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December 1 Famous Birthdays

December 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 1 are certainly different Sagittarius. Their personality is wonderfully upbeat, though their beats are on another level. It doesn’t stop them from being spunky, fun to be around as they are hilarious. They like doing things when they think about them. There is so much more to them than what is on the surface. But normally, they are not looking for anything serious. Nonetheless, when they find that soul mate, they make the commitment to be faithful and true.


It would seem that since their friends come from all over, they usually have someone around who thinks they are either crazy or they join in on the playing and exciting diversions. So in talking about their friends, it brings to mind their love interests. There could be many of them.


Famous celebrities born on December 1 are typically breathtaking individuals who are extremely popular. Their playmates are just as attractive as they are. However, this is just not enough to fulfill their dreams of having the perfect match.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 1st could be spunky Sagittarius who are otherwise optimistic and amusing. They love life and want to live it to the fullest. They work hard and like to play just as hard. Most of them will wait to have children.

December 1 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 December Good Traits:

  • Spontaneous
  • Cheerful
  • Humorous
  • Dramatic
  • Feisty
  • Bold
  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Resourceful
  • Energetic
  • Practical
  • Witty

1 December Bad Traits:

  • Destructive
  • Selfish
  • Controlling
  • Dominating
  • Devilish

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December 1 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Abadi, 1977, TV Actress
Abby Gardiner, 2001, Family Member
Abigail Hardingham, 1991, TV Actress
Adriel Diaz, 1997, Rapper
Agathe Backer-Grondahl, 1847, Composer
Akala, 1983, Rapper
Akiva Schaffer, 1977, Screenwriter
Alexa Narvaez, 2004, YouTube Star
Ali Mosaffa, 1966, Movie Actor
Allan Cristhian Martell, 1987, YouTube Star
Allyn Ann McLerie, 1926, Dancer
Amelia Clarkson, 1997, TV Actress
Andres Cotrino, 1999, TV Actor
Andrew Adamson, 1966, Director
Andrew Allan, 1822, Entrepreneur
Andrew Muccitelli, 1998, Vine Star
Angelique Bates, 1980, TV Actress

Anne Cox Chambers, 1919, Entrepreneur
Archie Maclaren, 1871, Cricket Player
Armen Donelian, 1950, Pianist
Ashlee Holmes, 1990, Reality Star
Ashley Monique Clark, 1988, TV Actress
Ashley Salazar, 1990, Reality Star
Barry Bannan, 1989, Soccer Player
Bart Millard, 1972, Rock Singer
Ben Knight, 1975, TV Actor
Benjamin Davis Wilson, 1811, Politician
Bernard Johnson, 1868, Composer
Berta Scharrer, 1906, Scientist
Bette Midler, 1945, Pop Singer
Billy Childish, 1959, Novelist
Billy Kee, 1990, Soccer Player
Billy Paul, 1934, Soul Singer
Billy Sorrells, 1982, Comedian
Bob Goen, 1954, Game Show Host
Brad Delson, 1977, Guitarist
december 1 famous birthdaysBrad Feld, 1965, Entrepreneur
Brian-Michael Cox, 1977, Music Producer
Bruce Brown, 1937, Director
Caleb Shomo, 1992, Rock Singer
Candace Bushnell, 1958, Novelist
Carol Alt, 1960, Model
Cayleigh Elise, 1991, YouTube Star
Chandler Alaniz, 1999, Pop Singer
Chanel Iman, 1990, Model
Chanel Preston, 1985,
Charlene Tilton, 1958, TV Actress
Charles Michael Davis, 1984, TV Actor
Chloe Morello, 1990, YouTube Star
Chris Fontaine, 1981, Race Car Driver
Cooper Endicott, 2000, Family Member
Corinna Kopf, 1995, Instagram Star
Costinha, 1974, Soccer Player
Craig Simmons, 1982, Cricket Player
Cyril Ritchard, 1897, Stage Actor

David Doyle, 1929, TV Actor
David Hornsby, 1975, TV Actor
David Measham, 1937, Violinist
David Nicholas, 1991, Cyclist
David Nielsen, 1976, Soccer Player
Dean O’Gorman, 1976, Movie Actor
Deep Roy, 1957, Movie Actor
Deion Sanders Jr., 1995, Football Player
Desean Jackson, 1986, Football Player
Destry Allyn Spielberg, 1996, Family Member
Dick Shawn, 1923, Comedian
Edouard Baer, 1966, Movie Actor
Elizabeth Keener, 1966, TV Actress
Emiliano Viviano, 1985, Soccer Player
Emily McLaughlin, 1930, Soap Opera Actress
Emily Mortimer, 1971, Movie Actress
Enrique el Mellizo, 1848, World Music Singer
Eric Bloom, 1944, Guitarist
Eric Clayton, 1967, Metal Singer

