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Hit Dream Meaning
Hit Dream Meaning

Dream Meaning Of Being Hit Or To Hit – Interpretation and Symbolism

To Hit In A Dream – What Does It Mean?

To hit in a dream is a sign that you will take charge of your life and allow no one to mess with your emotional or mental state. This dream is also a sign that you will fall in love and take another chance at giving your heart to someone special.


Being shot by a gun and surviving in your dream is a sign that you will gain control of your life. Power will come your way, and soon you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Hit dream meaning calls on you to be true to yourself. Listen not to people who tell you that you are worth nothing.


Negatively, being hit in your dream signifies negative occurrences such as failure. Falling to the ground after being hit in your dream is a sign of weakness and fear. You are afraid of what the future holds; therefore, you do nothing to push yourself to become better.


Hit Dream Interpretations

Feeling as if you have been hit in your dream means that you will enjoy love and support from your loved ones and friends.

Being shot by a gun in your dreams means that you will fall in love. It also means that you will lose something important because of your indecisiveness.

Dying from being hit by a gun or vehicle in your dream is symbolic of a happy, long, and fulfilled life.


Someone hitting you in the back with a stone in your dream signifies betrayal by someone you hold dear and close to your heart.

Seeing yourself being hit in the head is a sign that you will start thinking of something that happened in the past. What you are thinking about will affect your current life negatively or positively.

Dreaming of being hit by a stick signifies being surrounded by unkind, ignorant, and bad-tempered people who will make your life hell.

Hitting someone in your dreams signifies being of service to the less fortunate.

Dreams About Being Hit on Different Parts of the Body

Being hit in the heart signifies finding happiness and welcoming love into your life.

Receiving a hit in the stomach signifies your love for material things.

Seeing yourself being hit on the legs means postponing a travel commitment.

A hit on the arm or arms is symbolic of being lazy and not using your resources to the fullest.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Hit Dreams

Hitting dream meaning reveals that you need to be in control of your emotions. Allow yourself to feel but ensure that you do not hurt anyone in the process.

Understanding your dream will enable you to know how to approach situations in your waking life. Hit dreams also mean that you should be aware of the things happening around you.

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