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How To Improve Your Spirituality With Feng Shui?

Enhance Your Spirituality With Feng Shui

Is Feng Shui inherently spiritual? That is a complicated question to answer. Traditional Feng Shui that adheres to the original practices and traditions is not; instead, it is a series of calculations and formulas designed to balance energies in a given space. Western “Black Hat,” or as some call it, “New Age” Feng Shui, can be quite spiritual, but that spirituality borrows from other sources and is a distinct departure from traditional Feng Shui. Which direction should you go? Let’s look at both schools of thought, and then you may decide for yourself.


What Is Traditional Feng Shui?

If you wish to enhance your personal growth and contemplation, focus on the “Knowledge” location. Traditional Feng Shui determines this area using a compass, while Western Feng Shui uses a pre-set grid Bagua that you place on top of your house floorplan. Regardless of how you determine where space is, the way you treat it in traditional terms is pretty straightforward.


1. Items in the space

At least one bookcase should be there. It should have doors on it, if possible, to avoid “poison arrows,” a source of negative energy. If this is impossible, ensure the books are pushed evenly to the front. Artwork showing mountain scenery. This will reinforce inner strength.

Lucky plants, such as bamboo or jade, symbolize new growth. Writing implements inspire you to create, whether pens, pencils, laptops, or tablets. Place representations of things you wish to learn, no matter what those things may be. If those things are spiritual, so be it!


2. Keep the space clean and free of clutter

Energy must have clear paths to flow unrestricted. If not, the energy becomes stagnant, and so does the knowledge sector of your home.

3. The elements

A touch of blue or black, but not too much. Blue is associated with the water element. The water element encourages meditation and introspection. Too much water is present, and you will start to feel lethargic or even depressed. The earth element is an excellent choice for the Knowledge corner, as it represents stability and strength.


Western Feng Shui

If you focus on achieving spiritual goals using Feng Shui, look to the Black Hat school. The Black Hat school of Feng Shui was started approximately thirty years ago by Grandmaster Lin Yin, a Tibetan monk, and the West has embraced this approach. From there, branches have formed, creating their traditions.

1. The “Spirituality” and personal growth corner

While more traditional schools refer to this corner as the center of knowledge, those leaning toward a spiritual connection refer to it as the home’s spiritual heart. Crystals are essential to New Age Feng Shui practitioners, especially types of quartz. Some say that quartz can amplify the owner’s meditations and emotional states.

They may also cleanse the owner’s personal Qi, or energy, removing harmful effects. Different types of crystals have other products. For example, clear quartz is adaptable because it incorporates all colors when light hits the crystal. Rose quartz may bring acceptance and love energy into your life.

Essential oils. Lavender, sandalwood, sage, peppermint, and others have potent effects on your spirit. Each plant extract uniquely impacts your health, body, mind, and energy because it awakens your body’s curative abilities.

2. Location of the spiritual sector

It should always be in the northeastern part of your house or living room, depending on how private you are. Another option is to make your spiritual or religious beliefs the center or “heart” of your home. In Western Bagua, the center square of the home is considered the heart of the house and the family. Whatever goes there should be the essential things in your life.

3. Type of room in the spirituality corner

A meditation room. Since the area is called the “Spirituality” corner, what better use for it than to meditate and focus on your being’s spiritual aspects?

4. Items in the space to Improve your Spirituality with Feng Shui

Religious or teaching figures. These could be a family or personal altar, pictures of deceased relatives, angels, deities, saints, Gautama Buddha, Quan Yin (a Chinese goddess), or other symbols such as a cross, menorah, crescent, or star.

Which ones you choose depends upon your beliefs, of course. This space is dedicated to your most potent thoughts, and it can be as private or public as you choose.

Vision boards. This could be pictures of you surrounded by nature, or only pictures of nature itself, whichever you find more inspiring. On this board, you could attach motivational quotes or affirmations.

Keep this room very quiet and separate from the rest of the house. Make sure the rest of the family knows not to interrupt while meditating. Turn off your phones as well.

A meditation altar. This is optional, but the place on top is something of personal value that you can focus your attention on to clear your mind. For example, the object could be a crystal, a candle, or something from nature.

5. Spiritual Feng Shui Space Cleaning

You must begin with a spiritually “clean” space if you want healthy spirituality. This ritual is commonly used in Western Feng Shui circles. First, do a deep literal cleaning of your home; ensure all dirt and clutter are gone. Second, on a Friday, gather sandalwood incense, a smudge stick, rock salt, and an affirmation you feel comfortable saying over and over.


Burn the incense and smudge stick while chanting your affirmation. Do this throughout your space. When finished, place a small amount of rock salt in the corners of each room. It is said that you need to replace the salt once a month to continue the spiritual cleansing.

As you can see, Feng Shui runs the gamut from precise and measured to purely based on feelings and inclusion of many faith traditions. It all depends on what you are searching for.

If you want introspection from your Feng Shui spirituality experience, perhaps enhancing your search for wisdom is best. If you want a tangible experience, possibly doing a spiritual cleansing and creating a meditation center or altar is what you are after.

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