Ethel Shutta, 1896, Stage Actress
Etienne Maurice Falconet, 1716, Sculptor
Faris Odeh, 1985,
Federico Faggin, 1941, Entrepreneur
Frances Nisbet, 1761, Political Wife
George Foster, 1948, Baseball Player
George Huang, 1956, Director
George Jackson, 1808, Politician
George Sterling, 1869, Poet
Gilbert O’Sullivan, 1946, Rock Singer
Golden Brooks, 1970, TV Actress
Greg Upchurch, 1971, Drummer
Hatty Keane, 1994, Pop Singer
Hiroshi Fujimoto, 1933, Cartoonist
Ikey Owens, 1974, Pianist
Isaac Perimutter, 1942, Entrepreneur
Ivy Latimer, 1994, TV Actress
Jackson Nicoll, 2003, Movie Actor
Jaco Pastorius, 1951, Guitarist
Jacob Mason, 1993, Instagram Star
Jake Goldberg, 1991, YouTube Star
Jake Taylor, 1991, Soccer Player
James Bell, 1891, Movie Actor
James Wilson, 1995, Soccer Player
Jamie Lawson, 1975, Pop Singer
Jan Brett, 1949, Children’s Author
Jane Turner, 1960, TV Actress
Janelle Monae, 1985, Soul Singer
Jared Fogle, 1977, Criminal
Jason Keng-Kwin Chan, 1971, TV Actor
Javier Baez, 1992, Baseball Player
Jayson Love, 1979, Twitch Star
Jeffrey Jay, 1986, Comedian
Jennie Lena, 1977, Pop Singer
Jeremy Depoyster, 1987, Guitarist
Jeremy Northam, 1961, Movie Actor
Jillian Meyers, 1985, Dancer
Jimmy McMillan, 1946, Politician
Jo Walton, 1964, Novelist
Joe Quesada, 1962, Comic Book Artist
John Bunch, 1921, Pianist
John Coughlin, 1985, Figure Skater
John Crowley, 1942, Novelist
John Densmore, 1944, Drummer
John Eggar, 1916, Cricket Player
John Mara, 1954, Sports Executive
Johnny Raducanu, 1931, Pianist
Jonathan Coulton, 1970, Folk Singer
Jonathan Katz, 1946, Comedian
Jonny Cruz, 1982, Movie Actor
Joris, 1989, World Music Singer
Josh Parker, 1990, Soccer Player
Julee Cruise, 1956, Pop Singer
Julie Condra, 1970, Movie Actress
Kara Saun, 1978, Fashion Designer
Karissa Staples, 1987, TV Actress
Katherine Lanasa, 1966, TV Actress
Kathryn Drysdale, 1981, TV Actress
Kavin Bing-Gardner, 1993, Rapper
Keith Michell, 1926, TV Actor
Kenny Moore, 1943, Runner
Key Swag, 1999, Rapper
Kiara Gotti, 1995, Rapper
Kim Richey, 1956, Country Singer
Kirk Rueter, 1970, Baseball Player
Kradness, 1993, YouTube Star
Kristen Kish, 1983, Chef
Kurt Schmoke, 1949, Politician
Kylie Erica Mar, 1988, TV Show Host
Larry Walker, 1966, Baseball Player
Lee Trevino, 1939, Golfer
Leo Clarke, 1892, War Hero
Leon Larregui, 1973, World Music Singer
Linda Yu, 1946, Journalist
Lisa Fischer, 1958, R&B Singer
Lombardo Boyar, 1973, TV Actor
Lou Rawls, 1933, R&B Singer
Lucas Silveira, 1983, World Music Singer
Macauley Keeper, 1999, TV Actor
Malece Miller, 1993, Dancer
Manny Manuel, 1972, Reggae Singer
Marco Vanginkel, 1992, Soccer Player
Maria Ilieva, 1977, Pop Singer
Marie Bashir, 1930, Politician
Marie Tussaud, 1761, Sculptor
Mario Dominguez, 1975, Race Car Driver
Mark Thompson, 1955, DJ
Marta Cunningham, 1869, Opera Singer
Martin Hamilton-smith, 1953, Politician
Martin Heinrich Klaproth, 1743, Scientist
Marty Marion, 1916, Baseball Player
Mary Martin, 1913, Stage Actress
Mat Kearney, 1978, Pop Singer
Mathew Buck, 1990, YouTube Star
Matt Briggs, 1970, Novelist
Matt Farah, 1981, YouTube Star
Matt Fraction, 1975, Comic Book Author
