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7 Feng Shui Tips For A Clean House

7 Feng Shui House Cleanliness Tips

Here are seven great tips for a clean house to unlock the true powers of the art of Feng Shui in your own home. Feng Shui is described as the ability to harmonize oneself and surroundings and find a perfect balance and harmony with your surroundings.

Knowing the powers of Feng Shui can lead to a better lifestyle that can help you achieve and maintain higher energy and concentration levels than you once thought impossible.


Feng shui Clean house

#1. How to Balance Your Qi in Your Environment

To find your favorite room or place in your household. Close your eyes. How does it feel? Perhaps you have chosen your room or office, and there are large stacks of unfiled papers or messy that need to be attended to.

These are all stress indicators, which may cause negative thoughts and energies and ultimately negatively impact your Qi and the room’s harmony. File those papers. Clean the trash. Do the laundry.


The space created in the room will undoubtedly release some of the stress and tension gathered in that space. If you have recently lost your ability to relax in this environment, try creating some space for yourself. You will feel less tense, crowded, and cramped up.

#2. Where to Start Cleaning to Start Clearing Your Mind and Balancing Your Qi

Start wherever you spend the most extensive periods! Bedrooms, offices, parlors, and kitchens are all great places to begin. Rooms where you may host more influential audiences than just yourself and your family are great rooms to create the most robust Feng Shui levels. Your surroundings are sure to affect the harmony and balance of all those within it.


We all have that special place where we feel most comfortable, but not everybody knows how Feng Shui can help create an almost inexplicable but perfect balance between yourself and your surroundings.

Personal spaces like bedrooms and offices are often the best places to find harmony with your surroundings because we are often incredibly familiar with our stuff! It makes us very comfortable as humans to be around things we know and love. Sometimes, it takes just a bit of extra effort to create ways our surroundings can affect us even more positively.


The extra effort is constructing your surroundings in a certain way that positively affects your own Qi. Having some or a large amount of free space allows us to feel free. Often, households or rooms with large amounts of free space, not much clutter, and unnecessary items are the perfect environments that always have the most needed vibrations and harmony.

Feng shui Clean house

#3. How to Create an Elevated or Raised Sense of Gravity in Your Living Space

Creating an elevated sense of gravity in your living space is great for certain personality types, including people with astrological symbols with typically low energy levels.

It creates a way to achieve balance by using your surroundings to raise your low energy levels so you can always be motivated to complete any work you may have and always do your favorite activities.

A bedroom with a raised sense of gravity might have a bed perched or suspended in the air, while the furniture throughout the rest of the room also correlates to the bed’s tall nature.

Using specific lighting fixtures that hang down from the ceilings or are placed high or on the roof is also a great way to add the finishing touch to a higher sense of gravity bedroom.

Put strands of holiday lights across your ceiling and turn the lights off. It will add a perfect sense of gravity and relaxation that will surely add a great atmosphere.

#4. How to Create A Lowered Sense of Gravity in Your Living Space

Creating a lowered sense of gravity in your living space is great for certain personality types, including people with astrological symbols with typically high energy levels.

It creates a way to achieve balance by using your surroundings to more accurately focus your high levels of energy on specific activities, projects, etc., that you are trying to concentrate on. Still, your increased energy levels are distracting you from the prospect of completing or doing something else.

A bedroom with a lowered sense of gravity might have a mattress on the floor instead of an actual bed. There might be a shallow sofa as well as chairs and other furniture.

It is usually associated with this type of environment; perhaps the room wouldn’t even have a TV or other goods many people see as necessities but indeed aren’t.

#5. Do Dust and Smoke Negatively Affect Your Energies?

Prolonged exposure to dust can cause sneezing, irritation of the eyes and nose, wheezing, and coughing. So, dust is a definite irritant and negative factor when balancing your energies.

Be sure to clean and dust your environment to ensure that this nuisance will not negatively affect your energies. And always be sure to have adequate ventilation and fresh air!

Smoke is arguably another negative factor in balancing your energies, but this could entirely be a personal preference.

Hence many people regularly burn incense and/or smoke tobacco. But as long as there is adequate ventilation in any room, smoke should not pose a problem. To balance energies and harmony between the person and their environment.

Feng shui Clean house

#6. How to Use Feng Shui to Create the Ultimate Bathing Experience

Imagine your perfect bathing experience, the bubbles, the warm water running down your back. Creating a strong sense of balance in your bathroom could help you further alleviate stress by having a clean bath.


Nobody has a pleasant experience bathing in a dirty bathroom, so hygiene and cleanliness keep a balanced and harmonized part of your household.

#7. How to Fully Grasp the True Powers of Feng Shui

Try to understand how you would like to shape the environment in which you spend your most valuable time. You will find that your levels of energy and concentration will elevate almost immediately.

Continue to improve and change your surroundings. With physical cleaning, you will have a stronger sense of how it affects you and your environment.

This will help you understand how Feng Shui can help you create your perfect environment and a better lifestyle.

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