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Fatal Attraction in Relationships

Fatal Attraction: Dangerous Relationships

Dangerous attraction or fatal dysfunctional love exceeds the optimum attraction for someone. Emotions reach the point of intense infatuation, and a normal relationship turns into a toxic relationship and dangerous one.


Although you are in a dangerous relationship, you hate competition. Fantasies start to turn into bitterness. It is to the point where you need to decide, but you want to keep both. The problem starts when one partner tries to avoid you, but nothing will stop the crazed person you have become, and you let loose in a threatening way.

You’re so wound up; you neglect your duties. You suffer from sleep deprivation. Therefore, you’re unable to concentrate. You’ve got to make a change, but the truth is you’re attracted to powerful men. What can you do?


*There are wide arrays of books that define what love is. The truth is that we haven’t yet known what it is since it is unexplainable. As a result, we analyze from a different angle and perspective. When it’s intense, the compatibility breaks down into something else.*


Heal Past Heartbreaks, Remove Dangerous Attraction

As soon as you grasp the fact you’re living in the past, the better it will be. It could be that you thought you had a loyal partner, but they eventually cheated on you. If you don’t let go of this, your past will haunt you. It becomes worse when you have already fallen in love with another person.


Try to forgive yourself and move past stumbling blocks, even in the case of revenge. You won’t mind falling in love with another person despite not letting go of your ex. However, the relationship is destined to fail if you don’t let go of that dangerous attraction to someone else.

Can  You Compromise in a Fatal Attraction?

Conflicts and squabbles are going to occur in one way or the other. To avoid dangerous confrontations, focus on your relationship. If need be, resolve your issues as soon as they arise. If in disagreement, focus on your partner’s feelings. When you meet in the middle, you’ll have it all.


By availability, I mean supporting each other and positively expressing your feelings. It is okay to dislike or like your partner’s point of view. Be loyal to your partner by meeting their needs. Complete satisfaction will lead you to have a blissful union instead of an unhealthy relationship.

Respect and Value Your Relationship

When you respect your partner, a healthy relationship is bound to happen when you focus on a person’s interests and hobbies. Avoid anger by letting go of your awkward feelings. When you place value on your relationship, you won’t be so quick to look for powerful men and mistresses. Set profound boundaries first, and everything else will follow suit.

Let Go of Criticisms and the Fatal Attraction

I totally understand your partner calls you all sorts of demeaning names. To avoid such a predicament, control your anger by knowing your worth.

In the future, don’t hide your true intuitions from your partner and listen to your partner. Let them know you’re listening by subtly responding with reasonable thoughts.

In addition to the above points on dangerous attraction, learn that loyalty and respect aren’t upgrades in your relationship but a requirement. Before uttering juicy promises to others, learn the signs of a dangerous woman, but try watering your own lawn by meeting each other’s needs.

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