Jacob Bernoulli Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Jacob Bernoulli

Birthday :

December 27, 1654

Died On :

August 16, 1705

Birth Place :

Basel, Switzerland

Zodiac Sign :


Jacob Bernoulli got interested in the story of mathematics. Before the end of the 17th and 18th century, the Bernoulli’s family had a couple of mathematicians on board. Although he got interested in the field of philosophy and theology, he fell in love with astronomy and math in the middle. When he had a chance to get a certificate of competence in theology, he started to work hard concentrating on his favorite subjects. He took the time to travel parts of Europe for almost seven years where he was studying varieties of scholars.

He then went back to Basel to serve as a teacher. But he was lucky to have close contact with other mathematicians. It was here that he was advised to follow his career. Without a doubt, he managed to tackle different mathematical problems, especially the study of calculus. Before calling it quit, Jacob acted as the founder of Leibnizian calculus. Even though he called it quit from the world at his middle age, he left a huge mark on the society and the whole world as a whole.

Childhood And Early Life

Jacob belonged to a notable family that was ideally called as the Bernoulli’s family. Jacob Bernoulli, a brother of Johann Bernoulli, was first seen in the world on December 27, 1954, in Basel, Switzerland. He came from a Belgian origin, and it was said that his family indulged themselves in drug business during the 17th-century.It was during this time that his great-grandfather opted to move his family to Basel to avoid the law. His younger brother Johann became a mathematician where he participated in the creation of infinite calculus.


Jacob’s Profession

At first, Bernoulli wanted to study theology, but he later shifted to mathematics without engaging his father on his career options. His father wanted him to study theology where he earned a degree in the same study in 1676.From 1676 to 1682 he traveled to Europe where he came across scientific and mathematical theories from a well-known mathematician, Hudde. It was here that he got interested in the subject and he opted to study the works of Robert Hooke and Robert Boyle. A close ally with Gottfried Leibniz helped him to learn the calculus basics. In the process, Jacob published tons of mathematical papers including Transcendental Curves in 1696.He followed it up with an Isoperimetry in 1701.In the middle of all, Jacob finalized his finding where he developed a mathematics solution that he called Separable differential equations.

He then went back to his native land in Basel in 1682 where he fully concentrated on the study of mathematics and science. It was there that he was appointed as the Professor at the University of Basel after seven years of research. He taught mechanics of liquids and solids. Although he held a degree in Theology, Jacob wasn’t defined as a church lover nor did he have anything to do with Christian values. His undefined passion for physics and mathematics gave him a chance carry out his research that brought positive impact to date.


The Bernoulli’s Brothers And Jacob’s Efficiency

The Bernoulli’s brothers, Johann and Jacob Bernoulli forgot about their father's dream of them to rule his spice business. They chose to swim to the pool of algebras and syllabuses which they fathomed well in the end. In the process, they partnered as one where they solved varieties of mathematical problems. But the collaboration didn’t turn out into a prosperous alliance. The two brothers started to compete against one another. It was here that Jacob started to showcase his competence when he came up with a pamphlet on the study of algebra. The collection was published in 1687.In the mid of 1689, Jacob came up with more works on the study of law numbers. He named the section as The Art of Conjecture that he came to publish in 1713.In the process; he also discovered the occurring letter ‘e’ that was continuously used in solving mathematical problems.


Personal Life And Legacy

Early in 1684, Jacob married Judith Stupanus with whom he had a son called Nicolaus and a daughter. On August 16, 1705, Jacob Bernoulli breathed his last. He was buried in Basel Munster. Tons of mathematical discipline like Bernoulli differential equation and Bernoulli’s formula were named after him. A small planet was later discovered in the mid of 1973, which was named after the Bernoulli’s family as 2034 Bernoulli.

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