Matt Monro, 1930, Pop Singer
Matt Sanchez, 1970, Journalist
Matthew Shepard, 1976,
Mayeli Rivera, 1984, Blogger
Meesha Shafi, 1981, Movie Actress
MeisjeDjamila, 1991, YouTube Star
Melanie Peres, 1971, Movie Actress
Mia Zanotti, 1998, Pop Singer
Michael Mallin, 1874, War Hero
Mika Pohjola, 1971, Pianist
Minoru Yamasaki, 1912, Architect
Mohammad Kaif, 1980, Cricket Player
Moogega Cooper, 1985, Reality Star
Mumbo Jumbo, 1995, YouTube Star
Natasha O’Keeffe, 1986, TV Actress
Nate Torrence, 1977, TV Actor
Neil Warnock, 1948, Soccer Coach
Nestor Carbonell, 1967, TV Actor
Nico Sereba, 1990, Pop Singer
Obba Babatunde, 1951, TV Actor
Otto Perez Molina, 1950, Politician
Pablo Escobar, 1949, Criminal
Pamela McGee, 1962, Basketball Player
Paul Picerni, 1922, TV Actor
Pegi Young, 1952, Folk Singer
Peter Rallis, 1988, YouTube Star
Petko Staynov, 1896, Composer
Petra Ecclestone, 1988, Fashion Designer
Phil Parkinson, 1967, Soccer Player
Philip DeFranco, 1985, YouTube Star
Rakeem Christmas, 1991, Basketball Player
Ray Henderson, 1896, Composer
Red Badgro, 1902, Football Player
Reggie Sanders, 1967, Baseball Player
Reign Edwards, 1996, TV Actress
Rex Stout, 1886, Novelist
Rich Ferguson, 1970, Magician
Richard Hadfield, 1993, Pop Singer
Richard Keith, 1950, TV Actor
Richard Pryor, 1940, Movie Actor
Rick Scott, 1952, Politician
Ridder van Kooten, 1997, TV Actor
Riz Ahmed, 1982, Movie Actor
Robert Irwin, 2003, Family Member
Robert Pesut, 1965, World Music Singer
Ryan Malone, 1979, Hockey Player
Ryan Roxie, 1965, Guitarist
Salvatore Schillaci, 1964, Soccer Player
Samantha Bennington, 1971, Entrepreneur
Sandy Nelson, 1938, Drummer
Sarah Silverman, 1970, Comedian
Sarfraz Nawaz, 1948, Cricket Player
Saurabh Raj Jain, 1985, TV Actor
Sebastian Pinera, 1949, Politician
Semyon Furman, 1920, Chess Player
Sergiu Floroaia, 1984, Comedian
Simon Donnelly, 1974, Soccer Player
Stacy Geek Remix, 1985, YouTube Star
Stanton Barrett, 1972, Race Car Driver
Stephanie Rao, 1991, Model
Stephen Poliakoff, 1952, Director
Steve Gibb, 1973, Guitarist
Steven Rosengard, 1980, Fashion Designer
Straalen McCallum, 1997, Pop Singer
Sumiko Fuji, 1945, Movie Actress
Sun Yang, 1991, Swimmer
Suzy Kassem, 1975, Screenwriter
Terry Virts, 1967, Astronaut
Tomas Tatar, 1990, Hockey Player
Tomasz Adamek, 1976, Boxer
Tommy Lucchese, 1899, Criminal
Tommy Ray, 1995, YouTube Star
Treat Williams, 1951, TV Actor
Trinity, 1971, Wrestler
Tyler Grosso, 1994, Fashion Designer
Tyler Joseph, 1988, Rock Singer
Udit Narayan, 1955, World Music Singer
Vance Joy, 1987, Rock Singer
Vesta Williams, 1957, R&B Singer
Violet Affleck, 2005, Family Member
Viv Albertine, 1954, Punk Singer
Wally Lewis, 1959, Rugby Player
Walter Alston, 1911, Baseball Manager
Will Ahrens, 1992, Guitarist
William H Daniels, 1901, Cinematographer
Wirt C. Rowland, 1878, Architect
Woody Allen, 1935, Director
Yim Si-wan, 1988, Pop Singer
Yolandi Visser, 1984, Rapper
Zalzar, 1989, YouTube Star
Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, 1918, World Leader
Zoe Kravitz, 1988, Movie Actress


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