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Feng Shui Water and Mountain Stars

What are the Feng Shui Water and Mountain Stars?

What are stars, and what do water and mountain stars have to do with wealth? The answers will become clear if we focus on one thing at a time. Wealth; is a primary concern for many people seeking help from Feng Shui practitioners. If you search for Feng Shui on the Internet, you will see cures and lucky charms that have to do with wealth more than any other topic (love comes in at a close second). Let’s read more about Water and Mountain Stars in Feng Shui.


Feng Shui Of Water and Mountain Stars

#1. Feng Shui Flying Stars

Feng Shui is divided into several schools of thought; the Flying Stars school is one of them. There are nine Flying Stars, each corresponding to a Lo Shu square box. The Lo Shu square is an early Chinese divination tool.

The numbers in the square change depending upon several factors that have to do with your home’s layout, the facing direction of your home, and the “birth date” (when it was constructed). It is interesting to note that this school of Feng Shui divides time into segments of 20 years.


One cycle takes 180 years to complete since there are nine stars. The star associated with those 20 years has a natural element and a compass direction. Currently, we are in Period 8. That means our dominant element is earth and our prevailing direction is Northeast. What do those things mean? That is the next thing we will explore.

#2. Water Star in Feng Shui

When this is the dominant Water Star, many Feng Shui practitioners will say it is essential for you to place a water feature, such as a fountain or pond, where your Water Star 8 is located. This will be different for nearly everyone because of the Lo Shu tool.

#3. Mountain Starin Feng Shui

Other practitioners claim that the Mountain Star (also known as the “sitting” star to water’s “facing” star) is as important, if not more so than the Water Star currently.

This is because we are in Period 8, dominated by the earth element. What do mountains symbolize? You guessed it, earth! The “lucky” position for the Mountain Star is at the back of the house because it creates a strong backing and foundation for Qi’s balance or energy in the home. Good signs are a hill or high brick wall behind the house, representing both mountains and earth.


Why Are Mountain Stars Needed?

You may wonder why Mountain Stars are essential. While Water Stars offer wealth, Mountain Stars offer good physical and relationship health, whether between spouses, colleagues, or friends. If that backing isn’t there, it doesn’t matter how much money you have; you won’t have anyone to share it with because you will likely become isolated and in poor health.

As you can see, the Flying Star School of Feng Shui is complex and changes every year. It is also different for every house. If you are serious about delving into this for your use, hiring a professional with years of experience may be worth your time. There is no end to the layers of meaning and calculation in the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui!

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