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The Right Feng Shui For A Healthy Body And Energy

How Do You Feng Shui Your Body For Good Health?

Having good energy levels flowing inside your body is suitable for healthy living. You have to consider many factors when you want to maintain a good flow of energy in your body, from the air you breathe to the body’s overall digestive system. Although these factors are often applied, the significance of Feng Shui is always ignored. As many people undergo periods of stress in one way or another, it is always an excellent notion to focus on home Feng Shui tips to help boost energy levels in your body. You can understand the role of nature in human health.


Feng Shui presumes that everything has a unique energy, be it living or non-living. Feng Shui energy is said to be continuously changing to allow the spaces to encourage their natural movement.

Its goal is balance. Early Chinese medicine men will talk about their ways of living and especially their sleeping schedules before starting treatment. They will tell you that if you spend less than 8 hours of sleep, it is not healthy and will affect your well-being negatively.


The following are some helpful Feng Shui tips that can help you boost your energy levels. You may not possess the energy right away to practice or do readjustments for the furniture, but you can perform these simple tips.

Feng Shui Your Body To Attract Happiness

#1. Cleanliness – Feng Shui Tips for a Better Body

You should thoroughly clean your kitchen to remove unhealthy food particles. Fresh breath in your kitchen resembles the new energy levels in your body; always do not undermine this cooking place’s strength.


#2. Plant Flowers

Plant flowers like rosemary or mint, basil, thyme, and lavender in pots made of clay (this represents the earth Feng Shui element), then place them in a decent place in your kitchen. Putting up your herb garden can be a good thing with many benefits. Cooking in a kitchen with a fresh herbal smell is enjoyable. Always try a change and have new roses each year to maintain the fresh scent.


#3. Freshwater Feng Shui tips for a better body

Another way to maintain the freshness of your kitchen is to have fresh water all the time. To me, the good idea is to place a row of freshwater bottles (representing the water Feng Shui characteristics) that can be used when necessary. Water is a potent Feng Shui element and a force of nature.

It is the only element that can transform into three different states; that is, liquid(water), gas(vapors), and solid(ice). Biology says that our body contains approximately 80 percent water, and the sight of freshwater triggers our inner energy levels. You should always drink a lot of water to maintain the optimum energy level in your body.

#4. Reevaluate and reorganize

Constantly reorganize the spaces in your house, starting from the main entrance to your bedroom. In Feng Shui, your house’s entrance is seen as the mouth or the point where the new energy first gets in. Enlarging this space can increase your chances of attracting prosperity and development to your home.

I have noted that many people have thought about this issue, but your front door should open approximately 90 degrees without any blockage. No chairs, cans, or makeshifts should be behind the door.

This can help you donate or dump excess pot and plastics you haven’t used over the years, freeing up entrance space. The entrance should be inviting so that positive chi can enter the house and visitors feel welcome.

Another thing is to respect the entrance accordingly. The front of your door should not be left naked. You can put on curtains and form a habit of cleaning every week. Buy one if you don’t have any, and place a potted plant in front of the door, as this is a sign of growth and blessing.

You can also paint the door green (green will attract wealth) or express yourself in other means that portray an active lifestyle. This can be creating art or making simple festive decorations for holidays. A good Feng Shui means that nothing in, outside, and around the home is left broken, eg: Broken doorbells attract terrible luck to your home.

#5. The dreamland

Whether you are trailed or contented for all bachelors and spinsters outside, your sleeping room plays a vital role in your romantic life. I have sincerely witnessed many people who have reorganized their bedrooms according to the necessities of Feng Shui with the intention of dating. This results in a serious relationship with a spouse.

Feng Shui also demands you make your bed such that its back is inflexibly against the wall. It is assumed to create some restfulness and security. The mattress also needs to be easily accessible from both ends. Avoid positioning it directly with the bedroom door.

Always ensure that you close all the doors of the bedroom, the main bathroom door, and the closet door at night. Allow existing energy to flow inside the bedroom to strengthen the relationship. Although you’re a senior bachelor or spinster, mount your bed with two identical two nightstands.

This balance promotes high energy levels of bonding while a single nightstand, image artwork, or left-alone chair shows singularity. It discourages another person from being added to the space. Your bedroom should be a sacred place where you can recharge and reconnect. Preferably, no other electronic devices should be inside. Feng Shui agrees with putting the phone away when sleeping because their presence will disrupt both partners’ sleep.

#6. Do away with waste or clutter

Some people say this is the Feng Shui golden rule, which I also agree with. You should apply it to every room of the house, every corner of the room, and even the cracks of your house. It is an excellent way to create fresh breath in your home. Also, it is an essential step towards a Feng-Shui-accepted living situation.

Doing away with waste or decluttering can not only be your brief encounter with Feng Shui but also be time-consuming. And so, you may want an excuse out of it but don’t. The moment you do away with waste or clutter, you will see its importance. This connection is straightforward; if the physical clutter is less, the mental clutter is also less hence more productivity.

Full apartment decluttering is always scary and intimidating. The moment you start, you will be amazed by how excited you get by cleaning the space. When we settle towards Feng Shui from the start, its extensiveness scares us. Nevertheless, we have seen that creating a little space can significantly change how we experience it. It’s a lifestyle change for us, even for those who initially objected.

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