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Mercury Retrograde Dates 2015 – 2016

Mercury Retrograde 2017 – 2018

Mercury Retrograde 2015 – 2016

Mercury Retrograde happens 3 to 4 times in year when planet Mercury comes between the Sun and the Earth. With its concentration of iron, the planet has a magnetic influence on the behavior of human beings and some strange things appear to happen during the retrograde period.

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Though the Retrograde of Mercury lasts for three weeks, the whole cycle lasts two months. Three Mercury Retrogrades happen in the year 2015.

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2015 Mercury Retrograde Dates

January 21st 2015 – February 11th 2015 (In Aquarius zodiac sign)

May 18th 2015 – June 11th 2015 (In Gemini zodiac sign)

September 17th 2015 – October 9th 2015 (In Libra zodiac sign)

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all air signs.

Three Mercury Retrogrades happen in the year 2015

The world is moving at a rapid speed and if we have to succeed we have to adapt to situations and our intellectual faculties should respond quickly to the changing environment.

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We have to expand limits of our vision and start thinking out of the box to create new possibilities, innovations and ingenious methods. These are what planet Mercury symbolizes in astrology.

Year 2015 as per numerology adds up to Number EIGHT combines the intellectual and practical abilities to produce new products, technologies, businesses and professions. We have the right opportunity to transform the world with our new ideas and inventions this year if we put our mind to it.

2016 Mercury Retrograde Dates

January 5th 2016 (Aquarius) – January 25th 2016 (Capricorn)

April 28th 2016 – May 22nd 2016 (Taurus)

August 30th 2016 – September 21st 2016 (Virgo)

December 19th 2016 (Sagittarius) – January 8th 2017 (Capricorn)

2016 Mercury Retrograde Dates

Planet Mercury in astrology is connected with creativity and mental abilities. The transit of the planet Mercury between the Sun and the Earth will cause these retrogrades. These retrogrades normally last for three weeks while the overall effects will be felt over a period of 2 months.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are all earth zodiac signs and the retrogrades will bring in changes in the physical elements. They will directly influence the health, financial situation and professional environment during the periods of Mercury Retrograde in 2016.

Year 2016 adds up to Number NINE which signifies the completion of the nine year cycle. This is a year of completion of the existing ideas and projects paving the way for fresh thoughts and projects next year.

We can enjoy the benefits of our actions over the past eight years and review about the necessary changes for the next nine year cycle based on our past experience.

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