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Feng Shui Your Front Door The Right Way!

The Best Feng Shui Tips For Front Door

Like the beautiful saying, the first impression lasts longer; your front door is the first impression of your house, which means it has a long-lasting effect. The intention or feelings of an individual toward your home depends on your front door. Here are some Feng Shui tips for the front door.


I sometimes remember 2014. It was on vacation. When we drove into a hotel to lodge in for some period. Do you know what I first noticed? Noticed the building and the main entrance. I was so fascinated by how the doors were decorated and the color; I felt like staying there for the rest of my life because of the doors. So one has to spend extra days to glimpse the beauty of the doors.


It is human nature to appreciate beautiful, comfortable, and well-organized environments, most time, but the beauty and the organization of a particular affect human performance in a place. If you want an individual to perform well and better, place him in a comfortable position.



Houses with a high quality of energy will gain many financial breakthroughs, good health, unity, good luck, and a host of others.

Although some find it challenging to balance the front door and the house to aid energy flow, it is easier when you have some tips. Here are tips on creating a front door to help the cheerful Chi flow in your house.


#1. A proportionate door

The first thing you must consider when creating a Feng Shui front door for your house is the size of the door. The door size must be proportionate to the size of the house. Disproportionate front door size can lead to complications in career and success.

The front door should be more significant than the other doors inside. Feng Shui warns of marriage, relationships, and emotional control when the doors inside are more important than the front door. Feng Shui requires a proportionate front door bigger than the doors inside for positive energy flow.

#2. Feng Shui a more inviting front door paint color

One thing people notice when they look at your door is the color of your door. The type of color you can use on your door varies due to many factors. These factors include the direction the door is facing, your Kua (known by your birth year), and the door’s location in your house.

However, you should always note that a more catchy (inviting) color catches people’s attention than a door color. As a tip, you need to paint your first color the more pleasant color.

#3. What is your door made up of?

The material of your door is also a necessary factor to be considered. You can choose between wood, metal, and fiberglass for your door. However, you must pick a door material with an aesthetic value that will make you feel safe and comfortable.

A more secure and comfortable house will have a better energy flow. The material of your door can also be used to complete the five elements of your door.


There are eight directions a door can face – four unlucky directions and four lucky directions. You must let your door face one of your lucky directions for a better flow of positive Chi. Using the eight mansions formula, your Kua number usually determines your lucky direction.

If your door faces one of your unlucky positions, you need not worry if the five elements of the front door conform to your personality after scrutinizing the elements. On a typical note, your front door’s direction also determines the location of the wealth in your house. You need to take note of the direction and the door elements for you to have a better chi inflow.

#5. Where is it located in the house?

Like your front door’s direction, you need your Kua number to determine the best location for your front door in your house. Suppose the location you chose without your Kua number is not your lucky area, the best place. In that case, you can use the five elements of the door to determine your personality and the elements’ compatibility. The methods used here are very similar to the process above.

Moreover, it would help if you placed your front door in a location that the guest can easily find. Many people make mistakes by placing the front door in a place that makes it easier to find. For your visitor’s comfort, you should make it easy to locate a stranger.

#6. The opening of the door

The door opening matters significantly as it has much to tell about how you welcome visitors. The door opening must be something that welcomes the visitors and not one that chases them away.

Imagine the kind of experience you will have if you visit someone whose doors open outward. You will have to take some steps backward before you enter. Instead of you to enter freely with a door that opens inwardly.

When you have a better experience with the latter, a door that opens inward will welcome the guest with a better experience than one that opens outward.

#7. Protect yourself against sharp and pointy objects

Imagine passing through a particular footpath with many sharp objects, broken bottles, nails, and other sharp objects. How would you feel? This is the feeling that sharp objects can bring you and your house – negative qi. Negative qi is noted for making us uncomfortable.

Feng Shui despises sharp and pointy objects due to their negative the two are best enemies. So the impact these objects have on Feng Shui depends solely on the distance and size of the objects. However, experts have suggested that a mirror is a potential remedy.

#8. Avoid poison arrows and corners

A poison arrow is a crossroad or long alley directly facing or leading to your front door. A poison arrow can affect your Feng Shui depending on some factors, including the elevation of your house and door compared to the road, the length of your front yard, the presence of trees, and other obstructions.

It should be noted that not all poison arrows are dangerous to Feng Shui; their effects depend on the locations they face. They become dangerous to Feng Shui when they face your door and front, planting trees, flowers, or any obstruction, and hanging a Bagua mirror will protect your property from the Qi from a poison arrow.

In the same vein, corners do affect the Chi of the house. When we feel more uneasy when passing a front door close to a corner, we will not injure ourselves, so a Bagua mirror and a pair of stone lions can help as remedies in this aspect.

#9. The path to your front door

The path to your front door should be well-kept for a regular inflow of Chi in your house. So you can curve the way to your front door and plant flowers on both sides to brighten the mood of your guests with nature. Always avoid cacti as they always stimulate our instincts, and this increases the Qi around us.

Moreover, you should clear the path and free them from clutters and obstruction. But always ensure that the approach to your house is well organized and clean for people to pass freely without any obstruction whatsoever.


Before you build your house, you need to consider where your front door faces. Building a house without taking cognizance of where the front door will face is not advisable.

Staircase: In one’s life will be full of ups and downs when such happens.

Kitchen: The house owner will lack saving ability, and the positive Chi will be killed by fire and cooking activities.

Toilet: the toilet will pollute the Chi in the house.

Backdoor: the Chi in the house will have an accessible exit.

However, having a well-organized open space behind the front door is advisable. But this will serve as the point of distribution of Chi to the house.


The maintenance of your front door can take all the positive Chi your house is supposed to have if the door is not well maintained. But your door must be well maintained for it to retain and aid the positive flow of Chi and welcome your guests. The well-maintained front door will be more inviting and easy for visitors. It will carry no negative chi, unlike an ill-maintained front door. But it is essential to care for our door.

In conclusion, the front door is a crucial aspect of Feng Shui, which needs a lot of attention if you need to devote a lot of time to it but retain the flow of positive Chi in your house.

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