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Front Door Path Or Sidewalk: 8 Great Feng Shui Ideas

Feng Shui Of Your Front Door Path or Sidewalk

You have been looking into Feng Shui, and you have noticed that, for some reason, the front door gets a lot of attention. Why? Let’s back up and explore the reasoning behind this first. Feng Shui is a philosophy house years old, a complex set of beliefs based on examining one’s surroundings. How you treat the front door path will impact the rest of the house, you, and your family. Here are some ideas to make your entryway or front door path Feng Shui-friendly.


One of those fundamental beliefs has to do with Qi or energy. The goal of Feng Shui is to balance the Qi in a person or the space in which they dwell. It is believed that achieving balance will cure most maladies people suffer. How does the front door come into the picture?

For most people, their most private, intimate space is their home; therefore, most of the Feng Shui practitioners’ time and efforts are spent there. The front door is known as the “Mouth of Qi.” This means that the front door is where most of the energy – good and bad – from the outside world comes into the home.


What Are Some Feng Shui Tips for Your Front Door Pathway?

#1. The front door

There is so much to be said about the door! To begin with, what compass direction does it face? The direction of the door will affect the color you should paint it. In Feng Shui, directions, elements, seasons, and even colors are all connected.

You do not want your front door color to fight with the direction it faces and all the other things that imply or the energies involved with “arguing.” The result is insufficient energy in the home. Here is a list of colors that go in specific directions: north is black or dark blue; west is earth tones or soft yellow; south is red; east is green or natural wood.


#2. The size of the door

It should be in proportion to the size of your home; otherwise, your luck with money will be negatively affected. If the door is too small, not enough good energy may enter; too big, the incredible energy leaves too fast. Lastly, your front door should be treated as something special because it is; make sure it is in good repair, and replace it if necessary.


#3. The space around the front door

Western practitioners of Feng Shui will tell you this more than traditional ones, but keeping the area clean and free of clutter is essential for the free flow of good energy. If leaves or old boxes pile up, energy will stagnate, as will your luck.

Replace worn-out welcome mats regularly. Another tip that has multiple reasons behind it is to add neatly trimmed plants on either side of the door, but be careful which plants you use. Do not use plants with sharp points like cacti or sharply-pointed leaves, as they make the person entering feel defensive.

Giving a good first impression of your home makes you and potential clients feel better as they enter. You last want to focus on your problems or where the house needs work. This is supposed to be your oasis. Let it be just that.

#4. The sidewalk to the door – How to Feng shui your front door path?

There are several things Feng Shui experts have to say about this. The best option is to have a softly curving sidewalk. Unfortunately, this is rare. First, it is good to know that Feng Shui is not fond of sharp corners and long, straight lines.

Unfortunately, that is what many of our sidewalks look like. This is not good if you have a sidewalk that leads straight from your front door to the road. This is the same as the “don’t have stairs that lead right out to the front door” rule, only worse. As was said before, the front door is the “mouth” of the home.

The thing is, energy flows both in and out. The sidewalk described above will lead the good energy from your home into the street, draining your luck. The result? Nothing but trouble. It is possible to fix this problem, however. One solution is to add some “life” to the sidewalk by planting flowers or other living things all along the walkway.

#5. Plants

Plants generate good energy and soak up the bad. They are also known to slow down runaway energy. A more effective (but more expensive) solution is to replace the walkway center section and replace it. In its place, create a circular patch with a plant in the middle (whether in the ground or a planter).

This will certainly break up the Qi movement, but it will also make your guests have to walk around it. Another problem happens with older homes where there is no sidewalk at all. You might think this is a good thing. After all, the Qi can’t leave now. There is a problem, however.

Energy flows in and out. No sidewalk at all, no incoming energy. Your home will essentially “starve.” The solution? Put one in, of course. Just don’t make the mistake of one long, straight sidewalk. Try to create soft curves, as this is the best of both worlds.

#6. Sharp objects or corners

As was said earlier, Feng Shui and sharpness do not get along; therefore, take a moment to look around your front path. Do you see any sharp objects or corners? These are called “poison arrows,” and they are considered threatening, whether indoors or outdoors.

Suppose the culprit is an old mailbox with sharp corners; repair or replace it. If it is a plant, replace it. Those are simple fixes. What if the problem is a neighbor’s sharply pointed roof? This calls for different measures.

Some say the best solution is to hang a Bagua mirror, while others warn that you may do more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing. That may be better if it is possible to block the view with plants or screens.

#7. Lighting

First, having a well-lit front door path makes sense regarding safety and attractiveness. Well, there are Feng Shui reasons for this too. Lights are symbolic of fire. Fire is a very active element, and it adds a lively feel to the exterior of your home.

There are many different options: solar-powered lights, candles, LED lights, and warm electric lights. It all depends upon what effect you want. You may even want to consider color lights; be sure you know what your chosen colors mean before you use them!

#8. Water feature

One of the main things most Feng Shui experts suggest for a front door path (or front yard) is a water feature if your front door faces north. There are a couple of reasons why. First, it creates a soothing sound as the person walks up to your home. Second, it increases the owner’s luck with money dramatically, but only if the water feature is in good repair.

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