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Married Man And Flirting: 7 Things To Remember

Married Man and Flirting: 7 Things to Remember

I’m not sure how, but some people believe that it’s okay and safe if you are a married man and flirting. Married men call it nontoxic fun. It has always been men’s best approach with beautiful women.

Flirting is, at times, linked to single men and women, but not anymore. Couples need to do it often for marital bliss. It won’t hurt a dime to talk dirty to your spouse once in a while. It is all about maintaining the spark and intimacy.


To be a guru in this sector, men need to stay on top of their game. Use her favorite pick-up lines and make direct contact with your wife. With that said, it can be nerve-wracking when a married man flirts with other women.

While it’s true most of the time, the flirtatious remarks are harmless. However, some men go overboard. In this case, women, would you know how to handle a married man flirting with you?


Married Man and Flirting

Humans love to flirt right, left, and center. It’s like an inborn talent that continues to develop even when two become one. Is it okay to flirt with someone you know or an attractive stranger?

Men do it more often than women, sorry to say. I can’t argue this fact, but I don’t think flirting is acceptable if you see signs a married man wants you.


*There’s a reason why a man flirts with more than one woman, even if you didn’t plan it. The truth is we, as a whole, can’t fill the void. Men love to flirt more because it’s fun and it boosts their self-esteem*

Flirt but Don’t Go Overboard

It is okay to tease, but don’t go overboard with it. Flirting is only safe with women who don’t expect anything more, especially if you are married. Taking action should be a no-go zone.


Stop If It’s Degrading Your Marriage

Marriage is more important than your flirty and enticing nature. Focus on your wife. Try to wear her shoes for a minute and imagine how she would react when she sees questionable messages. Of course, this will upset her. Stop flirting with other women or run the risk of hurting your marriage.

Married Man and Flirting With Your Spouse

Women are more attracted to men who know how to allure them and bring back the sparkle. Instead of flirting with beautiful girls, focus on what you have first. Remember why you married your sweetheart. Always remind yourself she is worth your love and cuddle. You are together because you fell in love with each other.

Your Spouse is More Important

Don’t ever look for attention elsewhere other than from your partner. Choices have consequences. Don’t flirt without moderation. You have a loving and caring partner who is always seeking your love and attention.

married man flirting

She is more important to you than anybody else. So, don’t start a conversation you can’t handle or complete yourself. Remind your inner self why you married that person in the first place. You are still close to her because you love her.

It’s Okay to Not Ever Flirt

Flirting isn’t like a sport or a hobby. Men like to explore, but you should set limits and boundaries. If you think you are crossing the line, you probably are. Put that energy into your wife. When you are married, it means you should not flirt with anyone but your spouse.

Married Man Flirting or Friendly?

As someone who’s married, you should know the difference between genuine attraction and flirt. Maybe it’s your way of communicating or a form of entertainment to break the monotony, but we strongly advise any married person to avoid it. The consequences could run deep depending on your profession.

If you are a CEO or the running for office, you should not flirt with anyone on your staff or during your term as an elected official, especially if you’re married. Besides, it’s against company policy to fraternize.

Married Man Flirting: Signs of Trouble

When a man focuses on a person other than his spouse, he is asking for trouble. It is never acceptable to flirt when in a serious relationship. Just like love, flirting also comes with its consequences. You might be tempted to forget about your SO, but you have to go home at some point.

Married man and flirting? Remember, you can get burned when you play with fire. It can be all amusing and breathtaking, but something tragic could happen when you push the wrong button. It’s certain most men have cheated with one or more women, and it all started as a greeting, but they forgot to set common grounds. If you must flirt, make sure you’re just teasing and not extending an invitation to cheat.

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