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What Are The 8 Burmese Zodiac Signs?

What Are The 8 Burmese Zodiac Signs?

The Burmese astrology system has eight zodiac signs based on the eight directions. Each sign is associated with an animal whose characteristics are reflected in the personality of an individual.

The purpose of the Burmese Zodiac Signs Reading is to provide information on the nature and disposition of an individual. This is typical of most astrological systems but Burmese astrology is unique in that it has only eight zodiac signs. The reading is however highly informative and very accurate.

For the Burmese, astrology is an important factor. It is through this that they become aware of an individual’s personality and probable method of behaving. In the Burmese system, each sign has a cardinal point – North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

The Burmese zodiac signs has roots in the beginning of the Burmese society and this is favored in Myanmar at the present. Any member of Burmese society will know their sign for the date of birth, their month of birth, and their year of birth.

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The system of astrology is rooted in the days in a week (seven days). There are zodiac signs for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday a.m., Wednesday p.m., Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – a total of eight.

The eight houses in the Burmese zodiac are: tuskless elephant, rat, Garuda, lion, elephant, dragon and guinea pig. Despite these having been the animals of the zodiac for thousands of years, why these animals were selected is not clear. But it is true that the animals are reputed to demonstrate parts of the universe. The animal signs do give a rough idea of the typical traits seen in individuals born under the zodiac sign.

This reading is extremely detailed in the information that you are provided. Not only you receive the sign but also the appropriate direction for you and to your punditry ruler. These help you to make yourself into a better human being and to know your way of working.

Here is a sample Burmese Zodiac signs Reading for date, October 1, 1955, the day of birth is Saturday. The individual is hard-working and an organizer; his best direction southwest; and his birth date planet is Saturn in the Burmese astrology; and it is indicative of caution.

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The astrology reading goes on to describe the house of wealth, which is indicative of money, your work life and how you handle money. The house of kingly position relates to goals. The house of well being specifically refers to health concerns. The astrology chart is self-evident.

Do not consider the Burmese system to be without relevance in coming years. The nature of the heavens has not changed although our society may have. Indeed it is quite possible that we may need this kind of guidance more today than we did in ancient times.

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