. Talk to each other, be it about the weather, what you are wearing and so forth.

Not unless you are both getting bored of irregular check-ups. It’s worth it in the end. That said, don’t ignore little details such as birthdays and anniversaries. No matter what you do, please take a peek at each other’s lives and be good at it.

5. Far or Not, Let go of jealousy

As stated above long-distance relationship is built on trust and communication. So don’t confuse this with jealousy and resentment. It’s somehow hard for long-distance couples to go over jealousy. But the reality is that you don’t have an option if they are good-looking. Accept that lots of preys will present themselves.

However, be still and trust your partner. Don’t be swept away by rumors. Don’t snoop on your partner’s social media accounts. They are destined to have fun without strings attached.

Note that we are talking about your most treasured jewel. This person is yours. Don’t get jealous if you aren’t yet ready to let the person go. Take it easy and make everything work steadily.

6. A relationship Your Partner

If the person attracts more attention, trust them more without a hitch. Of course, you want your partner to do the same way. Play your part and leave everything else to work on it. It’s tough to keep following someone till dawn. Be frank, and don’t ask who’s that talking in the background.

Be still, and everything will work as you both desire. If there’s no trust, then there’s no love. If there’s an unusual message on your profile, reply with credibility. Be fair but not too harsh. Another thing, give your spouse more time when talking over the phone. Make them feel appreciated and missed. When trust is lost, a long-distance relationship will never work. Tread wisely and carefully.

7. Let Him Her Be Your Favorite Notification

When the person means loads for you, distance is nothing at all. Crave for that person like you met yesterday. It is real and utterly right that you’ll miss one another. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let all pass. Be active; send your partner a morning and good night text. Let her read over 50 to 100 notifications from you and not from her prey.


Relationship is hard work, just like anything else. But it is never going to be easy if you both settle in your comfort zones. As a couple, work at it every day. Just because you love this person, you are ready to spend some time even when tired.

Fall in love first with his innate part, and the rest will follow suit. You might not see each other physically, but let the person be your first and last thought every single day.

Suppose you didn’t fall in love to compete with the world. Love and care according to your how much you can. Above all, trust your partner and don’t be riding with loads of rumors around. Even though you are together, you are both living separately.

In that tone, you are going to make new friends. It is a time went those “friends” seem to be more attractive than your partner. The end truth is that love is natural, and you should both learn how to tackle temptations.

Even if you are filled with doubts and all, trust your partner. Your lover can’t fall in love with every objective person they come across. When it’s too much to handle, calm your nerves and reread the above tips.

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