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Infant Dream Meaning

Dreaming of an Infant – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Dreaming of An Infant Meaning in Your Waking Life

The meaning of an infant dream depends on the circumstances surrounding you and your relationship or contact with the baby. Dreaming of a baby is symbolic of positive changes, personal growth, happiness, new beginnings, and a bright and promising future.


According to the infant dream analysis, this dream is symbolic of something or someone precious to you that needs your constant protection. If you are pregnant and you dream of an infant, it means that you will give birth to a healthy baby. Dreaming of a baby and you are not pregnant is symbolic of wanting to have a baby.

Infant Dream Interpretations

Holding a Baby in Your Dream

The infants dream symbol, in this case, is symbolic of being someone that people can rely on. It is also a sign that you can carry out your tasks diligently and effectively. Success will be your portion because you work hard to ensure that things go the way you want them to go. The belief and trust you have in yourself, and your abilities is commendable.


Seeing someone else hold an infant in your dream is symbolic of new opportunities coming into your life. It is also a sign that you need to be patient for good things to manifest in your life. Trust in the process and do what you can do now, then wait for a positive outcome. Move towards your goals and remain focused.

Dreaming of a Newborn Baby

Based on the infant dream symbolism, this dream is a sign that a significant change will manifest in your life. Things are working out for the better, and you have nothing to worry about because you are on the right track.


Dreaming of twin infants is symbolic of peace, balance, prosperity, and growth. This dream is also a sign that loyalty and faithfulness will thrive in your marriage.

Seeing Smiling Babies in Your Dream

This dream is symbolic of joy, happiness, and peace. It is a sign that you will find people and things that make you happy. Nothing will deny you the happiness that you deserve. For singles, it is a sign that you will win the love of someone you have loved for a long time.

Dreaming of Infant Clothes

According to the infant dream dictionary, this dream means that you need to approach life with a positive attitude. You are yet to make something of your life because you keep doubting yourself. Get over your fears and do the things that will get you ahead in life. It is time to challenge yourself. Take a leap of faith, and you will actually surprise yourself.


Dream About a Crying Baby

This dream is a sign that you should not let your feelings and emotions control your life. Start working on yourself. Reevaluate your life and work towards making your dreams a reality. Challenges are in your life, but you should not let them get the better of you. Find ways of overcoming them with strength, wisdom, and confidence.

Cleaning Baby’s Poop in Your Dream

The baby dream symbol, in this case, signifies taking care of your finances. Stop overspending on things that you do not need. Focus more on your needs, and always remember to save for rainy days. At all times, use your finances for your betterment and the betterment of your loved ones. You need to learn how to balance and manage quantity with quality.

Dreaming of an Abandoned Infant

This dream confirms your fears of not having a baby one day. You should stop stressing yourself over things that you have no control over. Trust that things will work out in your life, and you will eventually get what you want. Trust in the divine realm’s will in your life.

Dreaming of a Sleeping Baby

According to the baby dream analysis, this dream means that you need to find peace and comfort in your life. Relax from your busy schedule. Find time to spend alone. Always prioritize peace of mind over anything else in your life. With a relaxed mind, you will better approach the issues that arise in your life. A relaxed and well-rested body will also enable you to better align your goals with your divine life purpose.

Seeing a Premature Infant in Your Dream

This dream signifies failed tactics. To succeed in life, you need proper planning. Take your time to plan before doing something capable of changing your life for the better. Be careful with your decisions because some of them are irreversible.

Dreaming of a premature baby is a sign that you need to achieve a more balanced life. Pay attention to the things that are important in your life. If anything does not do or go well with you, leave it be.

Dreaming of a Dead Infant

The dead baby dream symbol is a sign that you need to recover from some traumatic events that took place in your life. Do not let things that happened in the past cause you to lose sleep and happiness. Find ways of coping with your fears. Your main focus should be achieving peace of mind and happiness.

Playing with Infants in Your Dream

Based on the baby dream dictionary, this dream signifies hosting visitors in your waking life. You will soon host people, and this will give you a sense of joy. It might be that you will host friends and family that you have not seen for a long time.

This dream is also a sign that the time has come for you to find out more about the people around you. Interact with people that you know well.

Dreaming of a Walking Infant

This dream means that you need to take steps in your life that will enable you to reach your highest potential. You need to start making decisions that are good for you and the people around you. You are ready to face new challenges that will enable you to grow and progress in life. Explore new ideas and lead your life in the right direction at all times.

What Does a Dream About Infant Diapers Symbolize?

Dirty diapers in your dream are a sign that you will face challenges that will derail your growth for a while.

Dreaming of clean diapers signifies going through a fruitful period of your life where things will work out for you. Enjoy the little and simple moments in life. Also, maintain a positive outlook towards life.

Dream About Finding a Lost Infant

What does finding a baby in your dream mean? This dream is a sign that you need to find new ways of doing things. Connect with people that will help you advance in life. Also, learn new skills from people and explore your creative abilities.

Dreaming of Hosting or Attending a Baby Shower

This dream is a sign that someone close to you, either a loved one or friend, will soon have a child. It is also a sign of healthy friendships.

Dream about a Sick Infant

Dreaming of a sick infant is symbolic of facing setbacks in your waking life. Things are working against you because of the impulsive decisions you made in the past. You need to start making things right before you no longer have options.

Dreaming of a Teething Infant

This dream is symbolic of finding someone trustworthy to guide you through life. You will have someone in your life that will help you with your goals and aspirations. They will also help you overcome challenges and find solutions to your problems.

Seeing a Baby Boy in Your Dream

What does it mean to dream of a baby boy? It is a sign that you need strength to get through life. You have the confidence and energy to take care of your responsibilities; therefore, start working on bettering your life. Make decisions and choices that will have a great and positive impact on your life.

Dreaming of Your Infant

This dream is a sign that you are concerned about your well-being. You focus too much on yourself that you forget about others. It is good to take care of yourself, but you should not end up being selfish. As you work on yourself, also be considerate of other people’s needs.

Kissing an Infant in Your Dream

This dream means that there is someone in your life that you find attractive. You love this person so much that you admire them every second of every day. Your admiration for them is untold. Always let the people in your life know how much you adore and treasure them.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Infant Dreams

Baby dreams are mostly positive omens. Seeing an infant in your dream is a sign that you need to lead your life in the right direction. Live an honest life and ensure that you have your affairs in order. This dream also signifies embracing changes. Always want the best for yourself and go for the things that make you happy.

Dreaming of an infant is symbolic of new beginnings. You have a second chance to make right the wrongs in your life. Take charge and ensure that you do the things that are good for you and the people around you.

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